Kawasaki. NINJA 650R, ER-6f ABS, ER-6f. Motorcycle Service Manual

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Ignition Switch 4. Water-proof Joint A 5. ECU Main Relay 7. Relay Box 8. Main Fuse 30 A 9. Battery The fuel pump will turn for 3 seconds, and then stop. Make sure the area is well-ventilated and free from any source of flame or sparks; Amount of Fuel Flow Standard: 60 mL or more for 3 seconds Such a shock to the pump can damage it. Engine Stop Switch 4. Ignition Switch 5. Ignition Fuse 10 A 6. Fuel Pump Relay 7. Put the grip end onto your ear, and listen whether the injector is clicking or not.

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If the pressure holds steady, the system is good. If the pressure drops at once or if bubbles are found in the area, the line is leaking. Replace the delivery pipe, injectors and related parts. Make sure the area is well-ventilated and free from any source of flame or sparks; this includes any appliance with a pilot light. Because of the danger or highly flammable liquids, do not use gasoline or low-flash point solvents to clean the tank. Al- though no adjustments are required, a thorough visual in- spection must be made at the intervals specified by the Pe- riodic Maintenance Chart.

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Turn the ignition switch OFF. Do not smoke. Coolant Flow Chart Special Tools Coolant Deterioration Inspection Coolant Level Inspection Coolant Draining Coolant Filling Pressure Testing Cooling System Flushing Water Pump When the engine starts, the water pump turns and the coolant circulates. The thermostat is a wax pellet type which opens or closes with coolant temperature changes. The thermostat continuously changes its valve opening to keep the coolant temperature at the proper level.

If whitish cotton-like wafts are observed, aluminum parts in the cooling system are corroded. When this accumulation is suspected or observed, flush the cool- ing system. If this accumulation is not removed, it will clog up the water passage and considerable reduce the effi- ciency of the cooling system. Torque - Water Pump Cover Bolts: 9. If any one of the parts is damaged, replace the mechani- cal seal as a unit.

Suspend an ac- curate thermometer [B] in the water so that the heat sen- sitive portions [C] are located in almost the same depth. Avoid sharp bending, kinking, flattening or twisting. Such a shock to the water temperature sensor can damage it. Exhaust System Exhaust Inlet 0. Camshaft Journal, Camshaft 0. Cap Clearance Inlet Cylinder, Pistons The push rod does not return to its original position once it moves out to take up camshaft chain slack.

Observe all the rules listed below: When removing the tensioner, do not take out the mounting bolts only halfway. Problem Diagnosis Remedy Action Cylinder compression Carbon accumulation on piston and in is higher than usable combustion chamber possibly due to Remove the carbon deposits range This valve seat cutter is developed to grind the valve for repair. Therefore the cutter must not be used for other purposes than seat repair.

Ninja 250 jet kit

Do not drop or shock the valve seat cutter, or the dia- mond particles may fall off. If the seat width is within the specified range, lap the valve to the seat as described below. The rings should fit perfectly parallel to groove surfaces. If not, replace the piston and all the piston rings. Set it close to the bottom of the cylinder, where cylinder wear is low. Wait until the muffler cool down. Special Tool and Sealant Clutch Lever and Cable Clutch Lever Free Play Inspection Clutch Lever Free Play Adjustment Clutch Cable Removal Clutch Cable Installation Clutch Cable Lubrication Clutch Lever Free Play — — — Clutch 2.

Friction Plate Thickness 2. Friction Plate Warp 0.

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Steel Plate Warp Page Clutch Cover Apply silicone sealant to the area [A] where the mating surface of the crankcase touches the clutch cover gasket and to the crankshaft sensor lead grommet [B]. If re- moved, the oil seal replacement may be required. Engine Oil Flow Chart Special Tools and Sealant Engine Oil and Oil Filter Oil Level Inspection Engine Oil Change Oil Filter Replacement Oil Pan Oil Pan Removal Engine Removal Engine Installation Engine Mounting Brackets 5. Collar S: Follow the specified tightening sequence. Crankcase Splitting TIR 0. Crankshaft Installation CAUTION If the crankshaft, bearing inserts, or crankcase halves are replaced with new ones, select the bear- ing inserts and check clearance with a plastigage press gauge before assembling engine to be sure the correct bearing inserts are installed.

If the measured crankpin diameters are not less than the service limit, but do not coincide with the original diameter markings on the crankshaft, make new marks on it. If the clearance exceeds the service limit, replace the crankcase halves as a set. Standard: Service Limit: If any journal has worn past the service limit, replace the crankshaft with a new one. If the measured journal diameters are not less than the service limit, but do not coincide with the original diameter markings on the crankshaft, make new marks on it.

2006 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 650R - ER6F Fairing Kit

If the measured journal diameters are not less than the service limit, but do not coincide with the original diameter markings on the balancer shaft, write new marks on it. If the lever or spring are damaged in any way, replace them. Torque - Shift Rod Plate Bolt: 9. Be sure that all parts are put back in the cor- rect sequence and all circlips and washers are properly in place. Collar 2. Washer 3. Nut 4. O-ring 5. Bearing 6. Spacer, 39 mm 1. Ball Bearing If the guide pin on any shift fork is less than the service limit, the fork must be replaced.

Removal may damage them. HG: Apply high-temperature grease. Radial TIR 0. Wheel Balance 10 g 0. If roughness or binding is found, replace the hub bearings. Page 30 g 1. An imbalance of less than 10 grams 0. Page Tire Repair Also, permanent internal repairs have the advantage of permitting a thorough examination for secondary damage not visible from external inspection of the tire.

For these reasons, Kawasaki does not recommend temporary exter- nal repair. Only appropriate permanent internal repairs are recommended. Repair methods may vary slightly from make to make. HO: Apply heavy oil. Link Pin Outside Diameter 5. Standard: Link Plates Outside Width Replace the caliper if the cylinder and piston are badly scores or rusty.

Brake Line Bleeding The brake fluid has a very low compression coefficient so that almost all the movement of the brake lever or pedal is transmitted directly to the caliper for braking action. Pump the brake lever until it becomes hard, and apply the brake and hold it [A]. Never reuse old brake fluid. Do not use fluid from a container that has been left unsealed or that has been open for a long time.

Page Anti-lock Brake System 1. Front Wheel Rotation Sensor 2. Front Wheel Rotation Sensor Rotor 3. Rear Wheel Rotation Sensor 4. Rear Wheel Rotation Sensor Rotor 5. ABS Hydraulic Unit 3. ABS Self-diagnosis Terminal 4. Front Wheel Rotation Sensor 6. Rear Wheel Rotation Sensor 7. ABS Motor Relay 9. Page 6. Unused 7. Unused 9. Unused If the indicator light lights, remedy the problem and clear the service code.

In addition, the nature of the fault is stored in the memory of the ABS hydraulic unit and when in the self-diagnosis mode, the ser- vice code [A] is indicated by the number of times the ABS indicator light LED blinks. If any wiring is poor, replace the damaged wiring. The service code memory is powered directly by the battery and cannot be canceled by the ignition switch.

If there is the continuity in the lead, replace the ABS hy- draulic unit. Incorrect the tire pressure. Tires not recommended for the motorcycle were installed incorrect tire size. Replace the ABS hydraulic unit if any of them are cracked, or otherwise damaged. Replace the wheel rotation sensor if it is cracked, bent, or otherwise damaged. If it is blown out, replace the fuse. Before replacing a blown fuse, always check the amperage in the affected circuit. G: Apply grease. R: Replacement Parts If the measured length is shorter than the service limit, the spring must be replaced.

If the free length of the replace- ment spring and that of the remaining spring vary greatly, the remaining spring should also be replaced in order to keep the fork legs balanced to ensure stability. Circlip [D] 25 mm 0. If the bearing play, roughness, or binding is found, replace the bearing. If the seal is torn or is leaking, replace the bearing.

EXB Models 5. L: Apply a non-permanent locking agent. Seat United States and Canada Models 4. EXB Models 6. If the frame is bent, dented, cracked, or warped, replace it. Air Switching Valve Rear Brake Light Switch 2. Alternator Battery 12 V 10 Ah Modifications; what would you like to do differently? Many of the mods you see here can be used on any of the Kawasaki Vulcan line of bikes; however, some are specific to the series. VROC is the Internet-based organization of folks who enjoy riding, customizing, and talking about their Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycles.

Unlike any other cruiser, the Vulcan S is geared to fit a wide range of riders. We build economical, high quality kits that just about anyone can install. Kawasaki Vulcan S. Neither were we at first. Is our Vulcan the perfect bobber? Spock used logic without emotion. It may also randomly appear in the Traveling Cart's stock for ,g.

Limited Time Sale Easy Return. The series 2 Vulcan featured a cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine similar in design to the What others are saying The motorcycle division of Yamaha was founded in , and was headed by Genichi Kawakami. Talks to your Kawasaki Dealership about getting the right fit for you on the Vulcan S.

See more words from the same year The Avro Vulcan is an iconic example of British aerospace engineering at its world-beating best. By Don Canet. They would strip all the unnecessary crap off there bikes, bob the rear fender the term bobber or chopper and ride into the sunset with there comrades. Specifications Finally I'm finished with the bike and ready to ride this season!

I'm still going to post more videos of me working on the bike and rides I'll go on. The driver's seat is We have been hand crafting Uncompromising American Motorcycles since From original Speed Twin-inspired designs and retro plane influences to outrageous fairings and modern paint jobs. Lots of work done and the bike runs, ides and looks great. Kawasaki photo. Moto Machines is an online motorcycle superstore offering an array of different motorcycle brands of accessories for your Kawasaki Vulcan S.

With capable torque, high rpm and generous lean angles, every ride on the Vulcan S motorcycle has the potential for excitement. Financing : We are partnered with 18 lenders that help us with any type of credit. Star Bolt R-Spec. I took it to a custom car and bike show recently and it seemed to draw alot of attention compared to the big dollar bikes that were there. Although it actually is simple to attribute the card company for suckering you into the viagra online order Where to get natural Viagra?

I am learning everyday, and this is what life is all about right! The custom motorcycle kits include all parts and require no welding. World's only custom float selector lets you pick the colors, sizes, quantities that you want. It's just a quick, simple and fun way to completely transform your bike into an old-fashioned school with a nostalgic hot rod.

Blue Collar Bobbers make economical, high quality kits that almost anyone can install.


The Vulcan S is an extremely adaptable cruiser that showcases adjustable positions for every rider. View our full range of Kawasaki Motorcycles online at bikesales. It stands apart, with its Parallel Twin engine, unique frame and suspension layout, and its very non-traditional looks. We soon realised that lots of other people wanted them too. I wish you wouldn't see other player's oversized bobbers. For four years we pursued our dream to open a craft brewery and taproom, refining our award winning beer recipes along the way.

It turns heads and I've received more compliments on it than any of my other HDs in the past that cost 5x more. Whitey Hudson has uploaded photos to Flickr. We work closely with our clients on every build. Find everything you need directly on LesPAC! Whether you want to sell or buy something over the term Bobber vulcan, think of LesPAC, the best classified ads site in Quebec to sell, buy or rent new or used items. First of all, I genuinely believe that in the Vulcan's case a five speed gearbox would have been sufficient.

For sale is a great condition kawasaki er6f a8f cc bike. Motorcycle Bodies and Frame Parts. For a first series, The Vulcan featured a cc liquid-cooled twin engine, and was fitted with a belt drive and six-speed transmission. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. In a nutshell more comfort for a longer ride!

But that's also the con. Thanks for all the support and positive feedback, ride safe! Unfollow vulcan bobber to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. We think Spock would say our Vulcan is the "Perfect Bobber". Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Another Picture of kawasaki vulcan bobber: Image Source: www. Take the Kawasaki Expert questionnaire to help guide you and decide the right bike for you. Tripp On Two Wheels 29, views. Darktuesday s vulcan bobber build register now seber customs kawasaki vn vulcan bobber build walk around first thing i did was replace the bars move front fender to rear put a solo seat on it and slash cut exhaust Explore Vulcan Bobber Project's photos on Flickr!

We'll also customize your bike with our Signature style. The Vulcan was Kawasaki's first cruiser and first V-twin engine, introduced in late as the model. If you're looking for a powerful and reliable metric cruiser, the Kawasaki Vulcan Custom might just be your bike. July 24, We are just a few guys who saw a bike we liked and could not find it anywhere.

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Calaméo - Kawasaki ER-6f, ER-6f ABS, NINJA R Workshop Repair Service Manual

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Kawasaki spectre 750 parts

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