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Semicircular surface placed between scaenae and cavea. In its Greek form, it was circular. There stood chorus that participated in dramatic plays. Its curved area was surrounded by rows - Poedria - for great authorities in the city: lawyers, senators, judges They came in through big vaulted lateral walls called - aditus -.

Areas for special spectators were placed on them.

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They were called tribunal. It was composed by exedrae and decorated niches with pillars. They often communicated the scaenae with stairs. Roman Theatre of Carthago Nova Press to enlarge.

More than 20 Roman theatres exist today in Spain. They have been already explored and scholars know about the existence of many others that have been lost because of the evolution of the cities in wich they were built. Plan of Roman Amphitheatre following Vitrubius. The arena. Oval area where plays were performed.


It was surrounded by the high wall of the podium that separated it from the cavea. Many doors were open on the cavea. They communicated with rooms or walls behind it. Gladiators and animals came out through them. Bellow the arena of the most important amphitheatres there were many divided rooms for the circulation and staying of animals called fossa bestiaria.

It was covered by wood. Over it there was the arena, forming a uniform surface. The cavea. It gets the features of a theatre's cavea, but it is built with an oval plan and is elevated on a high podium.

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It was usually endowed with three horizontal sections in a different level : the ima cavea , the media cavea and the summa cavea. The ima cavea is the inferior area. It is closer to the arena and separated from it by a high podium that sheltered the spectators against weapons and animals. This was the place for higher class from cities. The media cavea , built close to the imma cavea, was made for general public.

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The summa cavea is the upper part of the scene. It was not constructed in every amphitheatre because of a lack of room or because of its structure. It used to end by a covered gateway. Roman amphitheatre of Emerita Augusta Press to enlarge.

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No building permit may be issued unless the inspector confirms, after examining them, that the plans and specifications are in conformity with this Act and the regulations and with the Act respecting the conservation of energy in buildings chapter E The Minister may suspend or reverse any such decision of the inspector. Moreover, the inspector may in such notice require that the owner take during such period any suppletory measure he thinks necessary to render the building safe for the persons residing therein, frequenting it or having access thereto.

Any such order shall be carried out by the proper inspector, who may require all assistance necessary for such purpose.

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