The Soul-Mate Marriage: The Spiritual Journey of Becoming One

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And get kick in my ass. And makes says the same. But I call it. Standing up. Speaking out. And when u ask me something. Or for my advise or what I think about a certain situation. Friendship is such a wonderful thing. This makes finding others a very high priority. The commonly accepted definition of a friend has changed. I sometimes wonder if its normal to want to walk alone. But the more things I experienced and the more I learned, the more I changed. Everyone around me tells me to take it easy. And I can be super energetic and friendly too.

But what really made finding friends hard was realizing my interests simply did not resonate with everyone. I liked doing things other people found way too difficult. I found fun in activities that tax your mind and this put me in an interesting situation. I knew that in a good friendship, people listen to each other. So I would take interest in others to show I cared, because I did. But then when I wanted to say something, they were either too busy or not interested. Which way do you go?

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Could I be so lucky? I have a Soulmate, my wife , who I have been together with for 31 years We share everything, we are empathetic and there are no secrets except at birthdays and Valentines day etc and we follow all the criteria you posted above. We even hold hands. Lucky ducky. Those deep, intense connections that can be found through a true soul friend definitely seem hard to find these days. I have always struggled to find authentic, loyal friends who can match the emotional and intellectual depths that I crave.

My only true soul friends at this point are my boyfriend and an online friend living in another country.

11 Signs You’re in a Twin Flame Relationship

I had another friend in my physical life who almost fit the bill completely, except she offered her presence only when it was convenient for her or when she needed something. She completely ignored me the rest of the time. Although we connected on a soul level, I recently decided to stop settling for her disrespectful ways and feel increasingly more indifferent toward her. Some people appear to prefer quantity of friendships over quality, which means they have a tendency to take some really awesome friendships for granted.

Friendship has always been more important than romantic love and family, at least for me. I cared for them, was loyal, kept their secrets, tried to help them whenever I could, and made them feel loved and important. But sometimes I think I must be doing something wrong. You see, we worked at the same company for over a year, sometimes seating next to each other, having breakfast and lunch together, and sharing our frustration with work and joys in our personal lives. But he lied so many times and made so many excuses that I began asking if he was a true friend.

As of now, I have no friends but myself and am taking some time to figure out what mistakes I made and reevaluate what is best for me. Still, friendship will always remain an essential part of my life and I still have hope in it! Un gran abrazo a ambos. I had a friend like that as well … in fact, I was reflecting on this person last night and realized that I never quite knew when she was telling the truth, or when she was quite lying. Very unsettling. This is a time of rest and reflection for you. It is great to hear that you are honoring the gifts present in this period of your life.

Luna this is Glynnis. Do you EVA get my messages. Am I on the right page. To leave reply.?????? I too value friendship more. Even though these people are special to us, they too can be fake it seems. In college Luna, I have an amazing soul friend. I am a writer and she is a painter, a singer, an actress, a writer, and a scholar. She is very gentle, soft-spoken and an absolute sweetheart. We sit together in solitude and talk about personal topics and she never judges nor harshly criticizes. Her kindness and friendliness is extremely genuine and mild-mannered and not overly-sappy nor does she ever patronize me.

She loves cats as much as I do and she is very similar to a cat. Like a cat, she is warm and friendly and non-judgmental nor does she have extreme anger outbursts or meltdowns. She is Christian but she is completely open-minded to all faiths and she never has any self-righteous tendencies. She embodies the best qualities of Christianity and she is a wonderful friend!! I consider her to be a soul friend and a lifelong friend!! Zane, that makes my heart warm. Friendship is such a pure form of love, and I hope the two of you remain close for a very long time! There are just a few people these days, who are more interested in true friendships than just having the usual guys hanging around.

I totally agree with your beautiful insights about true friends….. Please keep writing…. In fact she used to say she envied people that had a great faith. But I know she had Godliness in her without knowing it , so perhaps there is some truth in your view. I can live with the idea that God is giving me more time to develop my spirituality and I trust Him fully in believing he will bring us together again — forever … but it can be so hard to life in a world without her near me , so I must develop my inner strength to find some peace and look forward so much to the day we are reunited through Gods love.

You are very welcome. About Anne envying people who had great faith, I would make a distinction between people saying they have great faith and people actually having great faith. The two may be together. Other people make their living talking about God, faith, spirit, and so on—and that professional expression of faith may or may not express a true solid faith within themselves. And if I may say so, it is common for women, especially, who do have an inner abiding faith not to spend a lot of time talking about it, or even thinking about it in any intellectual way.

And biblically, faith is not even a belief as Christians often use the word today. About understanding God, there are a number of articles here that speak about the nature of God and our relationship with God. I could give you some links to a few of them if that would be helpful. How would she know if one of them was a soul mate , or all three at different times??

However, it captures and expresses very well the idea that real marriage is based on a connection of souls, meaning of minds and hearts. And I do believe that is the real basis for any lasting marriage—and certainly for any eternal marriage. About the woman who has had three relationships, it is possible, and quite common, for us to love someone who turns out not to be our soulmate.

We humans are wired to love another person closely and dearly. If we were capable only of loving our true soulmate, where would we be if that person lives on another continent, or is married to someone else, or is already dead? We would be left high and dry, without the possibility of forming a good marriage here on earth. And more pragmatically, there would be a serious problem procreating and continuing the human race.

This is quite common.

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  7. Some souls choose relationships before they are born.

Marriage is one of the most powerful forums for spiritual growth. Even being married to someone who is not the right mate for our soul still brings us into close, daily relationship with another person, and requires us to grow up spiritually, think of another person first, and become less selfish. So the ability to have a good marriage with someone who ultimately is not our soulmate is also given to us for our eternal wellbeing.

One more point for now: As long as we are living here on earth, our character is still engaged in a formative process. Many people go through major changes of character from their teens and twenties to their fifties and sixties. This may mean that someone who was a good partner for us at twenty or thirty may no longer be a match for us at fifty or sixty. Either we or they or both may have become a whole different person. Once we move on to the spiritual world, we no longer go through these sorts of major changes of character.

We do still continue to grow spiritually, but we grow in the direction that we set here on earth. We no longer change direction in any major way. So at that point, there will be no further need to change partners. There will be one other person who has, through her or his life on earth, moved onto the same path we are traveling on. And that is the person we will stay with to eternity.

Sexual love continues after death

I was so glad 2 know he was ok! Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you. Thanks for stopping by, and for telling your story. Will I See Them Again? About suicide: The Bible does not say that people who commit suicide will go to hell. That is a human idea. Though people who commit suicide may have some hard experiences on the other side because of the state of mind they were in that led them to kill themselves, they can go to heaven just like anyone else if they are good people at heart.

He was probably too young to have taken full adult responsibility for his own life and choices. No one goes to hell unless they knowingly choose a selfish and evil life as a self-responsible adult. For more on suicide from a spiritual perspective, please see: Does Suicide Work? And though you may or may not want to hear it, I would suggest that even though this young man said God told him you and he were meant to be together, that you not cut yourself off from all possibility of a relationship with someone here on earth. Presumably you are still young and have a long life ahead of you.

Would someone who loves you really want you to be alone and lonely for your whole life? Things change, and people change. Perhaps that young man was meant to be with you. But his committing suicide changed everything. Actions have consequences. Of course, you will have to make up your own mind what you think, and what you will do. Meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Fiona, thank you for your comment about seeing your departed in heaven! My husband Ben passed 2 years ago and letters like yours help so much. Going to church and praying to my cross have made me much better. Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you until it comes time for you to rejoin him in heaven. Thank you fir your reply. I also have seen another site from an online physic that dismisses the notion of soulmates which again is more than upsetting.. It is a little hard to discern the real truth of the afterlife sometimes and the conflicting interpretations that come our way. I have taken to trusting God and also I guess Swenenborg as I love the whole concepts stated and do believe in soulmates and special love ones whom we want to reunite and spend eternity with.

I personally am very much assured that these things are real. However, many other people struggling with these issues are not. Many people operate on the hope that they are real without full assurance that they are real. About psychics, I would suggest not giving too great a weight to their pronouncements and opinions. People who gain their information from spiritual and psychic sources without proper grounding generally will have whatever notions they already had confirmed, whether or not those notions are actually true.

Is it a Good Idea to Contact Spirits? Of course, ultimately you will have to make up your own mind about these issues. Unlike the psychics and mediums, Swedenborg spent nearly three decades visiting and traveling around in the spiritual world. This gave him a solid knowledge of what that world is like, and how things work there. Personally, I have no doubts at all that we will live with the one we love to eternity in heaven—assuming we make the choice here on earth for heaven rather than for hell. And those of us who have experienced true marriage know that it is the greatest source of happiness among all of our human relationships.

That is something a loving God would never cruelly rip away from us just when we are entering into the eternal reward for our labors here on earth. I am in the same boat as you, David. God bless you. Based on my own experiences over the past four painful years, I believe and concur with everything that Lee has said. My wife catholic, before I was not interested in religion now I believe in God, because God gives me the answer!

God always has a plan that is best for us, his death made me closer to God. I am sorry to hear about the death of your wife. Thank you for your wonderful articles. They have been a source of great comfort for me. I lost my father on Feb. He had been ill for a couple of years, but still his passing has it me very hard.

He was not a regular churchgoer. Having said that I can count on one hand how many times I heard my father talk about or judge anyone. Do you have an article you can point me to or words of comfort for those who have lost a parent? Thank you again, Tina.

21 Authentic Twin Flame Signs (+ Free In-Depth Guidance)

I am sorry to hear about the death of your father. That is very recent. It sounds like he was a good man, whom God will gladly welcome into heaven. In Matthew I believe Jesus was speaking generally to all of his followers, and to all people, not just to his immediate disciples. And he was not giving some sort of apostolic authority over others to bind and loose heaven to them, as the Catholic Church very wrongly and blasphemously believes.

Rather, he was saying that what each of us does here on earth binds or looses our eternal life in heaven accordingly. The keys to heaven are in our own hands—not to open or close it for others, but to open or close it for ourselves. The same principle applies to marriage. Whatever attitudes and practices relating to marriage we develop here on earth for ourselves, and with our spouses, will follow us into the spiritual world. If we disrespect marriage, sleep around, and generally engage in a promiscuous and self-indulgent life here on earth, that will not change in the spiritual world.

There we will find ourselves eternally on the wrong side of the great gulf, where real marriage is nonexistent because everyone is focused only on his or her own pleasure, with no interest in or ability to love another person. But if we respect marriage and are faithful and loving in marriage—or in our attitudes and intentions toward marriage if we are not fortunate enough to be married here on earth—that also will not change in the spiritual world. There we will find ourselves happily married to our true love and spiritual partner eternally in heaven.

Are you ever in tune with absolutely everything I believe about marriage, sex and being male and female. All the other articles I looked up said the complete opposite.

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I truly believe God is married as well as Jesus and Angels. I have met my soulmate and we know with all our hearts that we will be together for eternity. Thanks for your uplifting and truthful article. Keep doing Gods work! Annette and I wish the two of you all happiness together! I am twice widowed. So where exactly does this leave me? However, in the spiritual world it will become clear which one we are spiritually at one with, and that will be the one we remain with to eternity. Only God knows. It really maked me happy and filled me with hope.

But I still wonder, my husband and I have really found true love in each other. But I am Christian and he is Muslim. Does that means that he will be punished? He loves God and worship him so well and is so thankful for everything he got in life. Will we still be together? Will God accept our wishes to be together in heaven even our religions are different?

I am so afraid that God will separate me from him when he dies.. What can you say about this? I really hope to hear from you soon. Our religions on earth are adapted to our different cultures and backgrounds, and are designed by God to provide the teachings, the faith, and the practices that we need to be reborn as a new person who is faithful to God and loving to our neighbor. This can happen in any religion.

And for those who do this spiritual work of becoming a good, loving, and faithful person, there is not punishment waiting in the afterlife, but blessedness. Further, then we will see things far more clearly than we do here. God and the angels will teach us what we need to know and believe for living in heaven—and those whose hearts are good will listen, learn, and accept spiritual truth that goes beyond even what the different religions here on earth can offer. So my belief is that if the two of you are united in heart, mind, and life, you will continue together in the spiritual world, and your respective religious beliefs here on earth will be raised to a whole new level there.

Is that true? And says he needs to believe that Jesus is our savoir else he will stay in hell.. But is it really true? God said we must not believe in other gods.. But u thought it was like the Buddha and Ra from Buddhism and Egyptian religions. Muslims and Christians believe in the same God right? I am just so tired of listen to so many different thoughts. If you want to understand and learn the truth, you will need to put a little time and effort into it.

So I recommend that you spend some time reading these and other linked articles to educate yourself, compare what you read to other things you have heard, and satisfy yourself of the truth. And the truth is that there is only one God, and that one God is a God of pure love, who loves all the people God has created, regardless of their race, culture, or religion. We humans call God by many different names, and see God in many different ways, but it is all the same God.

And God has provided a path to God and heaven for all people, everywhere, of every religion. They let people respond with their thoughts, opinions and reflection. That includes people who disagree also. Theirs is a closed discussion. That tells me that it is THEY, not you, who are exercising thought and mind control. If they really believe that their answer is so correct, then they should let people debate it and reason with them, instead of the conversation being all one way. Thanks for stopping by, and for your thoughts. Yes, it does seem that people and organizations that take hard-line positions are less likely to allow conversation and debate.

Some conservative Christians do run blogs where there is a place for discussion. I will also usually delete comments before they appear if they are generally rude and insulting to me or to other commenters here. See my comments policy. Sometimes they do have a valid objection. But regardless of that, a healthy discussion of contrasting and opposing views helps everyone to clarify things in their own minds.

Even though we leave behind our physical body at death, because it is no longer of any use to us, we continue to live in our spiritual body, which is adapted to the spiritual world in which we live after our physical death. Our spiritual body is every bit as real, touchable, and huggable as our physical body, and it has all of the same parts, organs, and so on. So we continue to eat, drink, run, play, work, and all of the other things we do here. Dear Mr. Woofenden, Thanks for your reply. He was in America for many years delivering his lectures in many places there.

Kind regards. Thanks for your reply, and for the link. Abhedananda emphasizes over and over again that thought and consciousness is non-material, that materialists are wrong to think that consciousness is a function of the brain, or occurs in the brain. He says that there is a distinct, spiritual part of a person where thought and consciousness occurs, which then is communicated to the body. On these views, he is in complete agreement with Swedenborg. Abhedananda also emphasizes that our life does not end with death, but continues on, since our spirit cannot die. On these views, also, he is in complete agreement with Swedenborg.

Further, Adhedananda says that after we die, we do not lose our individuality, but continue to have all our memories, and bring our experiences and character with us. However, there are also some important points of disagreement between Abhedananda and Swedenborg:. Abhedananda believes it is impossible for anything that has a beginning to continue forever.

Swedenborg, however, rejects reincarnation, and agrees with general Christian doctrine that we are born once, and then live forever in the spiritual world after we die. This is a somewhat complex doctrine, but the general idea is that our souls are not created out of nothing, but ultimately are created by and from God, and immediately from an offshoot of the soul of our parents.

Abhedananda believes that our souls have neither beginning nor end. Abhedananda rejects the existence of both an eternal hell and an eternal heaven, saying that heaven and hell are only temporary way stations for souls in between successive births on this earth, based on what they had done, whether good or evil, in their most recent lifetime. Abhedananda believes that every soul will eventually, through a series of experiences and learning spread over many lifetimes, transcend both hell and heaven, and achieve a type of divine consciousness that is omniscient and omnipotent.

Swedenborg, by contrast, accepts the general Christian view that we will each have only one lifetime, and that our action here will determine whether we spend eternity in heaven or hell. Swedenborg rejects the idea that we will ever become divine or have divine consciousness. But he does say that we continue to learn and grow spiritually to eternity if we have chosen heaven over hell. Abhedananda seems to think that Christian belief involves God ultimately choosing who will be in heaven and who will be in hell, either in a Calvinistic sense of God outright predestining some people for heaven and some for hell, or by God giving individual people a particular inborn character and environment that will cause them either to go to heaven or to hell.

Though this does represent some Christian views including Calvinism—which I believe is a horrible travesty of Christianity , it would be rejected by most Christians. Abhedananda seems to hold to a fairly strict view of karma in which everything we have done here on earth will have a direct consequence either in the spiritual world or in our next life.

For example, for those souls who go temporarily to heaven, they will reap the full measure of enjoyments that their good actions here on earth have brought about for them before reincarnating back in the material universe once again. Swedenborg rejects this general view of things, saying, instead, that it is the character we build here on earth that continues, whereas any particular actions we have done here remain in the past. Swedenborg says that in fact, no evil spirit is punished for any evil thing he or she did here on earth, but only for the the evil things he or she continues to do in the spiritual world.

Nor are angels rewarded for their good deeds on earth. Rather, they enjoy the good fruits of the good things they continue to do in the spiritual world. One more for now: My general sense so far of what Abhedananda is teaching is that the purpose of our life here is to learn through experience, and that we reach our ultimate divine state through a process of learning everything there is to learn. This may not be how he would express it, but it is my sense of what he means.

Swedenborg, by contrast, while also stressing the importance of experience and learning, says that our ultimate purpose is to grow into a being who loves God and loves our fellow human beings, in accordance with the two Great Commandments given by Jesus Christ. So instead of seeing heaven as a place where we experience all kinds of pleasures as a reward for our good deeds on earth, Swedenborg sees heaven as a place where we experience joy and satisfaction from living a life of love and service to God and to other angels, spirits, and humans on earth.

I hope this is helpful to you. This I take forever into eternity. What is your view on eternal marriage? So yes, married couples do continue to have sex in heaven just as they do here, only it is even or much better, because they are now in the spiritual world, where no earthly concerns and barriers get in the way, and the whole relationship is much clearer and closer than it can be here on earth. As you say, sex is an important part of marriage.

It is a physical expression of the spiritual reality that the two have become one. Old, traditional religious ideas would have it that sex is somehow dirty and unspiritual, and that being celibate is somehow more holy and spiritual than being married. In fact, the opposite is the case. A good and loving marriage is much more holy and spiritual than a celibate life. God created us from the beginning to be married. Right from the beginning, God both created and blessed human sexuality.

Traditional religious notions that sex is something tainted, and not worthy of heaven, are unbiblical and just plain wrong. If marriage continues after death, so does sex. For more on this, see the first two articles in this series:. The second article, in particular, deals with the question of whether married couples in heaven have children. So although many people in heaven do raise children who have died and gone to heaven, no new children are born in the spiritual world. For more on this, please see the second article linked above.

May be the food is not necessary at all. Your comments will be highly appreciated. About your question, our spiritual bodies look and feel much the same as our physical bodies, except perhaps lighter and freer than our physical bodies. Also, whatever physical age we are when we die, we grow younger or older in body in the spiritual world until we have the body of a young adult in the prime of life. There, we are not only young in spirit, but young in body.

For more on this, please see these articles:. About what we will eat in the spiritual world, Swedenborg is not all that specific about that. I suspect there is as much variety in the diets of the various angels and spirits in the spiritual world as there is among people here on earth. Swedenborg himself was largely, but not entirely, vegetarian in his later life, and he speaks positively of a vegetarian diet in a few places in his writings, while not actually disallowing the eating of meat. Whatever the specific foods may be that people eat in heaven, they do eat and enjoy their food, but they are not focused on food and drink as many people are here on earth.

As the current saying goes, they eat to live rather than living to eat. When they are eating their meals, they are more interested in the enjoyable company and conversation than in the food itself. I am, of course, very sorry about the loss of your wife. I can assure you, though, that once it comes your time to pass on from this world, you and she will once again be able to enjoy doing together all of the things that you enjoyed here. Only it will be even better, because you will be living together in heaven, where earthly and physical issues and concerns will not stand in the way of your relationship or your activities.

Dear Mr Lee, Kunal again but with a silly question. Thank you So much Mr. I feel lighter after reading those beautiful Lines mentioned about meeting your spouses in heaven.. I just lost my Husband Ryan about a month ago. Missing him so much, gone through so much of pain and now just living for my daughters. Thanks for stopping by.

I hope this article has given you some comfort as you grieve his passing. Lee I truly enjoyed your article. I lost my husband 2 years to an accidental overdose. He was an addict for years. His addiction put a huge strain on our marriage. We were married for 32 years. It was extremely difficult at times being married to him but I stuck it out because throughout all the pain he was still a very gentle and caring man.

When he died we were not on the best of terms. I had pushed him away because it was the only way I could survive. I just hope he knows that I did love him but I was very angry with him at his time of death. To this day I am grieving him, missing the man I fell in love with and married. I always assumed that if he died from his addiction I would feel like a burden had been lifted off of my shoulders and I will admit life is easier now but I think about him everyday. I hope that when my time is up we will be reunited to enjoy each other the way I had hoped it would have been when he was alive.

Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing your story and your thoughts. It sounds like you had, and still have, a complicated relationship with your husband. Then again life is complicated, mainly because people are complicated. I certainly do hope that in the clearer light and atmosphere of the spiritual world, your husband has been able to resolve and kick his addiction and deal with related issues so that the two of you can have the happy reunion you long for. Can this couple get a second chance? In the region of the spiritual world where people first go after they die, before finding their final home in either heaven or hell, there is the same freedom to look up old connections and acquaintances as there is here on earth.

In fact, it is even easier to rekindle old connections there than here. Just thinking of someone causes you to be present with them, especially if they are also thinking of you. Since there is nothing like our earthly legal marriage in the spiritual world, legal marriages that were not real marriages—based on an inner connection of mind and heart between the two people—are easily dissolved there, leaving the two individuals free to seek out a more compatible partner.

As for whether the person you speak of yourself? The second chance is available. Whether it works out depends upon whether or not the two people are one in spirit. AND if we are Christian, in my case a Catholic Christian, we are never truly dead since we are eternal — eternally in heaven or hell. SO, what is the deal with this death do we part stuff if we are spiritually united with that other eternally? My spirit is united with that man that I had my 3 children with, and the one I live with now is — for a lack of a better way to say it — a house mate — separate bedrooms and so on… There was no annulment before I married him so in the eyes of my Church there is no sacramental marriage with him and we live together, but apart.

The Catholic Church, along with most traditional Christian churches, teaches that marriage is temporary, not eternal, and that we will not be married in heaven. The second article in the series, which is linked from the end of the first, goes into more detail about forming a spiritual marriage that will last to eternity. Obviously, as explained in these articles, I disagree with the Catholic Church about eternal marriage. Assuming you do have a real, inner connection and oneness with your first husband, I do believe that you will be with him, and fully married to him, in heaven.

Soul Contracts, Twin Flames & Soul Mates Redefined - Matt Kahn

And yes, the time of separation when one dies before the other is hard. But couples who are united in spirit are never really separated by death. The spirit of one is still with the spirit of the other until the partner still living on earth dies and goes on to the spiritual world, where the two reunite and continue their marriage forever.

Is There Marriage in Heaven? I hope this helps. Feel free to continue the conversation if you have more questions. But please do read the linked articles also. They go into much more detail on these questions than I can do in the comments. Thomas Aquinas says in his Treatise on the Angels that there must be purely spiritual creatures.

God produces creatures by his intellect and will. Since God is not material, the soul, with the power of intellect and will, is not material. The Angelic Doctor makes the distinction between corporeal material and incorporeal spiritual creatures in the hierarchy of creation. Animals are wholly corporeal.

5 Ways to Build a Spiritual Connection with Your Partner

Humans are composite—both corporeal and spiritual. Logically, there must also be purely spiritual creatures. Thomas also says that angelic minds are higher than human minds because intellect is above sensory perception. Imagination aids our thought processes. We need images that correspond to the world we see and touch, whereas angelic thought, unencumbered by bodies, needs no such props. Their purely spiritual nature also means that angels are difficult for us to imagine. Art provides a model for us to appreciate angels, akin to the way chemists draw atoms as round spheres held together by sticks to show how chemical reactions proceed.

But just as we know atoms do not actually look like balls, we know angels are not bright and flowing beautiful women who float in the air. Images can mislead, which brings me to the subject of light. Scripture refers to angels as light 2 Cor. Art depicts them as glowing. It is, therefore, tempting to think of angels as pure energy.

Conversely, in quantum physics, photons and electrons with their mysterious wave-particle duality seem almost to transcend physics into a spiritual realm. But this is not so, and any scientist knows it. But energy is a property transferred to objects to do work. Energy depends on matter; hence it belongs strictly to the physical realm. When theologians refer to angels as light, then, they do not use the word in the same sense as it is used in physics. This kind of light is not energy. In The City of God, St. The light that kindled the sun, and separates day and night, originated from beyond our senses.

Augustine places the creation of the angels on the first day XI, 9 because they had to be created before the earth was created, and they populated the City of God. The angels were illuminated by the true light that created them, the light that St. This is one of many areas where angelology gets exciting. The creation of angels integrates with modern science in general. Empirical investigation requires that the universe be understood as Christianity describes it, as an ordered creation.

The scientific method depends on repeatable, systematic laws of physics. Scientific theories are established on the confidence that in the beginning was the Word of God. The scientific method is also uniquely human. It relies on human intellect, the human person created in the image and likeness of God, an intelligent soul united with a sensory body. What is the first step of the scientific method? To observe. What do we do next? We design tests, analyze data, and form conclusions—all exercises that require us to take sensory input and process it abstractly in our minds.

This is why apes do not publish scientific journals. This is why angels, unlike Heisenberg and the rest of humanity, may have no uncertainty whatsoever about the whereabouts of photons and electrons. But I digress. Perhaps you understand my excitement, though. A guardian angel can be a most valuable friend to a scientist if God wills specific knowledge of nature to be gained. Interesting how St Thomas A. That body of His bore the holes in his hands, and feet, and side, and was every bit as real and present and touchable as before He died — He was not a ghost, but a glorified BODY.

And if it all makes sense to you, then of course you are free to believe as you wish, and to accept Catholic teachings on this subject. My own view is that the Catholic Church, and its theologians such as Augustine and Aquinas, went off track because they relied more on human tradition and human reason than they did on the Word of God. Their whole system of belief about angels that you describe sounds perfectly plausible. However, it has no real basis in the Bible. There is no basis in the Bible for the idea that angels have some unknowable, unfathomable form.

They are described very plainly, over and over again, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, as human beings, with human bodies. The Bible also attributes to human beings everything that is attributed to angels, including being shining beings of light. When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai, his face shone, such that he had to put a veil over his face to avoid frightening people.

See Exodus — The Bible makes no distinction between humans and angels. The distinctions that Augustine and Aquinas make between them are based on human reason, not on what the Bible says about angels. You are, of course, free to accept what Augustine and Aquinas taught about angels. Their ideas on angels are based on human logic and tradition, not on what God says in the Bible. Human reason is fine as far as it goes. But it is a poor tool for determining the nature of spiritual things. The people of Bible times experienced angels as people, and described them as people.

The angels who visited Abraham and Sarah even ate a meal that Abraham, Sarah, and their servant prepared for them see Genesis —8. There is no indication whatsoever that Abraham and Sarah thought of them as anything other than human beings, like any other honored guests who might visit, except that these human beings were messengers from God.

Why would Abraham feed a meal of bread, milk, and veal to unfathomable beings of light? And how could unfathomable beings of light sit down and eat such a meal? And why would unfathomable beings of light need to wash their feet, as described in the same passage? In short, the Bible presents angels as completely human in every way.

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Even in the first meeting, your soulmate stands different from all. There can be more than one soulmate in your life, and all are there for an important reason. Spiritual soulmates are souls that come to your life for a greater purpose. The lesson you learn from them is not a material one; it takes you to your higher self and makes you recognise your true self. Five spiritual soulmate signs will help you to recognise whether your soulmate is your spiritual soulmate:.

According to the Celtic Spiritual tradition, your soul emits energy that tells everything about the physical body. The connection with spiritual soulmate leads to the oneness of energies of both souls. They change you entirely but positively. The difference they create is quite significant in your life. Now and then, people will remind you of that change because it will be so evident. Irish belief says that if you have found your spiritual soulmate, you have arrived at your home and it is the most sacred place on the earth.

If you have faith in it, you will surely gain what you have been seeking in your lifetimes. admin