Gender, Health and Ageing: European Perspectives on Life Course, Health Issues and Social Challenges

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Cognitive abilities of women after midlife may be affected by the gender-role attitudes in their countries of residence, indicates this new study based on SHARE data. SHARE-based study shows that co-residing with adult children may result in reduced levels of depressive symptom. New study discusses how an individual's past influences their risk of an untimely death. Preventing chronic diseases through minor physical activity more effective than previously assumed.

Researchers argue that health consequences of work stress should be analysed in a life-course perspective. Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe. Twitter Facebook. Intranet Login. Username Password. Selected findings from SHARE First Results Books: A vicious circle — bad health leads to social exclusion leads to bad health: The impact of health problems affecting social interaction — such as, e.

Conversely, feelings of being left out as well as actual social isolation can become a source of depression. SHARE based findings now support the notion of social exclusion acting as a pathway through which hypoacusia may affect mental health.

Majors and Minors

Access to health insurance is fundamental: Inadequate access and the lack of insurance coverage are particularly often found in poorer countries with low healthcare expenditures as well as in countries with large income disparities. But there is also a clear socio-economic gradient in health insurance coverage and access to care within almost all countries, reinforcing social inequalities in health status. Long-term care — a public task: In countries where the welfare state attends to the organization of long-term care , long-term care needs are generally better met than in countries where it is mainly the responsibility of the family.

Unmet need for long-term care is, in turn, associated with material and social deprivation: The more deprived people are, the more they are in need for long-term care, and the more these needs remain unmet. Even in Central and Northern European countries where governments are involved in long term care, families remain essential in complementing the welfare state, including for the most severely deprived.

Southern Europe - greater longevity, despite illness: Although people in southern Europe live longer, Northern Europeans are healthier and richer. When looking at cross-country differences in general health, we find that the Danes, followed by the Swedes and Swiss, are the most satisfied: only 40 per cent believe that they are not in the very best of health, and the share of those who regard themselves as in poor or very bad health is even as low as ten per cent. Physical health problems are closely related to age throughout Europe.

Disorders such as cataracts are experienced five times more often by the oldest-old , that is those aged 80 or over, than by people in the age group. Differences in late-life loneliness: A comparison between Turkish and native-born older adults in Germany. Seeking access to long-term care: legal consciousness of Dutch retirement migrants on the Costa Blanca. Seonggee Transnational aging: A young field of research.

Democratization of ageing: Also a reality for elderly immigrants? European Journal of Social Work 15 1 : Active ageing and immigrant elders: A possible relation? Exploring the case of Switzerland. Social work, older people and migration: an overview of the situation in Sweden. Lawrence Vuille, M. Hirsch Durrett Professional stances and personal values in the realm of transnational family reunification with older parents: Social work practice in an emerging field.

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Balkir Maintaining dual residences to manage risks in later life: A comparison of two groups of older migrants. In: V. Current Insights and Future Challenges pp. New York and London: Routledge. Is there a way back? A state-of-the-art review of the literature on retirement return migration. In: U. Transforming conceptions of care at home: Ageing Moroccan and Peruvian migrants in Spain.

In: K. Witter Pendular migration of the older first generation in Europe: Misconceptions and nuances. Social work, older people and migration: An overview of the situation in Sweden.

SHARE - Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe -

In: S. Migration regimes and family-related transnational activities of older Peruvians in Spain and the United States. Envejecimiento transnacional — Perspectivas para el trabajo social. In: J. Reutlinger eds. Schweppe, D. Hollstein Emotional or instrumental? Narratives of home among North and West African seniors in France. Thiersch Hrsg. Weinheim: Beltz Juventa. Afterword: Many ageing, multiple migrations, and ambiguous homes. King R. Vullnetari, A. Contrasts in ageing and agency in family migratory contexts: A comparison of Albanian and Latvian older migrants.

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A life-course approach to health: synergy with sustainable development goals

Zubair Expectations of care and support in old age by Bangladeshi and Pakistani elders. Ahmet, A. Understanding definitions and experiences of care and caring among Hindu and Muslim older people: The role of ethnicity and religion. In: T. Inhjelm ed. London: Bloomsbury. Balkir, C. A comparison of residence, social security and citizenship strategies of Turkish return migrants and Dutch retirement migrants in Turkey.

In: A. Istanbul: Isis Press. Carnein, M.

Bulletin of the World Health Organization

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  • Gender, Health and Ageing.
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    6 ways that Gender affects Health

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    Volume 28 Issue suppl_4 | European Journal of Public Health | Oxford Academic

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