Fighter: The True Story of the Battle of Britain

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July 10, at am. Hitler had just annexed Austria in the Anschluss. Winston Churchill inspects bomb damage caused by Luftwaffe night raids in Ramsgate, Kent, on 28 August Eight days previously he had delivered his famous speech in parliament.

Spitfires Engage Messerschmitts in "The Battle of Britain" 1969

Photo by Capt. Ancient Greece. Your guide to the battle of Thermopylae. General Modern.

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Book now. More on: United Kingdom. You may like. Second World War. The Battle of Britain: a brilliant triumph that involved far more than just the chosen few. WW2 10 of the most important Second World War dates. Great Britain was in trouble.

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The soldiers rescued from Dunkirk were exhausted by their ordeal. Worse, most of their heavy armaments lay abandoned and rusting on the French beaches. After a short rest, the Germans began air attacks in early summer designed to seize mastery of the skies over England in preparation for invasion.

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All that stood between the British and defeat was a small force of RAF pilots outnumbered in the air by four to one. Day after day the Germans sent armadas of bombers and fighters over England hoping to lure the RAF into battle and annihilate the defenders. Overall the Squadron scored nearly three times the number of kills of the average British fighter squadron with one third the casualty rate.

New Film Tells True Story Of Battle Of Britain Squadron

In fact, the Polish record was so impressive that Stanley Vincent, the RAF commander of the base at Northolt, took it upon himself to verify their claims. Richard Cobb relates how one Polish pilot who had been shot down over the South of England was invited to join a longstanding Sunday afternoon doubles tennis match when the fourth partner failed to materialize. Another pilot came down in a south London back garden and fell at the feet of a girl, whom he married two months later.

Yet at the end of the war Polish troops were not allowed to participate in the Allied Victory Parade so as not to aggravate Joseph Stalin.

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Brexiteers or not, we should all be grateful for the sacrifice made by so few for so many. Prior to Columbia he graduated from Cambridge with a B. A in French and Russian. Did Ian Fleming base his action hero James Bond on Lionel Buster Crabb, a war hero turned British spy whose disappearance has never been properly explained….

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