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Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out. An Analysis Method of Safety Requirements for Automotive Software Systems Abstract: Safety requirements have been critical to the automotive software systems, and various advanced driving assistance systems and automated emergency braking systems have been developed with complex software systems. In this article, we propose a modeling and quantitative analysis method of safety requirements which integrates the safety patterns, extended misuse case analysis and evaluation method based on the Bayesian networks.

In automotive software systems, the threats to the safety include not only external factors from outside the automobile, but also internal factors such as a driver's erroneous operation. The proposed method enables to analyze both internal and external factors of the system as the hazards to the safety of the systems.

First, we define safety a set of patterns as a pair of a cause and the mitigation use cases in order to prevent hazards. With the safety patterns, we can identify a set of mitigation points.

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Then, we analyze extended misuse cases, which enables to identify hazards to the system failures, and mitigation use cases from the misuse case scenarios. These tools are applied to both hardware and software elements of the system in question. Please note that not all of the generic below sections have mature content at this time.

System safety engineering focuses on identifying hazards, their causal factors, and predicting the resultant severity and probability. The ultimate goal of the process is to reduce or eliminate the severity and probability of the identified hazards, and to minimize risk and severity where the hazards cannot be eliminated.

While Systems safety engineering attempt to minimize safety issues throughout the planning and design of systems, mishaps do occur from combinations of unlikely hazards with minimal probabilities. As a result, safety engineering is often performed in reaction to adverse events after deployment. For example, many improvements in aircraft safety come about as a result of recommendations by the National Air Traffic Safety Board based on accident investigations.

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Failure to identify risks to safety, and the according inability to address or "control" these risks, can result in massive costs, both human and economic Roland and Moriarty System Safety specialists are typically responsible for ensuring system safety. System safety is an inherent element of system design and is essential to supporting system requirements.

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Successful system safety efforts depend on clearly defined safety objectives and system requirements. System safety must be a planned, integrated, comprehensive effort employing both engineering and management resources. Safety personnel are responsible for the integration of system safety requirements, principles, procedures, and processes into the program and into lower system design levels to ensure a safe and effective interface.

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Increasingly, safety reviews are being recognized as an important risk management tool. Table 1 provides additional information on safety.

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Table 1. Standard practice for System Safety. Roland, H.

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