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Captain Yates is away on another mission, transporting a banned Thunderbolt missile across country to be destroyed. The Doctor joins the Brigadier at the conference and they foil an attempt by the Chinese delegate's aide, Captain Chin Lee, to kill the American delegate. Lee is under the hypnotic control of the Master - otherwise known as Professor Emil Keller. The Master uses the evil impulses stored within the Keller Machine - actually the container for an alien mind parasite - to cause unrest at Stangmoor. He then enlists the convicts' aid to hijack the Thunderbolt missile, planning to use it to blow up the peace conference and start World War Three.

Shielded by Barnham, now immune to the effects of the parasite, the Doctor transports the Keller Machine to a nearby airfield where the missile is being held. Using the Machine to keep the Master occupied, he reconnects the missile's auto-destruct circuit and gets clear just before the Brigadier triggers it. The parasite is presumed destroyed in the resulting explosion, but the Master escapes in a van, running Barnham down in the process. Has Prerequisite Story 1 out of 19 5.

Extended Ratings Plot. The Doctor and Jo hide. The prisoner is killed and the machine disappears. The Doctor and Jo emerge but the machine appears directly in front of them.

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The Doctor suggests that it followed Mailer as he had a higher concentration of evil. The Doctor and Jo find Barnham outside and they all leave together. The Brigadier is in a helicopter above the prison looking for the missile. He sees no sign of it but will continue to look. Jo sees the helicopter and they try and get its attention but they are found by a prisoner.

Barnham fights with the prisoner but the Doctor uses Venusian Karate to get Barnham off of him. They are soon surrounded by prisoners. The Master and Mailer argue over the phone. The Master says that it is Mailer's fault that Yates followed them. Mailer wants the Master to come back to deal with the machine but he refuses to leave. Mailer says that if he doesn't come back, Mailer and the prisoners will leave and tell the world about the Master's plans. The Master agrees to come back. Once he hangs up the phone he tells Yates to stop feigning unconsciousness and tells him his plan.

He explains that he is a hostage in case anything goes wrong and leaves him alone. The prisoners present the Doctor, Jo and Barnham to Mailer. Mailer refuses to talk to Barnham. Mailer pulls a gun on the Doctor. The Doctor asks why Mailer is working with the Master. Mailer tells of the promises that the Master has made. The Doctor and Jo say that the Master won't deliver. Mailer asks if the Doctor can make him a better offer. When he says he can't, Mailer sends them back to the cells.

The Brigadier tells Major Cosgrove that he considers the missile to be in the prison. Cosgrove wants to attack but the Brigadier says the prison used to be a fortress and that they wouldn't be able to get in. Cosgrove asks if there was a secret underground passage. They check a map and find one. They are interrupted by report of a car containing the Master entering the prison. The Brigadier says they will use the secret passage and a Trojan Horse to gain entry to the prison.

The Master presents himself to the Doctor and Jo. They are playing checkers and keep him waiting until the game is complete. The Doctor refuses to control the machine and says he has no reason to help the Master. The Master says that it would save lives. The Doctor counters that it would be the lives of his mercenaries. The Master says that the Doctor has misunderstood him and tells him that Mailer will shoot Jo if he doesn't comply. Forced into helping the Doctor says that he does have a theory that might inhibit the machine.

He is lead away whilst Jo remains in the cell. The Brigadier briefs his men about the plan. Benton returns after discharging himself from hospital. He wants to come on the assault. The Brigadier eventually agrees. He asks after Yates and the Brigadier has to admit they have heard no news. Yates has freed himself from his bonds. A guard comes to check on him.

Yates overpowers him, steals his gun and escapes. The Master begs the Doctor to hurry. The Doctor explains his plan is to put a metal coil connected to a device of his own creation around the machine. When the device is switched on it will create a fake impulse similar to the human brain which will confuse the machine and render it in one place. The Doctor goes in with the coil.

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The machine senses him and as he approaches the coil bursts into flames. The Doctor sees visions of the Daleks. He manages to put the coil around the machine and shouts to the Master to turn the device on. The visions stop. The Master calls for Mailer before he congratulates the Doctor. The Doctor warns it will not hold the machine for long.

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The Doctor is returned to his cell where he tells Jo of what he has done. They share scraps of food they find on the floor and drink water as the Doctor tells Jo of the time he was trapped in the Tower of London with Walter Raleigh. A truck approaches the prison. The Brigadier, disguised as a delivery man, alights and rings the bell.

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Three UNIT soldiers emerge unseen from the back and stand behind the truck. The Brigadier says he has provisions for the prison. The prisoner tries to send him round the back but the Brigadier says his truck won't fit. The prisoner tries to send them away but the Brigadier says it will look strange if that was the case. The prisoner radios for guidance and it is agreed they can come in. The soldiers follow the van in and disable the two prisoners on the gate. UNIT ambush the prison. The Brigadier announces through a megaphone that the prison is now in military hands.

The Brigadier goes undercover as a lorry driver to infiltrate Stangmoor. There is a protracted firefight between UNIT and the prisoners. Many of the prisoners are killed. Mailer enters the cell and says he wants to use the Doctor and Jo as a human shield to get out of the prison. The Doctor leads the way then Jo then Mailer. As they go down some stairs, Jo falls backwards onto Mailer. Mailer grabs hold of her and points his gun at the Doctor. A gunshot resounds through the prison. The shot was from the Brigadier's gun and Mailer slumps forwards - dead.

Benton tells the Brigadier that the Master got away. The Doctor tells the Brigadier that the missile is not in the prison and then questions how well he is doing. UNIT have managed to get the prison back under control. A soldier says they found Barnham hiding and Jo stops them from locking him up with the other prisoners.

The Doctor explains how Barnham came to be like he is. They begin to consult a man when Yates radios through from the mobile HQ. He tells the Brigadier where the missile is and the Brigadier says he will come out to meet him. The Brigadier leaves Benton in charge of the prison. He bids goodbye to the Doctor in an arrogant manner but the Doctor warns him that all might not be as straightforward as he envisages. He tells the Brigadier he intends on staying here to destroy the machine.

The machine tries to move. The coil bursts into flames.

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The controls set alight. Finally the machine moves in front of two guards and kills them. The Doctor has finished his plan. He heads off with Jo in tow. Summers calls to ask Benton about some medical supplies. Benton barks at Barnham for interfering and Barnham slopes off. The Doctor and Jo find the guards.

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The Doctor says the machine has stored up all its energy and blown the circuits, meaning that it's stronger than ever. Barnham wanders by as the machine appears. Jo and the Doctor are effected but as Barnham wanders in the machine stops. Barnham recollects the room and runs out which causes the machine to start again. The Doctor grabs Barnham and forces him to the machine. He realises that the goodness in Barnham's brain neutralises the machine. The Brigadier arrives at the mobile HQ.

Cosgrove tells him that the missile has an abort process that can be controlled remotely. The Doctor has unearthed the creature that lives inside the machine. Jo wants him to destroy it but the Doctor says that only an atomic explosion or an enormous charge of electricity can kill it. The Doctor goes to see Benton and asks him to arrange for a cable and a power boost from the National Grid.

The phone rings. It is the Master. He asks if the tables have been turned. Summers enters and orders Barnham back to the hospital. He drags him away and the machine starts again. Jo drags him back. The Master tells the Doctor that he still intends to fire the missile to begin World War Three, render the planet in ruins and then emerge as the leader. The Doctor suggests a deal. The Master agrees and says that just those two should be present at the hand over. As soon as the Master hangs up the Doctor tells Benton to contact the Brigadier and cancel the attack. The Doctor tells the Brigadier of his plan.

The Brigadier says he has other plans up his sleeve. The Brigadier tells Cosgrove to stay on the line to missile control and tells Yates to clear the area around the hangar. Jo doesn't understand why the Doctor is so anxious. The Doctor doesn't want to give the Master the circuit and allow him to escape and cause damage to other planets. All of a sudden the Doctor comes up with a plan which means both the Master and the machine will be destroyed.

The Brigadier tells the Doctor that they can't explode the missile manually. The Doctor says that the Master would obviously disconnect the abort circuit. The Brigadier says that they have no choice but to give the Master back his dematerialisation circuit. The Doctor is still concerned and says he has another plan. Though safe inside a helicopter, Jo and the Doctor couldn't save Barhnam from going up in smoke with the Thunderbolt and the Keller Machine. Jo and Barnham are driven to the hangar in a police van by the Doctor.

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The Master pulls a gun as the Doctor emerges. The Doctor distracts the Master as Barnham and Jo sneak out the back. The Doctor and the Master have a stand off about the handing over of the circuit. Suddenly the Doctor uses Venusian Karate to knock the Master to the ground.

Barnham drops the machine by him and all three run causing the machine to effect the Master. Jo contacts the Brigadier whilst the Doctor goes to look at the console. He repairs the abort circuit as a helicopter lands. As they run to the helicopter, Barnham stops to help the Master. The machine stops and the Master knocks Barnham down and runs him over in the police van in his effort to escape. The Doctor and Jo run back to check on him.

He is dead. They escape in the helicopter. As the hangar explodes, Jo looks on in tears. Back at the Governor's office, Jo and the Doctor mourn Barnham's death. The Brigadier urges them to be thankful that they at least managed to rid the Earth of the machine and the Master. The Doctor isn't convinced that the Master is gone, but the Brigadier is confident that even if he wasn't killed in the explosion, he wouldn't get very far without his dematerialisation circuit. The Doctor begins to agree, only to realise that he no longer has the circuit on his person.

While the group is wondering what became of it, the phone rings. Benton answers it, and hands it over to the Doctor saying it's the Master calling. The Master gloats that he is alive and well, much to the Doctor's frustration. He adds that, thanks to the Doctor, his TARDIS is now working once again, and that they won't be seeing each other for quite some time.

The Master vows he will one day return to destroy Earth, and the Doctor along with it. As a final insult, he tells the Doctor "Enjoy your exile! Jo tries to lift the Doctor's spirits by reminding him he won, but to no avail. The Doctor is annoyed that the Master is free to come and go as he pleases, while he is stuck on Earth with the Brigadier. The Brigadier grins at that last remark. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. You may be looking for the in-universe film. Contents [ show ]. If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion. The Five Doctors. The Twin Dilemma. Doctor Who.


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