Lorraine 1944: Patton Vs Manteuffel

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In fact, Patton was compelled to halt by Eisenhower's order of 22 September. The Supreme Allied Commander had decided to accept Montgomery's proposal to make the main effort on the northern flank, clear the approaches to Antwerp, and try to capture the Ruhr before winter. Third U. Army received categorical orders to stand on the defensive.

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The rights and wrongs of this strategy do not concern me, but it certainly simplified the problems of Army Group G. We were given a few weeks' grace to rebuild our battered forces and get ready to meet the next onslaught. Robert S. In the face of the initial German attacks, the Third Army was little troubled by them, and concentrated on its own advance on Sarreguemines.

Yet by the end of September, the expectation of a rapid final offensive into the Reich had faded into a far less substantial hope than it had seemed when the Allies drove headlong across the First World War battlefields a month before. If the Germans could mount at Arracourt the most formidable tank attacks since the battles against the British around Caen, their recovery had exceeded the expectations of even Patton's sober G-2 -- and the West Wall still lay ahead everywhere, and unbroken.

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Lorraine 1944

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February Sherman pp. Barnes, Richard H. A thesis presented to the Faculty of the Command U.


Revised ed. Fox, Don M. Gabel, Christopher R. Jarymowicz, Roman J. Tank Tactics. Art of War. Boulder: Lynne Rienner. Mellenthin, F. The battle-hardened Wehrmacht confronted the better-equipped and better-trained US Army.

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The Germans managed to re-establish a fragile defensive line but could not stop the US Army from establishing bridgeheads over the Moselle along Germany's western frontier. Passar bra ihop. Armored Thunderbolt Steven Zaloga.

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Siegfried Line Steven Zaloga. Patton versus the Panzers Steven Zaloga. Japanese Tanks Steven Zaloga. General Eisenhower wouldn't allow that but he did approve Market-Garden in appeasement for refusing Montgomery's bigger assault plans. This is the situation Mr Zaloga describes in his first few chapters.

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The author includes Market-Garden in this episode of Lorraine tank battles because of the big impact it will have on Patton. In the Plans chapter, Patton wanted to cross the Moselle River and establish bridgeheads between the heavily fortified town of Metz in the north and Dompaire, south of Nancy.

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  • Hitler unrealistically wanted Manteuffel to counterattack and destroy the 3rd Army before they could get a firm grip on the Moselle and before 7th Army could intervene. The top commanders were well represented in their chapter; the key Corps and Division commanders are presented in the action chapters. A point of interest was Mr Zaloga briefly comparing the Sherman and Panther tanks, pointing out the US army failed to make any appreciable improvements to the Sherman and now it had to compete against the Panther.

    My one complaint of the book would be Mr Zaloga's decision to drop a Chronology for the unwanted wargaming segment. With so much going on, a Chronology would have been most helpful. The author begins the batle action with 3rd Army crossing the Moselle and with the Pz Brig counter attacking but ultimately suffers heavy casualties and must withdraw. The assault on Metz by Walkers 20th Corps is briefly mentioned and the assault on Nancy by Eddy's 12th Corps is more fully described. On the 13th, the destruction of Pz Brig at Dompaire is covered and the biggest tank battle in the campaign which lasts for about 2 weeks at Aracourt is explained.

    In the chapter "Stalemate", the author explains the casualties and the final outcome of the series of battles for the Moselle. He also discusses Montgomery, Eisenhower and Market-Garden in regards to these two battle fronts.

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    In addition to the narrative, the author provides five 2-D maps and three 3-D maps which are excellent and help the reader understand the battle action. There are also four 2-page illustrations and many fine photos. There is also a further reading list if one is so inclined.

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