Advertising and Consumer Citizenship: Gender, Images and Rights (Transformations)

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Michael works with different media to produce theoretical texts regarding civil protection and participatory politics. David has researched and published on contemporary antisemitism, crimes against humanity and totalitarianism. An urban sociologist and ethnographer, Emma explores the relationship between belonging, place and urban change. Caroline writes about migration and circulations of material objects and the social forces constituting globalisation in cities. Jamie is a political sociologist whose research explores contemporary social movements and forms of popular protest.

Advertising and Consumer Citizenship: Gender, Images and Rights - CRC Press Book

Monk is a black Labrador. He has accompanied Mariam Motamedi-Fraser to Goldsmiths since September , when he was seven months old. Kate works on cultural politics - how does meaning-making establish and challenge more or less unequal, violent social orders. Sevasti-Melissa is an ethnographer with a background in social psychology, linguistics, and philosophy. Nirmal's research is in space and politics, with respect to bodies, race and gender.

She has been leading the field in creative methods, especially through curating spaces. Alex is an urban sociologist, focussed on the relationship between multi-sensory experiences of cities and histories of change. Evelyn is a data sociologist, focussing on how different socio-technical devices organise and constitute populations. Monica works in the fields of cultural identity, European cultural policies and cultural politics in city settings.

Brett's interests crystallise into three areas: race and ethnicity, post-colonial intellectualism and racism in sport. What are you looking for? Main menu.

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