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Problem of area by Integration method. Geometrical interpretation and their properties. Rules for finding the particular Integral, Simple Problems. Main Site Home.

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Guidelines for New Institutes. Question Bank. Official Letters. Related Sites. Vector Algebra and Statics 3. Differential Equations 4.

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  4. Objectives By covering the course in Engineering Mathematics - II , the students will be able to: Know the basics of Differential and Integral Calculus, the meaning of limit, continuity and derivative of a single variable and their applications to engineering problems, the various methods of integration, how to solve simple ordinary differential equation of 1st and 2nd order, the concept of Vector Algebra, how to apply concepts of Vector Algebra to Statics, how to apply the concepts of Differential and Integral Calculus in solving the problems of Dynamics.

    Dynamics via Calculus.

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    Limits: Definition, fundamental Theorem, important formulas and its important deductions, Simple problems. Continuity of a Function: Left hand limit and Right hand limit. Successive Differentiation: Definition and Notations, the nth derivatives of some special functions. Partial Differentiation: Idea of a partial differentiation, partial derivatives, successive partial derivatives, Euler's Theorem on Homogeneous Functions, Partial Differentiation of Implicit Functions, Total Differential. Integration: Integration as inverse process of differentiation, Introduction, Integration by transformation, Integration by Substitution and Integration by parts.

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    The Definite Integral: Properties of the definite integral. Introduction to Vectors: Definition of Scalars and Vectors with example, Representation of a vector, type of vectors Unit vector, Zero vector, negative of a vector and Equality of vectors , Addition and Substraction of vectors, Multiplication of vectors by a scalar. Position vector: Position vector of a Point Resolution of vectors coplanar vectors and space vectors : Point of Division, Centroid of triangle.


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