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Science can see the quantity of outside shock effecting the quantity of inner shock to the body, the amount of abnormal heat or cold it causes. The condition of the brain and amount of shock received can be mechanically measured and recorded, but from this scientific data one cannot say it is the essence of pain. It can describe the essential cause of pain but that is not the pain itself.

They are related, 45 pain and the description of it, but they are absolutely separate matters. Using this example of the phenomenon of pain, the contents of the phenomenal world which can be grasped with V physical sense capacity and what can be grasped with A dimension's spiritual capacity, are completely different. The judgment of E based on V dimension activity and that experiential knowledge of 0, is different from E's judgment coming from A dimension's capacity and that kind of experiential knowledge of O.

The memorial intelligence of 0 and the judgment and morality of E are the same human intelligence and morality, O-E, but, depending on what is contained within each dimension, they manifest in an entirely different way. For example: to judge the phenomenon of a rose as grasped from V dimension's capacity, it is seen in its form, color, smell, taste, touch.

That realization gives us the judgment of it, E, as a rose. In order to keep it in our memory, 0, that recognized phenomenon is given a name-this is a rose. That moment is the manifestation of a posteriori intelligence- WOo Henceforth, based on that knowledge, WO, one can talk about a rose and it can be communicated to and understood by other human beings.

A dimension's capacity realizes that rose the same as U dimension but also realizes other things beyond its physical existence, which cannot be caught from U dimension's reaction to its form, color, smell, etc A catches some other, unformed existence there: its beauty, happiness, sadness, etc. These belong to mental phenomena-e-unformed manifestations. The moment of the mind's realization of this rose cannot occur without the life of the rose; your synchronization with the rose cannot occur without the rose being there for you. The knowledge of this one rose based on V dimension and the knowledge of it based on A dimension is the same human knowledge, but what is contained within that knowledge is as far apart as Heaven and earth; there is that difference in understanding.

Amatu Kanagi principle, V-E-O activity of human capacity, does not perfectly open A dimension capacity's manifestation. Human activity just moves from its five physical senses and their desires. That is the first dimension of activity of the human natural manifestation; there is almost no difference from the life of an animal's world. It is too dark to recognize oneself as a human being. That activity of daily life, from that dimension's light, is like seeing by the light of a star in the night.

The way of this principle, therefore, was symbolized by our ancestors as a star god. It is like the dimension of a cocoon, and from there, grasping all phenomenal activity in the natural universe. Amatu Sugaso is the principle of this dimension of human capacity. This is the principle and law of the manifestation of human spiritual capacity and action.

The spiritual capacity of A, its action as the light of life and 47 continuing its expansion in the space of the universe, is the beginning of Amatu Sugaso principle. The expanding action is A, and 0 is its continuationA -O-these two mother sounds, the activity of the rhythm of Mana-Kana.

A-D, manifesting in Naka-ima, starts to synchronize, harmonize and exchange outside basic universal energies and each life rhythm of phenomena in universal space. The source energy synchronizes with individual formed phenomena. With that activity, all phenomena, formed and unformed-both sides-are lit up with the light of A-O. Phenomena coming out in the light of A are the rhythms of U-E-these two mother sounds-in the order of A-O-U-E, Amatu Sugaso, Grasping and creating the manifestation of universal phenomena with the capacity of A dimension creates the existence of unformed phenomena.

This can only manifest as the sense of mental phenomena-that feeling. Even if science could prove the essential cause of mental phenomena-could see their ultra high or low energy vibrations as they are and how the mind synchronizes with them, how they come into the brain-it is not human spiritual phenomena itself. No matter how precisely science can see the essential cause of spiritual phenomena, it can never save human life.

The problem of humanity's survival is the responsibility of each individual. To save ourself, we must find the essential cause of our own mental-spiritual phenomena and how to use them-controlling and arranging them. We ourselves must find the way to master ourselves. There may be some people who are absolutely certain that science is all-complete. They may think the 48 mastery of our mental activity is scientifically possible. They think we can control mental phenomena, arranging them in order or throwing them out-but it is a big mistake.

The activity of A dimension's capacity is in the infinite space of the universe. Phenomena are everywhere, forming and influencing the phenomena of individual life actions. Our A dimension synchronizes with all of them as our own spiritual phenomena. If we try to control them scientifically, we must change the rhythms of the activity of phenomena of the total universe.

Otherwise, we could not change our A dimension's response; the "brain-washing" would not be complete. All universal phenomena must also be changed in order to change our mental reaction to them. Take away the mountains and forests and our feelings would also change. Whether the sky is clear with stars or overcast changes our mood. Our meditation is effected by the time of day or what kind of day it is. These changes manifest as mental phenomena; A dimension synchronizes with all universal phenomena in infinite space.

For science to change all of that is always a question. It can change the receiver and its immediate environment-but the source?

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The only possibility for arranging our mental activity-A dimension's spiritual phenomena-is after grasping all that is contained in this life principle, the Kototama fifty sounds, which I am trying to explain in this book. A dimension of human spiritual capacity sees the actions of U dimension's physical senses and its experienced knowledge, U-O, as the existence of phenomena. There is more light with which to see the way of truth than with Amatu Kanagi U dimension's light of the star god.

Our ancestors symbolized Amatu Sugaso's A dimension action of human capacity as the moon god. Using this capacity to grasp the substance of phenomena, WA-to recognize what is contained in WA, growing and disappearing in universal space-is difficult work. It naturally creates another type of civilization different from U dimension's-the civilization of religion and art. As I said before, there is a big difference between what is contained in human intelligence when 0 is based on U dimension's activities and when it is based on A dimension's activities.

There is also a big difference in the morality of E dimension, depending upon which experienced knowledge it is based. The judgment and morality of E from A dimension is much higher than U dimension's E; it is closer to human morality compared to U dimension's animal morality. If we do not know or realize the self, if we do not search and continue daily practice and inner reflection, trying to develop along the way of our inner dimensions-if we just naturally move around, motivated by the desires of the day, unconcerned with the inner self-or, searching, but mistaken in the way to search for our own development, then we cannot realize our higher dimensions' capacities, the manifestation and activity of the deeper self.

We come to the end of our physical life without knowing the truth, without having the highest morality. We finish our lives without ever knowing what is real human life. This chapter is an explanation of E- WE dimensions' human capacity, the manifestation of judgment and morality. What is contained in U-A-O dimensions' capacities is also being explained, from the view of E dimension.

To realize what is contained in our inner capacity of E dimension's manifestation-to get it from the bottom of ourself-we must completely grasp our inner spiritual activity of A dimension; we must complete A first. U ntil we finish the search of A dimension's way of religion or art, we cannot get into E dimension. We should start from the beginning, in the order of the manifestation of U-O-A -E dimensions, and completely search each one, dimension by dimension. We must see the activity of all our inner dimensions, what each one contains; otherwise, we cannot open to the next dimension.

It is analogous to the metamorphosis of an insect: egg state-U; larva-O; cocoon-A; and the completed insect, the butterfly or grasshopper, etc. The completed egg can become a larva, etc.

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It is the same with the development of plant life; the seed-U; the root and stem-O; leaves-A; flower-E. The human body grows from: the embryo-U; childhood-O; adulthood-A; old age-E.

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Younger people, with their intellectual knowledge, do not heed their elders or respect them. That kind of education is completely mistaken from the beginning-mistaking the causality of human life. The emphasis of modern education is placed on physical strength, WU, and memorial intelligence and knowledge, WO, as being the main values of the human being. That kind of understanding is based on the judgment of Amatu Kanagi, the capacities of U-E- 0, the upside-down relationship of subject to object.

To explain E-WE dimensions, I am talking about U-O-A dimensions, but the substance-the truth-of the manifestation of human capacity of each dimension's life activity is what is contained in each mothersound rhythm itself: E is E, WE is WE. The reality is that rhythm itself. Its explanation, however well presented, can only serve as a symbol or model.

The truth is, E is E and A is A -only that. As I said before, those who are seriously searching the truth must realize it in the inner life activity of self; they should grasp the meaning of what is contained in the Kototama fifty sounds' life rhythm of Futomani-the word of God, the sound of the truth. This principle is the fortress of life; grasp it, each sound, one by one, in your self! However much you study the clear explanation of others-or however efficiently you memorize this 52 j Kototama Principle-it is just a copy, stored in your o dimension's memory capacity.

It is knowledge borrowed from others; the truth is not your own. Acting from that knowledge of the truth, your life is the same as a robot's, the mind of a computer. It cannot be your real manifestation of life activity. You can never find your own substance and have that peace and freedom. You can never rely on yourself as the foundation for your mind's perfection; you can never have complete spiritual self-confidence. The egg imitating the action of a larva, or a cocoon trying to fly like a butterfly, are impossible things. After studying the principle and becoming dear about where the truth is-seeing which way to go and how-you can understand that.

Having understood, you should go directly to the final objective without being diverted to bypaths, continuing to walk, step by step, the way of truth. It manifests only in Naka-Ima of our own body's life. Its manifestation as phenomena of WA seems like a cinema; it is the action of the vibration of the small brain.

For the seer of A, the subject, to catch it is the. I can say this based on the principle of Oriental natural medicine. The body's expanding action, A Yang , is from inside to outside, below to above, and back to front. The concentrating action of W A Yin is the opposite 53 way-from outside to inside, above to below, and front to back. The large brain's position is in front and above-the position of A. The small brain is in the back and lower down-WA.

That is why I can say this. The body's left side has the expanding nature of A and the right side is concentrating, WA. The large brain separates into left and right, and its activity divides the left side as subject and the right side as object. Relatively speaking, this is how life action synchronizes and harmonizes with itself.

Totally, the large brain is the seer, relative to the small brain. At the same time, E dimension is also in action. To say it another way, 0 is contained in A dimension's action and E is contained in 0 dimension's action. The activity of A dimension is manifested by o dimension's continuation, and 0 is the repetition of the separate sparking actions of light-the separating action of E. The source of the separating action of E is the eight motive rhythms of life. They synchronize with the four a prior dimensions of universal energy, which become a posteriori human capacity of WU-WA-WO-WE, creating the action of human life.

This may be what SCience calls gravi- tation energy. This sound rhythm is realized as U dimension's manifestation, our physical sense capacity. There is a scientific equivalent for each dimension. This order of sounds causes a transformation of energy, manifesting a posteriori human capacity of judgment. Between E- WE, the eight father rhythms synchronizing with E dimension's energy, naturally create these sound rhythms. They are born from the synchronization of father rhythms and the mother-sound energy ofE.

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These rhythms manifest in order, creatmg the time and space of a posteriori life. As previously mentioned, the four mother dimensions, U-A -O-E, seem to be like the scientific universe's four dimensions of energy. These energies, caught by the eight motive rhythms, change and manifest a posteriori capacities. Conversely, the four dimensions of energy of the scientific universe act in the limited space of the human body. This concentrating and expanding action continues, and the continuation of that action gives the human body its life and capacities.

The concentrating four dimensions of universal energy rhythms plus the expanding four dimensions of universal energy rhythms equal eight motive rhythms. The space of the activity of these eight motive rhythms is human physical life which holds a separate and limited space and time from other universal phenomena.

At the same time, its eight motive rhythms synchronize with the action of total universal phenomenal energy, Through this synchronization the existence and activity of all universal phenomena are grasped; they can be caught exactly. They appear on our screen as a posteriori mental phenomena of the activity of the universe.

I am speaking relatively for convenience of explanation; it is not actually like that. Do not misunderstand this! If there were no eight father rhythms, there would be no creation of human physical life or manifestation of capacity. If there were no activity of human life capacity, there would be no manifestation of the universe and universal phenomena. The action of the eight father rhythms lets the total a priori universe appear as the a posteriori limited world, the scientific universe.

They are as a bridge between a priori and a posteriori. It has the same meaning as the covenant between God and Noah, symbolized as a rainbow. These eight motive rhythms are the greatest power, the sparks of life, which create the body, giving it its life and capacity. They cause the appearance of all a priori universe and phenomena as human capacity and human capacity causes a priori universe and phenomena to appear.

Our ancestors called them the eight great power gods or kings. The manifestation of each dimension's capacity of U-A -O-E is very difficult to explain as separate dimensions, especially in relation to these eight father rhythms. The father rhythms of the action of I-WI are the universal four dimensions' energy concentrating into the void of U and from there separating again to the four dimensions and expanding.

U becomes the center for creating the human body. The activity of the four dimensions creates the separated space of life energy action. Around the center of U, the life energy action collects light, air, water, etc. Human capacity manifests in this space of the human body. Nevertheless, this was the order our ancient ancestors used when expounding the life principal of KototamaFutornani, When we begin to search the source of our life and capacity, we search our inner self in this order. If we do not follow it, we cannot arrive at the source.

When our ancestors explained the life principle, they were, at the same time, showing the right way for later generations to search for the final objective, like guideposts marking the way. As a practicant, I can feel their divine love in leaving the explanation in this order for the later generations. Only a serious practicant can feel it; today's modern mind would find it incomprehensible. I-WI is the unformed human seed-not physical. It is life will and life power, which are really the same thing.

We cannot actually separate I and WI. The action of a priori universe's four dimensions' energies is concentrating and expanding see chapter entitled "Eight Father Rhythms". Where concentration ends and expansion begins-the void-is where the human seed is. From there, that place of the seed, U, the four dimensions' energies start to expand again. This expansion is the subject of the life will, I.

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When, from the place of the seed, the four dimensions' energies concentrate, this is the life power, the object, WI. Between the inner and outer circles of the diagram is the space for the creation of the human body. Concentrating energy cannot do anything until it meets the expanding side of energy. That this interconnection of activity can occur, as shown in the diagram, means that the concentrating life power of WI is a little stronger than the expanding life will of I.

The original determinant for the variations of human physical life is the concentrating life power of WI. It collects all the necessary elements for creating and maintaining the body. The quantity and quality of elements collected is what determines the differences. The capacity of the seed, the human substance creating the body, is absolutely the same for all human beings. J- WI IS the source of human life action, front and back.

If there were no concentrating action of life power, the body could not be created; if there were no body created, there would be no place for the subjective life will of I to manifest activity. Conversely, if there were no action of the life will of I, then the concentrating energy's action of WI could not create the body.

It could create all universal phenomena, some kind of physical concretion such as mountains, rocks, animals, etc. The end of this life current changes to expansion, I, running from inside to outside, below to above, and left to right.. If there is a good balance of activity between the life rhythm of I-WI and physical activity, then the mind and body are perfect.

Losing this balance, human beings cannot manifest their total original capacity. The balance between the expanding action of A and the concentrating action of U becomes If A action becomes 7 or 8 and U becomes 3 or 2, then the body's inner life energy becomes more expansive and the concentrating energy, for holding the space, becomes smaller. If U becomes stronger and A weaker, the body becomes larger and stronger but the action of spiritual capacity diminishes. The original cause of accidents is a person's carelessness or poor power of intuitive judgment.

All kinds of illnesscan be traced back to the unbalanced life activity in this space of our own body. I-WI controls and balances the body's inner physical energy, that is natural life-healing power. If the balance of the body's life activity breaks down too much, it will finally affect 1- WI, and the body will die. That is why I say human physical life is a phenomena of time and space, the limited physical creation of the life activity of the opposite sides of J- WI, created and maintained by it.

The creation separates into man and woman. A woman's body is more strongly affected by the concentrating life energy of WI in comparison to a man's body which is more affected by the opposite, the expanding energy of 1. In the embryo, if the balance of necessary elements collected favors concentrating energy, it creates the female body. If predominantly expanding elements are collected, the male body is created. That is precisely why, in the natural order of human life, the general physical activity of a woman is quiet and a man's is more active.

As explained in the chapter entitled "E- WE Dimension", human capacity recognizing phenomena does not happen outside. The manifestation of universal phenomena is here, within the space of the human body; it is the subjective center of that activity. They manifest the inner center of the human body, a priori universal four dimensions' energy, expansion and concentration, coming out through these rhythms.. It is the vibration of universal four dimensions' energy itself but that action happens in the limited space of the human body. The center of the action of life energy has already changed as human life will and power, the capacity of 1- WI, acting as an independent existence from universal energy.

Through human capacity, a priori universe is grasped, catching it exactly, from larger to smaller. The universe manifests as human recognition. A priori universal phenomena manifest as the brain's vibration, that rhythm in Naka-Ima. All a priori universal phenomena are created by the synchronizing activity of four dimensions' energy transforming as phenomena. The source power of the universe controls their creation and destruction.

The source place of the activity of universal energy is the absolute void, U, where concentrating energy ends and expanding energy begins. To grasp the true operation of the universe, therefore, we do not need to search outside of ourselves.. We can find it clearly in the source of our own physical life's manifestation, by seeing the contents of our capacity's action. It is complete in itself, the reality of the activity of the total universe. Hold up the Kototama Principle as your mirror and follow the exact causality as explained by our ancestors.

Make it clear, one by one, in the bottom of yourself and grasp it. When you come to the last dimension,. Then you can say, with your own complete confidence, "Yes! In the beginning, the chaotic world manifests in Naka-Ima, grasped as U.

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In the next step, U separates, simultaneously manifesting the subject A, the seer, and the object W A, the seen. In the first step, U is chaos; something is there but there is no understanding at all of what it is, of what is happening. In the next step, A manifests as light, revealing the phenomenal objective world of WA.

This world continues, phenomena changing from moment to moment, one after the other. A continues to see these changing manifestations, like watching a movie; it cannot recognize itself, what is I Am and where it is. It just lights up the objective world of WA. The objective phenomenal world, the contents of W A, change ceaselessly, constantly transforming, in endless and timeless space.

Having no subjective capacity to see or keep anything in memory, WA just contin. In the next step, E- WE dimension manifests and. It is possible to come to know it; to get into the sense of universal spirit, to feel it. In the earlier chapters of this book, we were searching the inner self, from Naka-Ima to the four dimensions, U-O-A-E. The search was still in the world of religion and art. Once you stand on E dimension's viewpoint. It is part of the truth but is not yet complete.

This stage of confidence still belongs to the individual person; it cannot be the complete truth for all human life. The complete truth is in the activity of the human life capacity of I-WI itself. It is what gives U-O-A-E their capacities, the action of the four dimensions. In searching for the life principle, our human ancestors finally arrived at the source of life, 1- WI dimension. From there, they returned to E- WE dimension, and standing on IE dimension, they could make this life principle perfect: We must make this last step 66 clear in the bottom of self; otherwise, we cannot grasp the total truth, we cannot' understand this life principle.

J- WI does not directly manifest as a posteriori capacity. Our daily activity is the action of U-O-A-E, the c'apacities of the four dimensions. It is, therefore, very difficult to find, to realize the self. The life will, I, and life power, WI, give each dimension its desire and power and controls the activity of. To explain it another way, the first manifestation of I-. The person searching the truth who can arrive at U-A -O-E dimensions, in that order, and who can stand on the v.

This is the re-awakening of Buddha and the King of Kings of the Messianic prophecy. This chapter IS a? The synchronization between mother and half-mother sound rhythms is the partial manifestation of 1- WI's activity. With its own eight motive rhythms acting as a radar, it catches the synchronizing operation of the four dimensions between mother and half-mother sounds. I-WI is already a human. They are received from outside and are transformed as our life power, WI.

This concentrating side of life activity cannot realize its own existence. This is Muga, the state of no I Am-nothing; no consciousness. In our own physical space, the activity of Muga, WI, ehanges to expansion, 1. In that moment, the life will, 1, causes the first manifestation of the seventeen 69 hidden gods, the sound rhythm of U, the first brain vibration. Then A, 0, and E manifest, in order of dimensions, as the sense of subjective capacity. At the same moment, following this manifestation, the subjective, having already synchronized with the objective side, grasps-realizes-each.

Through the capacity of the physical sense dimension we realize taste with the mouth, color and form with' the eye, sound with the ear and smell with the nose. What is contained in all different types of energy rhythms is separately realized. For example, if the four mother-sound dimensions of universal energy, cominginto the human body, are separately realized, they are grasped as: taste,.

The subjective capacity of U's tasting sense should actually recognize eight different tastes-the contents of objective tastes, Wll. The seeing sense of A should realize eight colors and forms of WA; the hearing sense of 0 should recognize eight separate sounds of WO; the smelling sense of E should separate the objective WE, to realize eight smells.

Otherwise, a priori universe would have no space in which to manifest; there would be no capacity for our own manifestation of the W A side of eight colors and forms in the phenomenal world. The scientific four dimensions of universal energy may be the same as those caught by human physical. What is contained in each of their energies must be a different synthesized surface of atoms or particles, centralized in different powers of the eight rhythms-before their form is created. For example, within the nucleus of the atom or within each electron or particle, in the center of each form, there are eight motive rhythms.

Their different powers form these different particles. Each group of similar powers synthesize as one dimension; that is why we see four separate dimensions of universal energy. As they change character, they change dimensions. When, for instance, a weaker one becomes stronger, it will move to another dimension; a strong one weakening moves to a weaker dimension. Each synthesized surface is a different power of the eight motive rhythms, similar to the power of energy whirlpools that remain in one dimension and are seen as one dimension of energy, such as gravity.

One energy whirlpool takes over another one that is weaker; they combine and become another dimension. Every form, regardless of size, has the same system of eight motive rhythms at its center, holding its energy's activity, before the actual form is created. The sense of taste can only catch the taste dimension's vibration; the sense of hearing, only sound vibration; smell, only the dimension of smell vibration. From this example of a posteriori physical sense capacity, we can imagine universal rhythms separating to four dimensions. As I said before, physical senses catch a priori universe in form as four dimensions of taste, color, sound and smelL Touch is the totality of U and includes the other four.

The action of spiritual capacity, the other side of human life activity, synchronizes with the same a priori four dimensions of the universe, but one stage before the synchronization of the physical senses, before energy materializes as form. Spiritual action happens first and can only be caught by the spiritual senses. The sense of touch is a separate sense from the other four subjective capacities.

The four senses draw outside energies into their physical space.

Inochi Yutaka na Origami (Origami Full of Life)

This is within the action of our physical energies, catching the constant change of action within the body. The changed condition is caught by the substance, 1- WFs sense itself. The touching sense is the substance sense of I-WI; when I-WI creates the body, it uses the touching sense to collect the necessary elements. The four physical senses differentiate the energies cormng into the body, affecting changes. I-WI "feels" and "judges" them coming into our space.

The inner sense of 1- WI changes them to U.. The sense of touch directly manifests from 1- WI to U. From U, it goes to WU, dividing to the four radars of U. It is the same order for all the dimensions. For example, the level of universal spirit is at the bottom of A dimension; universal spirit is the direct manifestation of 1- WI to A dimension becoming A - W A ,. The source of U dimension is the direct manifestation of 1- WI. The touching sense, in U dimension, is the source of the a posteriori senses.

Each dimension becomes the source for its a posteriori dimension. The collecting space is a very limited one on earth but it is enough for the activity of the physical senses. And, conversely, the area covered by the four senses is enough for 1- WI to collect the necessary elements. The substance, 1- WI, manifests the inner desire to hold the physical life of wu.

Its judgment, WE, collects elements from the four dimensions' energies as taste, sound, color, and smell, for maintaining the organs of the body's constitution. The continuation of this maintenance manifests experienced knowledge, WO, intelligence. This is one side of the action of human ca,..

They use WE dimension to decide what to eat, what to buy, etc. The experience of that action increases the intelligence of WO-and that is all there is to their lives. WU is the first manifestation of the concentrating substance of WI. Human activity, in following this desire, automatically concentrates its capacities for the objective of collecting more things. The judgment of WE is used to get more things to satisfy WU dimension's collecting desire.

Behavior based on such a low dimension's judgment and that experience of WO knowledge is far from the total reality of life. It is dear that such behavior is in opposition to the great law of the universe. The more this Amatu Kanagi way of human intelligence expands, becoming greater, the further the human being strays from the universal law. The Universal Great Law is the law of God; it manifests only the highest morality from the highest judgment.

The meaning of the return of the Messiah or the reawakening of Buddha is that the human mind will regain its original highest morality, that our natural morality will be back in our hands. When you have completely searched and grasped your own life activities and perfected the life principle of the field of fifty sounds, arranging them in the three 75 different orders, then you can understand why they become these different orders of the principle. Without having understood this, no matter how much studying or chanting of the sounds you do, or how well you have memorized this book, it is of no use-nothing will help.

The only way to do it is by following the way and order of our ancestors, as they did. You should grasp then, each sound, one by one, in the order of fifty sound manifestations-the contents of each sound. In this order of manifestation of human capacity, we cannot actually have any consciousness of intent of our inner life activities of 1- WI and A - W A dimensions; there is no consciousness of the five subjective mother sound dimensions and the five objective half-mother sounds.

We are conscious, therefore, of only seven child rhythms of each dimension. The child sound rhythms are the brain rhythms of the human mind. The way of Amatu Kanagi then, acts with seven kinds of desires although the reality is eight, and with seven moral judgments and seven kinds of knowledge, totalling twenty-one mental vibrations or rhythms. The reality of Amatu Kanagi is twenty-four and is thus called the eight number principle.

It is a way of human activity as explained in the chapter entitled '',4 - W A Dimension". The capacity of A dimension, as the subject, synchronizes with total universal vibration and the contents of the rhythm of each separate phenomenon which is grasped and made manifest as the unmaterialized world of spiritual phenomena. U nlike Amatu Kanagi, A dimension is not limited to time and space, it moves around freely.

In the order of Amatu Sugaso, however, I-WI dimension cannot be grasped, so that we cannot be clear about the contents of the spiritual phenomena of WA. For that reason, the subjective self, A, separates from the spiritual phenomena of W A. The existence of universal phenomena easily becomes the existence of God. Even when you have arrived at your final step of A dimension's universal spirit, you cannot be clear.

You can feel you are there but you cannot have a clear principle of why you are there. Not grasping. The subjective side watches the phenomena of the objective side but cannot, exactly grasp what is contained in the phenomena of W A - Wo- WU- WE. There is a separation between subject and object; we cannot consciously manifest what is contained in the half-mother side of self. This is the spiritual activity of A -0; there is a separation between the spiritual action of A -0 and the physical sense action of WU- WE.

A is the manifestation of the life will, I, as the light of life. Amatu Kanagi cannot recognize A -J manifesting U dimension; consciousness begins straight away with the manifestation of a posteriori five physical senses, the desires and action of WU. Your translations for interviews, etc for Drakengard 3 and Automata have helped out alot. Also, the upcoming strategy guide contains a short story by Yoko Taro too, but I wonder if it's the same one. Yeah, there will be two new novellas.

It should not be the same as this picture book, although it could be related storywise. This was a nice read : thank you. And this was really interesting. Thanks for posting that reference. It certainly seems like questions of the soul may be an important theme here. User Info: goodJT. This is gonna be important for the story later, isn't it? Funny how one detail can change many things.

This book explains Kototama, in its order, but it is my third attempt. For the salvation of all people — to get out of the hell-world of our own making, actual civilization — we must recapture this life principle and turn back again to our natural, original humanity. Salvation does not come from somewhere else.

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  • The Yoga of Life By Isamu Mochizuki.

It is we who must save ourselves, but we need the mirror with which to do it. To start with, I shall give an outline of the principle here, for those who are reading about it for the first time. Human life is the universe itself; this explanation of our life is the basic premise of the Kototama Principle. In ancient books, the explanation of the principle followed the order of dimensions, from a priori universe to its manifestation as human life and capacity; my explanation follows the same order.

The steps we take in search of our deeper self — of who is I Am and being utterly certain of it, must follow this order. It is impossible to find the final truth if the order is mistaken. Human life will and power, I-WI , act as eight motive vibrations; it is this action which later creates the human body. The eight motive vibrations synchronize with phenomena of a priori universe, catching the life rhythm as separate dimensions, grasping the universe as U-A-O-E , the for dimensions of mother sounds.

The energy of a priori U dimension manifests as the life rhythm of a posteriori capacity and that life rhythm, as sound, is double-U or WU. It is the fundamental life rhythm of the capacities of our five physical senses. Similarly, a priori A dimension manifests as the sound WA ; WA is the source rhythm of a posteriori capacity for spiritual action.

O dimension becomes WO , the capacity for storage or memory, the intelligence and knowledge of the a posteriori being. Without the mirror of the Kototama Principle, it is almost impossible to recognize the four seperate dimensions of self.