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Never used!. Seller Inventory P More information about this seller Contact this seller. I Was a Teenage Sex Pistol. Glen Matlock ; Pete Silverton. Publisher: Omnibus P.

Sex Pistols - No Future

This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. So at least they agree on something. But do the original punks agree on anything else? Glen Matlock, page So what made us persist with John?

It's difficult to say. Maybe that very quickly he started coming up with lyrics and that he and I got on well right from the off. John Lydon, page I must say this about Glen: he was the only one who attempted to kindle any kind of friendship with me, which is odd because I despised him so. Glen, p The look on his face told me that he really believed somehow that if he told me to drop dead, I would.

Oh well, I thought, John really has gone a bit doolally now. John, also on p, strangely: In Glen's book, he claimed all I ever said to him was "Drop dead".

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That's right, Glen. Drop dead. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't seem to think I meant it. Glen, p The Pistols were In that order. We could have done without that bass nonsense. John, p I always wrote the lyrics and insisted on that right from the start, which infuriated the band no end. Glen, p So I wrote the lyrics to "Pretty Vacant" - all of which are mine, apart from a couple of lines that John later changed in the second verse.

I wrote something along the lines of "If you don't like this, up your bum, we're going down the pub. Great chord changes, he said, who wrote them? I had, of course. John, p I know a lot has been said about Glen being the melodious one, and that without him we would never have had hit singles. For God's sake, who gave a damn about a hit single? Irrelevant and, apart from that, a lie. For all of Glen's melodiousness, he didn't exactly do very much when he left us, did he?

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Glen, p The Damned's drummer, Rat Scabies, started spitting at the audience. And they started spitting back. Thus was invented that grand tradition of gobbing. John, p, p I think the audiences gobbing on stage came from me. Because of my sinuses, I do gob a lot on stage Nobody realized they were imitating a physical illness, not a political stance. John, p I instigated Glen's leaving the band It was down to, quite frankly, either he goes or I go. I couldn't put up with him any longer. Glen, p I said, Malcolm I'm just not interested any more. I can't be bothered with that bloke's attitude So let's leave it at that.

Glen, p I could never work Sid out. A lot of people thought he was stupid, but he wasn't. He was very intelligent but talked like he wasn't. Glen, p [Malcolm] told me that they were going to do some recording [for Never Mind the Bollocks] I agreed. John, p Sid wasn't very good at recording We literally hired Glen Matlock That, more than anything tenfold, explains my contempt for him. Glen, p The only way they could have cut it live was with me in the band because I was the one who understood and saw the whole picture of what we could achieve musically.

John, p2: Things improved no end the minute he exited Glen wanted to turn the whole thing into a sort of a Bay City Rollers scene and for us to look like some Soho poofs.

I was a teenage Sex Pistol

Glen, p You just had to put up with a constant tirade of bullshit from John. Never mind the other bollocks-filled books about the Sex Pistols, here's the truth. Product Details. Pages: Sales rank: 1,, Product dimensions: 5.

Glen Matlock

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