A complete retrograde glossary of the Hittite language

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For more information, contact the librarians via email or telephone. Katta hizmet vermektedir. E and i are equivalent in the alphabetisation. Since this is a retrograde glossary the final phoneme of a stem is the most important element and all the different spellings of a stem have to be listed respectively. The same goes for words such as ar a sk-, which are listed under arsk- and araskalike. Since the purpose of this list is merely to act as a guide for Hittitologists to find a suitable Hittite word, only one entry has been listed in case of homophones.

Thus v pai-, for both v pai-, "to go, to march" and v pai-, "to give" next to "piia-". Beckman and H. In the meantime additions were made with J. The basis of this retrograde list of Hittite personal names is on the language, not the ethnic, namely the names in cuneiform Hittite texts, not the Hittite names in different kinds of texts are taken. Names combined a logogram with two or more Hittite syllables are included, but not those which are fully spelled with logograms. A logogram is taken as a Hittite element while items with the same logogram-ending are put next to each other.

There is not yet, unfortunately, a supplement to fill in the gap between Laroche's work and the indexes of Hittite divine names in the published cuneiform texts. Also the review articles and publications were consulted very often.

Jay H. Jasanoff & H. Craig Melchert, Studies in Hittite Historical Phonology - PhilPapers

The divine names written in Akkadian and Sumerian ate not included. All the words with a determinative "d" have been accepted, even if they only mean divine subjects. Also, P. This list is a collection of the geographical names in the Hittite texts. All the geographical names, neglecting the different determinatives, are arranged in one list. The author has chosen del Monte's reading or his interpretation when there were different opinions about a geographical name.

Finally, the author wishes to quote from I. It turned out differently, however.

Hittite language

Not a few months but a few years have been devoted to checking of the manuscript alone. Collecting, checking, and rearranging went on for a long time until it was realised that if the seeking for "a complete and perfect retrograde glossary" continued any further, then the book would never be finished. The author is solely responsible for all the errors and criticism is welcome.

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Jinkanmaskan GAD tiialanilan"Qilanzilan :kulanman :pal! Samman:papartammanistaman Kus Hsijimanpuijunuijiman : limmansalimaniSliman:ijarmimmannurimancuzu. Sparnanatas :. A a aa piga-A. A irba-A. A ubba-A. A gasga-A. A rnittana-A.


A puna-A. A balpa-A. A uppara-A. A rnera-A. A frnizra-A.

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A pibassa-A. A rnasa-A.

The Sound of the Old Hittite Language (The Proclamation of Anittas & Telepenus)

A puranda-A. A kenza-A. A buli-A. GE6-Viia dakuia fdsJN-uiia rfu!

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