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From my experience this combined with Duolinguo has been the best available source for rapidly grasping Deutsch at my very own convenience. Get started.

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Topic: German. Hallo, Leute. April 29, Great post. EnricoAlva2 Plus.

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Excellent book! I bought it on your recommendation - thank you. February 10, April 30, AlmogL 9. May 4, I know this was posted ages ago but it is very useful!

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August 16, May 1, Make sure you get the right material and the right tutor or online course that provides you with a good learning experience. At the same time, you also want one that leads to visible progress. If you're not experiencing either of those things, it's time to rethink your strategy for learning. We do not recommend a book that is typically used in language classrooms. Those books are very thin when it comes to grammar explanations and, in some cases, they even explain it in German, which does nothing for an English-speaker's comprehension.

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Online courses like Duolingo, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, or Busuu are good programs from a technical point of view. Instead, it's best to view them as games and add-ons to your other efforts. You can also save your money when it comes to books like " German verbs. Those books usually collect dust very soon after they're purchased. It is one of the most comprehensive books you'll find and perfect for anyone who's serious about speaking proper German, no matter your level.

This book has been revised many times over the years. Each edition is updated with the latest German words, including many that have been adapted from English. It's easy to read and understand and will explain everything you need to know about the German grammar's finer details.

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Mentioned almost as often as the "Hammer's," "Schaum's Outline of German Grammar" is another excellent resource for successfully learning German. It's an outstanding textbook for fast learning and it supplements almost any German course. This book gets a couple bonus points for the additional resources it offers.

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It includes audio files you can download to practice pronunciation and includes over exercises with answer keys so you can test your skills on your own. This can really be valuable in making sure you fully comprehend a lesson and is excellent for self-learners. If you're dedicated to mastering German, this is the book you need. It's been a reliable resource for German teachers and native English speakers living in German-speaking countries for years. Consider this one essential for the advanced student as it will dive deeply into all the grammar details other books leave out.

Plus, the version that's written in German will give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the language, which can really help with proficiency.

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  • Without it, you won't be able to check your work. When it comes to an online resource, one of your best options is Canoo. For students who are not advanced, we don't recommend using a grammar book or resource that explains German grammar solely in German. Grammar is a far too complex matter to be taught in a language that you don't yet fully understand. admin