Democracy in the Making: How Activist Groups Form

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We seek to oppose all forms of violence, and to create positive change based on cooperation and responsibility. See more. Do you give a damn about the future of democracy? Read this book. Do you want tools to help our species to respond to climate change with the speed and breadth it needs? Read this book although it barely mentions climate change at all. Do you need to restore your faith in the ability of academics to have important ideas and insights and express them in real English? Kathleen Blee, an American sociologist, spent four years attending the meetings of new groups that sprang up in Pittsburgh between and around issues like the Iraq war, drug abuse and animal rights.

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She systematically charted the progress made, the techniques used. She conducted 60 lengthy interviews, focus groups and conversations with activists and former activists, and people on the fringes.

Organizing otherwise: Translating anarchism in a voluntary sector organization

My personal favourite is where the unofficial but unchallenged leader of a group is the only person to turn up to the meeting besides Dr Blee. The leader then runs through the planned agenda, debating aloud with herself and making a series of decisions which are later regarded as legitimate at the next meeting. Copyright Peace News - See our reprint policy. Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in articles by named contributors do not necessarily represent those of Peace News.


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Democracy in the Making: How Activist Groups Form - Oxford Scholarship

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    A wide range of activists will recognize themselves in this book's wonderfully fine-grained portraits of politics at the grassroots. Scholars and active citizens alike will appreciate Democracy in the Making for revealing how group dynamics and past experience shape but never wholly dictate collective action. As Kathleen Blee convincingly demonstrates, activists aim at constructing spaces for the development of conceptions and practices of democracy.

    Their democratic potentials are, however, not always fulfilled. Theoretically innovative and methodologically rigorous, this study of 69 activist groups investigates the micro-dynamics of mobilization into collective action-its successes and its failures.

    Activism in the Social Media Age

    Blee demonstrates her immense knowledge of the field of social movements and collective action but is bound by none of it. Eschewing the well-worn grooves of current perspectives in which most research is conducted, she offers a strikingly original approach to grassroots activism that will substantially reorient research in collective action and social movements. This is a path-breaking study that refocuses our attention on the processes of activism.

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    At a minimum, it will show scholars how to effectively examine the development of an organization that is vital to our polity: the activist group. Ideally, this book will spur a deeper scholarly understanding of the mechanisms of modern democracies, something that is sadly ignored in much political theory. The result is a volume brimming with interesting findings and theoretical contributions that will be of use to a wide range of both scholars and activists. admin