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The PLAY Project | Autism Treatment | Autism Intervention Program

Martial Arts. Fast Feet N. C Track Club. Play4autism is great organization for kids with autism.

Step by Step guide to PBS

My son has been a member for 2 years and it has helped him a while lot. I recommend this program very highly to families with kids on the spectrum. All of our Play4Autism events help fundraise our Kidz into Action program.

A child with autism can play their favourite sport with “normal” children

We strive to make our events fun and interactive for the whole family. Bring your child to our next event and let the good times roll. We partner and collaborate with existing, like-minded organizations to offer children with autism, a well rounded program of recreational opportunities. The benefit is not only inclusion. So opportunities to play with their peers are really valuable.

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Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. ScienceDaily, 16 August Preferred play for children with autism.

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Additional case data were collected through teacher-reported social skills and behaviours. Rasch analysis was utilised to convert raw ToP scores into an interval level overall score for each child. Children's individual ToP item scores, social skills and behaviours are presented by case.

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