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4:50 From Paddington

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Agatha Christie is the most widely published author of all time, outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare. Her books have sold more than a billion copies in English and another billion in a hundred foreign languages. She died in Sophie Hannah is the internationally bestselling author of nine psychological thrillers, which have b Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart.

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Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:. The complement of characters is completed by Bryan Eastley, Alexander's father; and Dr. Quimper, who looks after Luther's health and is secretly romantically involved with Emma. Lucy uses golf practice as an excuse to search the grounds. She eventually finds the woman's body hidden in a sarcophagus in the old stables amongst Luther's collection of dubious antiques.

But who is she? The police eventually identify the victim's clothing as being of French manufacture. Emma tells the police that she has received a letter claiming to be from Martine, a French girl whom her brother Edmund had wanted to marry. He had written about Martine and their impending marriage days before his death in the retreat to Dunkirk in The letter purporting to be from Martine claims that she was pregnant when Edmund died and that she now wishes their son to have all of the advantages to which his parentage should entitle him.

The police conclude that the body in the sarcophagus is that of Martine, but this proves not to be the case, when Lady Stoddart-West, mother of James Stoddart-West, a schoolfriend of Alexander's, reveals that she is Martine. Although she and Edmund had intended to marry, Edmund died before they could do so and she later married an SOE officer, settling in England.

The whole family takes ill suddenly and Alfred dies. Later, the curry made by Lucy on the fateful day is found to contain arsenic. Some days later, Harold, after returning home to London, receives a delivery of some tablets that appear to be the same as the sleeping pills prescribed to him by Dr Quimper, who had told him he need not take them any more.

They prove to be poisoned and Harold dies. One by one, the heirs to Josiah's fortune are being eliminated. Mrs McGillicuddy is instructed by Miss Marple to ask to use the lavatory as soon as they arrive, but is not told why.

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Miss Marple is eating a fish-paste sandwich when she suddenly begins to choke. It seems she has a fishbone stuck in her throat. Dr Quimper moves to assist her. Mrs McGillicuddy enters the room at that moment, sees the doctor's hands at Miss Marple's throat, and cries out, "But that's him — that's the man on the train! Miss Marple had correctly concluded that her friend would recognise the real murderer if she saw him again in a similar pose.

It transpires that the murdered woman had been married to Dr Quimper many years earlier. Being a devout Catholic, she refused to divorce him, so he decided to murder her so as to be free to marry Emma, thus inheriting Josiah's fortune, once he had eliminated the other heirs.

4 50 From Paddington Agatha Christie

This book has Miss Marple give voice to Agatha Christie's view on the death penalty when she remarks, "I am really very, very sorry that they have abolished capital punishment because I do feel that if there is anyone who ought to hang, it's Dr. One of these "temporary abolitions" happened in February but ended in July So, the death penalty had been in moratorium when Christie wrote 4. Philip John Stead's review in The Times Literary Supplement of 29 November , concluded, "Miss Christie never harrows her readers, being content to intrigue and amuse them.

The novel was reviewed in The Times edition of 5 December when it stated, "Mrs Christie's latest is a model detective story; one keeps turning back to verify clues, and not one is irrelevant or unfair. Fellow crime writer Anthony Berkeley Cox, writing under the nom de plume of Francis Iles, reviewed the novel in the 6 December issue of The Guardian , in which he confessed to being disappointed with the work: "I have only pity for those poor souls who cannot enjoy the sprightly stories of Agatha Christie; but though sprightliness is not the least of this remarkable writer's qualities, there is another that we look for in her, and that is detection: genuine, steady, logical detection, taking us step by step nearer to the heart of the mystery.

Unfortunately it is that quality that is missing in 4.

The police never seem to find out a single thing, and even Miss Marples sic lies low and say nuffin' to the point until the final dramatic exposure. Skip to main content. Find a Book Search. Advanced Search. By Agatha Christie. About the Author Agatha Christie is the most widely published author of all time, outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare. Even the experts have given up any attempts to out-guess Miss Christie.

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