Intelligent Buildings and Building Automation

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Trends may come and go, but every so often they end up shaping the world we live in.

This, of course, applies to building automation as well. In this blog post, I wanted to map out the top five trends that not only affect our industry and smart buildings in a significant way but also mirror the world and modern values around us. I automatically assumed they were discussing building automation. I was living in my own professional bubble.

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Building automation is only a part of something much bigger. Thus far, different systems in buildings have been their own separate closed blocks, with their own interfaces and zero communication with external systems. But, finally, automation is now starting to get fully integrated into the same network with other systems such as fire alarms, access control units, elevators, etc. The brains of this network exist in a cloud. When we have these smart buildings, we can finally also have them communicate with each other.


Now, IoT is a word that gets thrown around a lot and therefore has lost some of its meaning. But it is ultimately only a synonym for a word that is not as trendy anymore: twenty years ago, the world was excited of networks , now we are excited of IoT. The network is still the strongest of trends, but now we just have a new name for it.

Everything is wireless.

The benefits of Intelligent Buildings

Well okay, maybe not electricity, but I hope that the future will surprise me positively here. Without wireless functionalities, we would be far from where we are now.

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Mobile phones, cars, the Internet, radio — nearly everything in our everyday life is involved with wireless functionality to some degree. In building automation, wireless functionality provides us the flexibility and ease of installation when building new systems and modifying old ones.

How Do Intelligent Buildings Differ from Building Automation Systems? | Leading Edge Design Group

New wireless technologies have taken huge steps every year and this is reflected in the number of systems and technologies available today. This can be attributed to the communications revolution and the growth of industries that primarily rely on knowledge workers. There are, however, organisations that are taking up the cause and making a range of adjustments to how they operate their facilities and conduct their business activities in a bid to make a positive environmental impact.

Of course, when your business is in its fledgeling stages, you may not be in a position to roll out the red carpet and usher guests across the marble floor of your building's entrance hall. But, regardless of the size and cosmetic features of your commercial property, where you conduct your business will leave a lasting impression on clients and prospective talent that you may be looking to hire. We were busy at the Facilities Show last week - over 10, people saw our building utilisation and occupancy analytics solution. Most preventative maintenance of key facility assets today is calendar based performed a specific number of times per year or event-based performed as a result of a failure.

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An intelligent building optimizes preventative maintenance by automatically scheduling maintenance on assets based on things like actual run hours or onboard performance diagnostics in the system. As facility managers use things like variable frequency drives VFDs to save energy, they reduce the total run hours on a piece of equipment.

CTCI's Three Intelligent Solutions: A New Model of Innovative Intelligent Buildings

An intelligent building can analyze historical data and adjust the maintenance schedule accordingly. For units that meet the criteria, your facility can adjust the maintenance schedule automatically based on its understanding of this historical data. For spare parts, an intelligent building can analyze the maintenance completed over a historical period, what parts were required for those replacement efforts, and create a recommended spare parts list to be kept on hand.

Inventory systems can provide another input to the facility such that if one of the parts scanned out of inventory for use, a replacement part is automatically ordered. There are countless examples of how an intelligent building can optimize a facility. admin