Not a Tame God

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And it will from time to time. It is easy to get angry in those times, to rail against heaven, to shake your fist at what seems to be an unjust God.

He’s Not A Tame Lion – The King and His Kingdom

But we forget that he carried every pain, every rejection, every insult before we were even born. He does not ask us to do anything he wasn't willing to do Himself. They are mighty beasts, they weigh around pounds on average though the largest on record tipped the scale at lbs. It is said that their roar can be heard up to five miles away. They can bring down large herd animals like rhinos and buffalo. The Swahili word for lion is "Simba" which means king, or strong and aggressive.

The Lion of the tribe of Judea is a mighty beast. We play by his rules.

He's Not a Tame Lion

Do we always understand? Usually we do not. Can we trust Him? My Dear Friend-I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog I would be grateful if you would repost my link and share it with your friends. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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Get Started. Thoughts from an Old Warrior.

Thoughts from an old Warrior. Jesus is not the tame or bland Lord that we sometimes paint Him to be.

aslan ; he's not a tame lion (happy easter!)

And this certainly does not mean that He is not loving. He is Love itself.

……to be the creative expression of Jesus, uniquely you.

But His love is not the permissive and bland love that is common in our society today. Love gives itself for the other, even if that giving of self implies enduring the division that comes from speaking truth into the lives of others because we love them. This is who Jesus is. A God that is certainly and beyond doubt loving and merciful. But also, a God that calls us to a radical life of following Him without reservations or attachments.

Not a Tame Lion - a Lent course on C S Lewis' Narnia films by Hilary Brand.

A God that spoke truth in spite of how this would be received or the division it would cause. A God that is not tame or weak, but that instead, was courageous and strong enough to endure the Cross out of love. This passage shakes us, but it does so because it shows us that love demands our whole being just as Jesus showed on the Cross. Following Jesus may indeed bring divisions with hose we love.

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The assent of faith is not collective, but individual. admin