Corrigan Rage (Corrigan, Book 3)

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Leia mais Leia menos. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Compra verificada. Heartbroken over Mack's actions at the end of the previous book, Corrigan attempts to get over her, but fails miserably. The best he can do is to try to make her jealous so that he can figure out her feelings. Unfortunately for him he can't change her mind until the necromancer is taken care of and maybe just maybe they can both step down from their positions of power so that they can be together.

Maureen Corrigan

Overall, I enjoyed reading this concluding novella. Corrigan's point of view puts the Blood Destiny series into perspective. I also enjoyed the epilogue at the end of this novel. I would really love to find out more about the characters featured in it in a future series. I'm not going to bother to review the whole series. I was four books into the Blood Destiny series, when I realised that the entire story has been re-written from the male protagonist, Corrigan's POV. I read four of those, then I read both books 5 simutaneously. Not only was Corrigan's version more interesting and enjoyable to read - his was a mre compelling and nuanced character - I think that this entire series could have been soooooo much better if the stories had been written in the third person and combined.

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Corrigan may have only just started in his role as Head of the Brethren, the de-facto rulers of the country's shifters, but it's already clear he's not going to be in for an easy ride. Between brutal deaths in both Cornwall and London to deal with, alongside a certain curious were-hamster who has far more strength, power and mouth than should be possible, he's got his hands full.

He thought his greatest desire was to modernise the shapeshifter world - but that may be starting to change These are fun to listen to. Rashi Agrawal. Cheryl , hey Do you happen to have the Corrigan POV books in ebook format? If so, then It would great if you could DM those to me or just post them here.

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