Mean-Field Magnetohydrodynamics and Dynamo Theory

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Possibility of electromagnetic self-excitation in liquid metal ows in fast reactors. British Nuclear Soc. Self-excitation of a magnetic eld during the motion of a highly conducting uid. JETP, , Theory of the hydromagnetic dynamo. Brandenburg and K. Astrophysical magnetic elds and non- linear dynamo theory. In press. A model of the geodynamo.

Deinzer and M. On the eigenvalues of Krause-Steenbecks solar dy- namo. Conditions of the selfexcitation for a laboratory model of the geomagnetic dynamo. Magnetohydrodynamics, , Gailitis, O. Lielausis, S. Dementev, E. Platacis, A. Cifersons, G. Gerbeth, T. Gundrum, F.

Stefani, M. Christen, H. Hanel, and G. Detection of a ow induced magnetic eld eigenmode in the Riga dynamo facility.

1st Edition

Lielausis, E. Platacis, G. Gerbeth, and F.

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On the results of the Riga dynamo experiments. Generation and selfexcitation of a magnetic eld in technical devices. Nauka Moscow, In Russian. Kirko, F. Mitenkov, and V.

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Observation of MHD phenomena in the liquidmetal volume of the rst loop of the fastneutron reactor BN of the Beloyarskaia nuclear power plant. Nauk SSSR, 4 , Eine Losung des Dynamoproblems auf der Grundlage einer linearen Theorie der magnetohydrodynamischen Turbulenz. Habilitationsschrift Univer- sitat Jena, Krause and K. Elektrodynamik der mittleren Felder in turbu- lenten leitenden Medien und Dynamotheorie. Rompe and M. Steenbeck, editors, Ergebnisse der Plasmaphysik und der Gaselektronik, volume 2, pages AkademieVerlag Berlin, MeanField Magnetohydrodynamics and Dynamo Theory.

Turbulent dynamo action at low magnetic Reynolds number. M uller and R. Can the Earths magnetic eld be simulated in the laboratory? Naturwissenschaften, , The solar dynamo. Hydromagnetic dynamo models. The solar hydromagnetic dynamo. Electromagnetic self-excitation in the liquid-metal fast breeder reactor. Nuclear Science and Engineering, , Plunian, A. Alemany, and P. Inuence of magnetohydrodynamic pa- rameters on electromagnetic self-excitation in the core of a fast breeder reactor. Plunian, P. Marty, and A. Kinematic dynamo action in a network of screw motions; application to the core of a fast breeder reactor.

Meaneld dynamo theory: early ideas and todays problems 17 Zur Elektrodynamik turbulent bewegter leitender Medien. Grundz uge der Elektrodynamik der mittleren Felder. Tur- bulenzbedingte Leitfahigkeits- und Permeabilit ats anderungen. Some new results on the generation of magnetic elds by dynamo action.

Mean-Field Magnetohydrodynamics and Dynamo Theory - 1st Edition

Liege, VIII, Meaneld magnetohydrodynamics as a basis of solar dynamo theory. Bumba and J. Kleczek, editors, Basic Mechanisms of Solar Activ- ity, pages Reidel Publishing Company Dordrecht Holland, Cosmic dynamos. The generation of cosmic magnetic elds.

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Page and J. Springer, Radler, N. Kleeorin, and I. The mean electromotive force for MHD turbulence: The case of a weak mean magnetic eld and slow rotation. Fluid Dyn.

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Radler and M. Meaneld electrodynamics: critical analysis of various analytical approaches to the mean electromotive force. In preparation. Radler, M. Rheinhardt, E. Apstein, and H. On the meaneld theory of the Karlsruhe dynamo experiment. Kinematic theory. Magnetohy- drodynamics, , Spatially periodic dynamos. London, Ser.

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  • Mean-Field Dynamo Theory: Early Ideas and Today's Problems.
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A, , Dynamo action of uid motions with two-dimensional periodic- ity. London A, , Dynamo theory. Reid, editor, Lectures on Applied Mathematics, volume 14, pages Mathematics Soc. Kinematic dynamo models. Roberts and G. Geodynamo theory and simulations. Roberts and M. The Turbulent Dynamo - A translation of a series of papers by F. Krause, K. Alphaeect dynamos by the BullardGellman formalism. Der Plasmazustand der Gase. In Ergebnisse der exakten Naturwissenschaften, volume 18, pages Schrinner, K. Radler, D. Schmitt, M. Rheinhardt, and U. Meaneld view on rotating magnetoconvection and a geodynamo model.

As- tron. Impulse und Wirkungen - Schritte auf meinem Lebensweg. Verlag der Nation Berlin, Radler Steenbeck, I. Kirko, A. Gailitis, A. Klawina, F. Krause, I. Lauma- nis, and O. Der experimentelle Nachweis einer elektromotorischen Kraft langs eines aueren Magnetfeldes, induziert durch eine Stromung fl ussigen Metalls Eekt. Berlin, , Laumanis, and O. Experimental discovery of the electromotive force along the external magnetic eld induced by a ow of liquid metal eect.

Steenbeck and F. Zur Dynamotheorie stellarer und planetarer Magnetfelder I. Berechnung sonnenahnlicher Wechselfeldgeneratoren. Zur Dynamotheorie stellarer und planetarer Magnetfelder II. Berechnung planetenahnlicher Gleichfeldgeneratoren. Steenbeck, F. Krause, and K. Elektromagnetische Eigenschaften turbulenter Plasmen. Berlin Kl. Berechnung der mittleren Lorentz- Feldstarke v b f ur ein elektrisch leitendes Medium in turbulenter, durch CoriolisKrafte beeinuter Bewegung. Stieglitz and U. M uller. Experimental demonstration of a homogeneous two- scale dynamo. Fluids, , Spherical dynamos by a variational method.

The galactic dynamo. Elektrische Gasentladungen, ihre Physik und Technik, volume 1 and 2. Springer, and Numerical models of the galactic dynamo. Apstein , H. The solar dynamo Mathieu Ossendrijver. On the mean—field theory of the Karlsruhe dynamo experiment. Rheinhardt , E. Experimental demonstration of a homogeneous two-scale dynamo R.

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