Energy to 2050: Scenario for a Sustainable Future

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From Local Loops to Global Champions: Scenarios for Sustainable Lifestyles 2050

We examine both stationary and mobile energy demand, including electricity for oil and natural gas production. The case describes a reference scenario for energy demand development as well as several scenarios building on alternative assumptions or developments such as population growth, industrial development or political instruments. The research conducted in this user case forms an important component for the design of more general CenSES scenarios which also include energy production and various political instruments and will be utilised by both researchers and user partners in their work.

As opposed to most other European countries, Norway has no official, public energy projection. CenSES has therefore developed an energy projection towards , with openness to data and detailed discussions of parameters and resulting energy demand. It is not a prediction, but a projection, with assumptions based on discussions among the CenSES partners.

The objective is to have a platform for further analyses within CenSES and other interested users, where assumptions can be openly presented. The intention is to develop alternative paths based on future discussions, as a way of improving the knowledge of how to achieve a sustainable future energy system. Technologies can and must play an integral role in transforming the energy system.

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The edition of Energy Technology Perspectives ETP shows clearly that a technological transformation of the energy system is still possible, despite current. With this book, the IEA explores a longer time horizon using two types of long-term scenarios: "exploratory scenarios" and "normative scenarios". Exploratory scenarios are based on the correct identification of a few.

Renewable Electricity Futures Study

With an expanding population and world economy powered by oil, coal and gas, fossil fuels have become a large part of our daily lives. But this has come at a price: greenhouse gas emissions, which adversely affect our climate.

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By the world is living within its ecological limits. What role did business, government and civil society play in achieving this outcome? As a result, an economic shift in gravity away from OECD. The global transition has begun—a planetary society will take shape over the coming decades.

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But its outcome is in question. Current trends set the direction of departure for the journey, not its destination. admin