Chief Inspector Erik Winter, Death Angels

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Well done! It's well paced, the more you read, the harder it is to put down. I read Frozen tracks some time ago and think I would have liked it much more if I had read Death Angels first. This is a great introduction to the series.

Chief Inspector Erik Winter is the kind of character that I find attracts me to police procedural series. In this story we also meet a London detective, Steve Macdonald. Winter and Macdonald partner up to solve similar murders committed in both England and Sweden. After sizing each other up when they first meet, they hit it off.

What's interesting is their immediate connection to each other, one has a thought, the other responds without anything being said. What the book doesn't have is a strong sense of place, it could be set anywhere.

Death Angels: A Chief Inspector Erik Winter Novel

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Important Message. Death angels: a chief inspector erik winter novel by Ake Edwardson. Price may vary.

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I Add to my wishlist. Overview Readers reviews 5 Product Details. Book List: 8 titles. Samurai Summer. Room No. An Inspector Erik Winter Novel - 7. Death Angels. An Inspector Erik Winter Novel - 4. Never End. An Inspector Erik Winter Novel - 2. Sun and Shadow. An Inspector Erik Winter Novel - 1. Psychologically gripping and socially astute, The Shadow Woman puts this master of Swedish noir on track to build an American audience on par with his international fame.

Death Angels. The debut thriller in the internationally acclaimed series?

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Until now, however, the novel that launched Edwardson? With a new series translator who fully captures Edwardson? Richly evocative of mid-nineties South London and Gothenburg, Sweden, Death Angels is a brilliant opening to a mesmerizing series that has become a phenomenon in international crime fiction.

Frozen Tracks. From the land of the midnight sun, a compelling and dark thriller by Sweden? Mysterious assaults on college students in Gothenburg? Investigating these bizarre cases, D.

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