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Lord Byron: Selected Poetry

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In Our Time: Lord Byron ( BBC Radio 4 - 2011)

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John Henry Raleigh. Byron returned to Hints between writing the fifth and sixth cantos of Don Juan , and one key question is how his work on Hints affected the composition of Juan. This was also the point where Byron switched publishers. Indeed, Hunt is not mentioned at all in the two chapters devoted to Don Juan , both of which focus on the sections of the poem that he published, from vi forward. Chapters four and five then elaborate this argument through a close and careful reading of particular passages in Don Juan.

As Stabler later argues,. Beside the pleasure of contact with the richness of the text, we are also aware that the link might not have been made; we might have missed the turn and another route would have provided a different experience. This is why source hunting is not adequate to the texture of Don Juan : a catalogue of references cannot tell us what actually happens when digressive intertextuality encounters different readers or the same reader in a different reading.

The reading experience is contingent, the construction of meaning is contingent, and such contingencies are complicated by the way that Byron himself thematizes contingency.

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