Warriors: Power of Three #2: Dark River

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It had a lot of suspense and it seemed like this book was based around Jaypaw and Lionpaw.

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There is just one more thing I will tell you about the book. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Review This was an interesting book. There is a possible deadly friendship that could ruin 1 or 2 clans. But I cannot tell you anymore because otherwise I would give the whole book away.

Things get even more complicated when the WindClan apprentice, Breezepaw, joins them.

He seems a little too familiar with Heatherpaw for Lionpaw's liking. Lionpaw forgets about Heatherpaw, though, when RiverClan joins the Gathering.

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Leopardstar and all the members of her Clan do not look happy. Yet, when given the opportunity to share, Leopardstar says all is well.

What is going on? Heatherpaw suggests that she and Lionpaw meet in secret.

Dark River (Warriors: Power of Three Series #2) by Erin Hunter - MyLibraryCardWoreOut

She needs to discuss a plan she has with him. Hollypaw knows that Lionpaw is going somewhere in the night, but she doesn't know why.

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She's struggling with her own personal moral dilemma. There are new ShadowClan kits that are related to her. If ShadowClan and ThunderClan fight, will she have to battle her relatives?

Warrior Cats Quiz 2: Dark River

She knows that the warrior code dictates that she must be loyal to her Clan, but how can she actually hurt cats who share her own blood? Hollypaw is also worried about Lionpaw, who is sleepy and cross. Her brother is obviously hiding something, but when she goes to Jaypaw with her concerns, he won't even discuss it with her. And although he acknowledges that something is not right with RiverClan, he isn't helpful enough to help her puzzle it out. When he says he thinks he can find out at Moonpool, the gathering of medicine cats at half-moon, Hollypaw feels concerned.

Warriors: Power of Three #2: Dark River

Jaypaw, of course, just brushes off her worry. Hollypaw finds Lionpaw playing with Heatherpaw in the middle of the night. She threatens to tell Brambleclaw unless the meetings stop, since the warrior code states that the cats are not to mix with other Clans. Her hints about his disloyalty infuriate Lionpaw, causing a rift between the siblings.

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