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Web Developer's Cookbook. All of this is in very early stages of development. Obviously, there are a bunch of big design questions that will come with this work.

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How do you use content from across the web to add fun and playability into a game? And how do you layer in the learning angle? We have plugins that make it easy to throw Twitter, Flickr or GoogleMaps into or around your video. We should do the same with games. Why does this matter? This is similar when we first started Popcorn, a time when the web was seen simply as a distribution channel for a black boxed video.

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We can do the same with games: to seed a whole new class of games that are actually designed from the ground up to work like the web , and that are more fun because of this. Rumour has it that Dan Mosedale , Alan Kligman , Bobby Richter and Rob Hawkes are going to be blogging about some of our plans in this area in coming days. So watch for that. Also, if you know other examples of hackable HTML5 games please let us know about them. We want to work with any and all people who are exploring this space.

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Another site you might be interested in is Play My Code. I am one of the co-founders and am in charge of the technical side.

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