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The author Tom Venuto is a certified strength and conditioning specialist apart from being a natural bodybuilding champion. That may be reason he was able to create such a marvelous guide for all those who are suffering from weight problems. Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle contains pages of solid information on how to maintain your body in a healthy way.

Various tips and strategies are given on how to burn the excess fat and turn it into lean muscle. In reality, these are techniques actually followed by professional body builders.

Tom Venuto Debunks The Bodybuilding Myth of Stubborn Body Fat

But the information provided is in a simple manner so that even commoners can follow them easily. Another peculiarity of the book is that complete sections are dedicated to elaborate the keys that are needed to achieve success with the program. Burn The Fat diet is highly useful for those who want to find ultimate solution to their weight problems and remain healthy. The guidance provided by Burn The Fat not only help to reduce weight but also to maintain it through a healthy life style.

Without enough new bone growth, the old bone becomes porous and weak, which can lead to fractures later in life. By the time you turn 30, bone breakdown outpaces new bone growth, setting the stage for the beginning of osteoporosis. You already know to incorporate calcium-rich foods in your diet. By Tom Venuto www.

Complete Lose Weight Guidance According To Burn The Fat Review

This includes suggestions such as:. I too believe that eating lightly at night is usually very solid advice for people seeking increased fat loss, especially for people who are inactive at night.

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Opinions on this subject are definitely mixed. What we do know for certain is that the law of energy balance is with us at all hours of the day — and that bears some deeper consideration when you realize that we expend the least energy when we are sleeping and many people spend the entire evening watching TV.

I had the privilege of interviewing sports nutritionist and dietician Dan Benardot, PhD, and he gave us a very interesting perspective on this.

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Benardot said that thinking in terms of 24 hour energy balance may be a seriously flawed and outdated concept. He says that the old model of energy balance looks at calories in versus calories out in 24 hour units. I first heard this concept suggested by Dr.

Fred Hatfield about 15 years ago. Hatfield explained how and why you should be thinking ahead to the next three hours and adjusting your energy intake accordingly. Therefore, nightime is the period during which the least energy is being expended. The result is increased likelihood of fat storage. From the within day energy balance perspective, the advice to eat less at night makes complete sense. Of course it also suggests that if you train at night, then you should eat more at night to support that activity beforehand and to support recovery afterwards. Try this test or not! Now compare that to the SAME calorie diet with 6 small meals of approximately calories per meal and then tweak those meal sizes a bit so that you eat a little more before and after your workout and a little less later at night.

Both are calories per day. But will they? This has its uses, as in calculating a daily calorie intake level for menu planning purposes. Ok, but enough about calories, what about the individual macronutrients? Is there anything to it? Should I eat at night? Cortisol, a catabolic hormone, is highest at night. As a result of advice like this, word got out in the bodybuilding and fitness community that you should eat fewer carbs at night.

He says that exercisers and athletes in particular, usually have excellent glycemic control, so the ratio of macronutrients should not be as much of an issue as the total energy balance in relation to energy needs at a particular time and the meal frequency eating every 3 hours. Many programs suggest a specific time when you should eat your last meal of the day. A more personalized suggestion is to cut off food intake 3 hours before bedtime, if practical and possible. An important rule to remember in all cases, is that whatever is working, keep doing more of it.

If you eat your largest meal before bed and lose fat anyway, I would never tell you to change that. Results are what counts. Night time eating is likely to remain a subject of debate — especially the part about whether carbs should be targeted for removal in evening meals.

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  5. However, perhaps even those who are skeptical can consider, that if cutting out carbs at night is effective for fat loss, it may be for the simple reason that it forces you to eat less automatically. Me personally? Tom is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and fat loss expert who achieved an astonishing 3. So the rule is: eat every hours. And make sure your meals are meals. Are there risks in using this technique in an attempt to accelerate the fat loss? Yes, absolutely.

    Cortisol is higher in the morning, so you are more catabolic , and you might lose muscle.

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    Does that mean there are no benefits and you should never use this technique? Not necessarily. No, it only increases the possibility. The truth is, the value of each technique depends very much on the context. If the athlete shows up after the off season carrying some undesired body fat, that weight can easily be shed with strength training and nutrition.

    Foods That Burn Fat – The Top 10 Lists « Burn The Fat Blog – Tom Venuto.

    Combine that with energy expended from practice time, and no aerobics are necessary. Bad or worthless when? How much? How intense? What kind? Under what circumstances? And for whom?