Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics : from fundamental concepts to governing equations

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Heida, On the derivation of thermodynamically consistent boundary conditions for the Cahn—Hilliard—Navier—Stokes system. Heida, J. Herschel, R. Colloid Polym. Horgan, J.

Concept of Continuum in Thermodynamics

Murphy, Constitutive models for almost incompressible isotropic elastic rubber-like materials. Horgan, G. Saccomandi, Constitutive models for compressible nonlinearly elastic materials with limiting chain extensibility.

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Hron, K. Rajagopal, K. Huilgol, On the definition of pressure in rheology. Humphrey, K. Rajagopal, A constrained mixture model for growth and remodeling of soft tissues. Models Methods Appl. AIP Conf. Joule, On the existence of an equivalent relation between heat and the ordinary forms of mechanical power.

Joule, On the mechanical equivalent of heat. Karato, P.

Continuum mechanics and themodynamics

Wu, Rheology of the upper mantle: a synthesis. Science , — Karra, K. Rajagopal, Development of three dimensional constitutive theories based on lower dimensional experimental data. Rajagopal, A thermodynamic framework to develop rate-type models for fluids without instantaneous elasticity. Acta Mech. Rajagopal, Shear flows of a new class of power-law fluids.

Rajagopal, Mathematical issues concerning the Navier—Stokes equations and some of its generalizations, in Handbook of Differential Equations: Evolutionary Equations , ed. Dafermos, E. Feireisl, vol. Rajagopal, On the modeling of inhomogeneous incompressible fluid-like bodies. Rajagopal, Mathematical properties of the solutions to the equations governing the flow of fluids with pressure and shear rate dependent viscosities, in Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics , vol.

Friedlander, D. Serre Elsevier, Amsterdam, , pp. Rajagopal, Generalizations of the Navier—Stokes fluid from a new perspective. Non-Linear Mech. Pavement Eng. Malkin, A. Isayev, Rheology: Concepts, Methods and Applications , 2nd edn.

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Matsuhisa, R. Bird, Analytical and numerical solutions for laminar flow of the non-Newtonian Ellis fluid. AIChE J.

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Paris 6 , — Google Scholar. Noll, A mathematical theory of the mechanical behavior of continuous media. Oldroyd, On the formulation of rheological equations of state. Olmsted, Perspectives on shear banding in complex fluids. Pettit, E. Waddington, Ice flow at low deviatoric stress.

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  4. Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics.
  6. Rajagopal, On implicit constitutive relations for materials with fading memory. Rajagopal, On models for viscoelastic materials that are mechanically incompressible and thermally compressible or expansible and their Oberbeck—Boussinesq type approximations. Models Meth. Rajagopal, On implicit constitutive theories.

    Rajagopal, On implicit constitutive theories for fluids. Rajagopal, On a hierarchy of approximate models for flows of incompressible fluids through porous solids. Srinivasa, A thermodynamic frame work for rate type fluid models. Srinivasa, On thermomechanical restrictions of continua. A Math. Srinivasa, On the thermodynamics of fluids defined by implicit constitutive relations. Srinivasa, A Gibbs-potential-based formulation for obtaining the response functions for a class of viscoelastic materials. Rajagopal, L. Tao, Mechanics of Mixtures.

    Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, vol. Ree, T. Ree, H. Eyring, Relaxation theory of transport problems in condensed systems. Rivlin, J. Ericksen, Stress-deformation relations for isotropic materials. Seely, Non-newtonian viscosity of polybutadiene solutions.

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    Serrin, On the stability of viscous fluid motions. Sisko, The flow of lubricating greases. Squires, S. Quake, Microfluidics: fluid physics at the nanoliter scale. Tanner, K. Walters, Rheology: An Historical Perspective. Rheology Series, vol. Truesdell, W. Noll, The non-linear field theories of mechanics, in Handbuch der Physik , ed. Truesdell, K. Rajagopal, An introduction to the Mechanics of Fluids.

    Truesdell, R. Toupin, The classical field theories, in Handbuch der Physik , ed. Kinematics of deformation; 4. Mechanical conservation and balance laws; 5. Thermodynamics; 6.

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    Constitutive relations; 7. Boundary-value problems, energy principles and stability; 8. Universal equilibrium solutions; 9. Numerical solutions: the finite element method; Approximate solutions: reduction to the engineering theories; Further reading; Appendices; Index.

    Continuum mechanics

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