Every Last Drop. Bringing Clean Water Home

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Water resources development-Juvenile literature. Review by Sophia Hunter. Around the world, people are talking about a water crisis. As both human population and industry grow, we need more and more fresh water.

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But climate change means water supplies are harder to predict. Technology that allows us to pump water out of aquifers means that many of them are emptying completely.

Every last drop : bringing clean water home

This engaging book takes on the important task of explaining clean drinking water to middle school students. It has two primary objectives: detailing the history of how humans have accessed drinking water around the world, as well as showing the challenges currently faced by different people to get safe drinking water.

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The writing style is a very accessible mixture of personal travel stories and interesting facts and feels like the author is talking directly to the reader. There are lots of full-colour photographs.

EVERY LAST DROP by Michelle Mulder | Kirkus Reviews

They are on a soft grey-brown background that gives the book the appearance of a well-done scrapbook on recycled paper. Although the colouring is purely cosmetic, it is a nice touch. The photos, which are spread throughout the book, support the text and all have accompanying captions. There is a Resources section, but the books and movies listed are not very recent or comprehensive.

The web sites are more detailed for interested readers. The text is organized into chapters, with individual headings. This is one of the book's weaker elements.

Every Last Drop: Bringing Clean Water Home

The headings are based on puns or rhymes, an approach which makes it hard to decipher the content of each section. This will hinder ease of research use, which is disappointing as the content is good. There is a subsection called 'Go with the Flow' that tells interesting details about water usage that the author has witnessed during her travels.

Every Last Drop

These enhance the text nicely and will encourage readers to think about work that they can do to improve access to water around the world. There are also 'Water Fact' captions which include a fact not necessarily related to the text, but interesting nonetheless.

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