Lincolns Journalist: John Hays Anonymous Writings for the Press, 1860 - 1864

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For the Hays children, being part of a stepfamily isn't just about talking frankly with others. It's about helping each other out during stressful times, says Joyce Hays, Bill's wife. The Hayses' union brought together two sets of stepsiblings who are about the same age: The couple has two seventh-graders and two ninth-graders.

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An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. It was nothing so wonderful for another time than this, but it was a first-class excuse for a laugh, and all three of us exploded as one. The whole floor had been as silent as a graveyard or a hospital, until this uproar broke up its Sunday stillness, and we did not know, or had forgotten, that anybody else was within hearing until:.

The story was as fresh, and was even better told that third time up to its first explosive place, but right there a quartette explosion went off. It was dying away, and Hay was about to go head, when:. There stood Old Edward [McManus] in the doorway, washing his hands and looking penitent, as if he hated to break in upon the apparently untimely, if not unseemly merriment.

Senator [Lyman] Trumbull, of Illinois is also out there, on some special errand or other. There was something all but ghastly in the manner of the death of that story. Through all the sunny, laughter-filled chambers of the Executive office poured thick and fast the gloom and glamour of the death in life that belonged to them. Hay was only a few years older than Mr. Historian Michael Burlingame has observed that the relationship between Mr.

Lincoln and Hay was that of father and son. Because he and John Nicolay both lived in the White House, Hay was privy to many insights in President Lincoln — many of which he recorded in letters or his diary. Whatever may be the impression entertained generally of the mental characteristics of Mr. Lincoln, one fact begins to be displayed most strikingly in every important act of his official career.

His strong common sense guards him from all extravagances, and his wonderful intuitive knowledge of the feeling and wish of the people is at once the cause and justification of the fullest public confidence. It is derived from many sources: his humble origin and early struggles — his daily intercourse with all classes in the laborious pursuit of his profession — his purity of purpose and earnest democracy of sentiment. With none of the ordinary arts of moulding public opinion, with no attention to newspapers as the organs of popular feeling, he is always inevitably en rapport with the mind of the country, and when he differs with the louder and more clamorous pretenders to popular leadership, you always hear the deep, low murmur of approval coming up cordial and truthful from the heart of the people.

It is this entire knowledge of, and harmony with the honest sentiment of the masses, that constitutes the liveliest hope for the future of his Administration. This difference of opinion as to a question of expediency between the President and the Secretary of War involves nothing of personal feeling and no collision whatever of administrative policy. The surest indication of harmony in the Cabinet is the perfect freedom of discussion and liberty of criticism that seems to prevail in their councils.

They are so entirely united and singled-hearted in the prosecution of this business to the end, that they are careless of seeming so. There has not been a period since the Fourth of March, when it was possible to predict how the Cabinet would divide upon any anticipated question of public policy. It deeply interests him now. He considers it the great question ever presented to practical statemanship. The Presdt. Biographical sketches of representative citizens of the state of New Hampshire. Francis Counties by Bobbie J.

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