Advances in Culture and Psychology, Volume 4

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Advances in Culture and Psychology: Volume 4 : Ying-Yi Hong :

Editors: Miller , Monica K. The latest entry in this noteworthy series continues its focus on psychological issues relating to legal and judicial matters, with sound recommendations for situational and system-wide improvement. Salient concerns are described both in areas where their existence is frequently acknowledged juror impartiality, the juvenile justice system and where they are rarely considered Miranda warnings, forensic mental health experts.

Authors describe differences between professional and lay concepts of justice principles--and the resulting disconnect between community sentiment and the law.

Handbook of Advances in Culture and Psychology (Vol. 5)

Throughout these chapters, psychological nuances and their legal implications are made clear as they relate to lawyers, jurors, suspects, and victims. As with the others in the series, this third volume of Advances in Psychology and Law will interest researchers in legal psychology and related disciplines e. He has edited 13 books , most of which have been with Springer, and has offered several other scholarly books. Selected pages Title Page. Table of Contents.

How Culture affects your Personality

Contents Understanding Human Diversity. Chapter 2 Economics Sex and the Emergence of Society. Socialization via Narrative in the Early Years.

Advances in Psychology and Law

Putting Culture Back Into the Ecosystem. At its heart, this book is an incisive, insightful collection of contributions which will surely guide and support those who seek to further the study of culture.

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by Hong, Ying-yi

Book Authors Journal Authors. Culture, Mind, and Society Free Preview. Underlines the commitment of psychological anthropologists to understanding human societies in the modern world Synthesizes a wide range of empirical research into overarching ideas about culture theory Is accessibly written and precise in its presentation see more benefits. admin