Velocity Instant Fluency: The Ultimate System for Fast Fluency in any Language

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After Installation Qualification, default carriers and labware can immediately be used in methods. Need to control that special device? FluentControl is ready for that too. Any SiLA-ready device can be controlled by default. Tecan has an extensive driver library available for other modules, too.

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Contact your local Tecan sales representative to learn more. Multi-level user management allows bespoke control of access to protocols and software features. With three default user levels — operator, application specialist and administrator — plus the ability to define custom roles, this is ideal for busy, multi-user labs. This ensures that only approved and validated protocols are used for day-to-day activities, while providing application specialists with the ability to create and test new automation workflows.

Traceability is crucial for regulated laboratories and clinical activities. A detailed, secure and audit-ready log of all actions for each sample is generated, which can be automatically uploaded to your LIMS. Each file has a checksum to guarantee data integrity, and an optional electronic signatures function provides a detailed record of any changes made. For maximum process security, this feature can also be used to handle processing errors, requiring the user to approve any run that has been completed with errors or warnings.

The Fluent Gx Assurance Software offers advanced features to streamline regulatory activities, helping laboratories to demonstrate compliance with minimal manual input. The Compliance Checker provides rapid, fully automated verification of the integrity of all executable software components — meeting the needs of GMP facilities and supplementing existing cybersecurity measures — while the Data Audit Tool performs a similar function for electronic records, ensuring data integrity.

Histone acetylation and deacetylation play an important role in the regulation of gene expression. This condenses the DNA structure, preventing transcription. Conversely, acetylation neutralizes the positive charges on the histones by changing amines into amides, decreasing their ability to bind DNA.

This decreased binding allows chromatin expansion, permitting genetic transcription to take place. They are grouped into four classes according to their homology to yeast proteins. Due to the involvement of HDACs in various diseases and cancer development, there is now significant interest in selective HDAC inhibitors as potential therapeutic agents.

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The ability to carry out cell-based G-Protein coupled receptor GPCR assays in high throughput is a key part of the drug discovery process. This increased processing speed and capacity over current solutions, combined with extremely efficient use of laboratory space, makes this a superior system for cell-based assays.

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The NCI panel represents a wide diversity of common cancer-types and it is one of the most important tools in modern drug discovery for the identification of new anti-cancer compounds. Although, the cell lines are commonly used in phenotypic assays for monitoring cell growth and survival, when combined with bioinformatics tools such as the NCI COMPARE database, NCI panel data can also provide a preliminary indication of the potential mechanisms of action for novel compounds. Hits showing growth inhibition or cytotoxic properties are profiled in dose response format over multiple cell lines to establish compound potency and selectivity.

Epigenetics has played an important role in drug discovery for many years, but its importance has grown significantly recently due to the role epigenetic modifications can play in cancer and stem cell differentiation. Methylation is the principal epigenetic modification of DNA and of proteins known as histones, which package DNA into chromatin inside a cell.

Epigenetic modifications define how genetic information is read and used by cells and, through cell divisions, these epigenetic changes may last for the duration of the cell's life. They may also last for multiple generations, even though they do not involve changes in the underlying DNA sequence of the organism. Epigenetic modifications can therefore be inherited, and are influenced by environmental factors, some of which can induce epigenetic signaling that may contribute to biological processes such as aging. The Cisbio EPIgeneous cell-based assays enable direct measurement of methylation, demethylation, and total proteins on both adherent and suspension cells.

Tecan has re-invented automation with Fluent, a unique instrumentation concept built around the applicationspecific needs of your lab. Fluent breaks new ground, delivering more capacity and increased speed. Users intuitively know what to do next. Fluent was designed and built to increase throughput and productivity, enabling laboratories to get more done in less time — and less space. Discover an instrument that speaks the language of your laboratory, making compound management more simple, efficient… and fluent.

Seamless integration of cell-based assay technologies streamlines your workfl ows and simplifi es your laboratory life. This innovative solution offers superior precision, higher throughput and longer walkaway times. Get more done in less time, with greater confidence. Speed and throughput seem like logical reasons to acquire an automated liquid handling system but, for many users, the consistency of results is an even more valuable asset. An unobtrusive, barely noticed feature — liquid level detection — plays a critical role in ensuring the reliability and consistency of the pipetting processes, but not all liquid level sensing technologies are created equal.

Minimizing the dead volume not only presents substantial reagent and sample cost savings, it can also result in more assays per unit volume, further decreasing labor costs and allowing more data per cycle. Molecular diagnostics Cytogenetics Molecular genetics Analytical chemistry Positive pressure workstations Smart extraction consumables Dilute and shoot Liquid-liquid extraction Immunodiagnostics Semi-automated immunoassay workflows Integrated immunoassay solutions Absorbance integrated Chemiluminescence integrated Software Literature Automated Immunoassays — ready to use.

Molecular diagnostics Immunodiagnostics Tissue diagnostics Mass spectrometry diagnostics Applied markets. Are you working in a regulated environment? Laboratory Automation Workstation Fluent breaks new ground, delivering high capacity and outstanding speed. Your applications are our inspiration Fluent was designed to meet the needs of various life science workflows, such as high throughput genomics, by combining high precision liquid handling - down to nl - with straightforward set-up of normalization, sample transfer and reagent distribution using Smart Commands.

Fluent highlights. Increase productivity and extend walkaway time Fluent is designed to increase throughput and productivity, fitting more functionality into less space. Show more. Increase walkaway time With its exceptional deck capacity and below deck arm access, Fluent can accommodate 6 microplates or tip boxes in the depth, single or stacked, and multiple devices without expanding its footprint. Fast and streamlined workflows Three independent, task-specific arms move in parallel to simultaneously and efficiently automate methods. Enhanced productivity with Tecan consumables Tecan offers a broad portfolio of high quality consumables — from disposable tips to troughs — in Tecan Standard, Tecan Pure and Tecan Sterile purity levels.

Read More. Easy to use — every day, for every operator Combining intuitive operation with the flexibility to deal with the day-to-day challenges faced by life science laboratories, Fluent fits seamlessly into your workflows, guiding the operator through protocol and worktable set-up. Exceptional ease of use Built-in touchscreen interface guides users through daily tasks for fast, consistent operation. High performance pipetting Fluent offers exceptional liquid handling performance, with the option of either air- or liquid-displacement to match the requirements of your application.

Choice of powerful liquid handling technologies By offering a choice of both air- and liquid-displacement pipetting technologies, the Flexible Channel Arm provides outstanding flexibility to suit the needs of your laboratory workflow. Multiple Channel Arm head adapter swap The Fluent Multiple Channel Arm has pipetting channels that can change on-the-fly between and 96 well formats, each of which offer combinations of row, column and quadrant tip handling formats.

Up to 16 individual pipetting channels The Fluent offers the possibility to use the power of 16 pipetting channels — 8 channels on each of 2 Flexible Channel Arms give access to a massive volume range and choice to use fixed and disposable pipetting tips. Complete user confidence with enhanced process security Built-in SOPs, advanced in-process monitoring, labware identification and multi-level operator security ensure that each and every run on the Fluent is performed exactly the same, ensuring consistent, high quality results.

Third-party device integration FluentControl offers straightforward integration of third-party devices, with an ever-increasing library of drivers — including support of SiLA devices — and Zero-G one-touch teaching to simplify setup. Add simple plate moves with the FCA Gripper The Flexible Channel Arm Gripper option performs simple microplate moves within the worktable area, linking pipetting sequences together to enhance walk away time. Laboratory automation solution for cell-based assays With a broad range of features specifically designed to optimize the performance of cell-based and biochemical assays, Fluent enhances throughput, streamlines workflows and delivers precise and reliable results.

The simple way to take the complexity out of cell biology research Watch how the seamless integration of cell-based assay technologies streamlines your workflows and simplifies your laboratory life. Accelerating your investigations.

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Cellular health Cytotoxicity, viability, proliferation and apoptosis studies. Screening for selective histone deacetylase inhibitors. Easy automation for cell-based assays on the FluentTM laboratory automation solution. Compound profiling for anti-cancer activity using the NCI cell lines. Easy automation of cell-based assays on the FluentTM laboratory automation solution. Easy automation of complex, two-plate protocol on the FluentTM laboratory automation solution.

A fluorogenic assay for identification of coagulation factor IIa inhibitors- screening for stroke treatment. Easy automation of a biochemical assay on the FluentTM laboratory automation solution. High density screening: Cytochrome P compound profiling. Fluent videos. You look up the meaning and then create a new flash card in Anki.

The next today, the flash card pops up and you review it. What you are learning now is more incremental and takes longer for everything to click in your mind. To overcome the dip, you need to trust the process and be disciplined when it comes to the learning formula. Your teacher can really help you stay motivated by creating a plan that guides you to new things you should learn and older concepts you should be reviewing, as well as giving you feedback on what you are doing well and what you need to improve on. So, how long does it take to learn Spanish using this road map?

Maybe some people can, but most of us lead busy lives, with jobs, families and other responsibilities competing for our time. If you are learning with a Spanish teacher Option 2 , I believe that you can go from zero to conversationally fluent in 8 — 12 months using the methods in this road map. This timeframe is just an estimate, because obviously everyone learns at a different pace. If you decide to go at it alone Option 1 , it will take a lot longer. The process should be as enjoyable as the end goal.

Feel free to reach out to me at chi verbalicity. Trying to figure out the best way to learn Spanish? This all-encompassing guide contains everything you need to know about learning Spanish as a beginner. The minute a day method that will make sure you never forget anything again The best way to practice speaking in Spanish How to go from zero to conversationally fluent faster than you ever thought possible …and much, much more. This guide is organized into three parts:. Which ones are effective and which ones are a total waste of time? Software and apps Passive listening Speaking practice.

A stage-by-stage roadmap that you can follow to go from zero to conversational Stage 1: Introduction Stage 2: Beginner Stage 3: Intermediate. Why do you want to learn Spanish? Does this mean you can drive now? Heck no! Languages are the same way. In order to learn a language, you have to speak it. Listening and speaking really go hand in hand. This principle is absolutely huge when it comes to the best way to learn Spanish, and it has two major applications: 1. Learning Methods It seems like there are a million ways to learn Spanish these days, between traditional methods like textbooks, to endless online resources.

Which methods work and which ones should you throw out the window? Take a second and think of all the people you know who learned Spanish or any second language. Did any of them become fluent by learning from an app? Is an app really the best way to learn Spanish? The verdict? Just check out their top review on Amazon:. If you want to try this out, there are two apps that I recommend:. Pros: Reviewing cards is extremely simple and straightforward Very easy to write your own cards, can be done on the fly Plenty of customization options, and user-written decks to download although not as many as Memrise.

Pros: More variety for reviewing cards fill-in-blanks, audio recordings etc. Offers a little bit of gamification rewards, reminders to keep you motivated Big library of card decks written by other people, and community of users.

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There is a big advantage to doing this, which you can see from the following steps: When using pre-written flash cards You see a new word for the first time in your app and then review the word until you remember it. You associate the word with a real-life situation. Your review the word until you remember it.

Can you learn Spanish by just watching TV and listening to the radio? Examples of passive listening include: Audio courses Radio and podcasts Movies and TV shows The idea of passive listening sounds good on paper. Now, many people will have a couple of objections to this: 1. I thought passive listening is how babies learn languages? Speak with people you know Maybe you have friends who are native Spanish speakers, or maybe you are dating or married to one! Practicing with people you know can be less intimidating than with a stranger, and as a result, you might be more willing to open up and speak although for some people it has the opposite effect.

They know you, they like you, so they will probably be very supportive and patient with you. Cons You may not know anyone in your immediate circle of friends and family who speak Spanish. People have deeply ingrained habits. Once a relationship is established, it is really hard to change the language of communication. Trying to practice Spanish with friends and family can be frustrating. You get to meet new people in your area who are learning Spanish just like you.

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If you need an explanation for a grammar concept, chances are someone in the group knows and can explain it to you. Not great for shy people. Speaking in a group of people can be pretty intimidating. Everyone is at different levels of fluency, so you could find yourself talking to someone who is way more advanced than you are, and you may end up boring them. You get much better value out of meetups if you are already somewhat conversational. Language Exchanges The basic idea is to find a Spanish native speaker who is trying to learn English.

You can get exposure to a lot of different people who come from different Spanish speaking countries and with different backgrounds Cons Can be very consuming to find the right partner kind of like dating. It can take a lot of trial and error. Professional Spanish Teachers These days it is far more convenient to find a Spanish teacher online, which believe it or not, can be even more interactive than being face-to-face. Pros A good teacher is like having your own coach or personal trainer.

They want you to succeed, and they are there to support you, offer motivation and advice. It is much easier to learn Spanish when someone is there to hold you accountable. A teacher is a trained professional. They have comprehensive knowledge of both Spanish and English grammar. So they can explain to you the difference between the two, and provide a lot of useful examples to help you understand difficult concepts.

Teachers know how to correct you when you make a mistake, but not so often as to interrupt the flow of conversation.

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Talking to a teacher just feels natural. A teacher can quickly figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and come up with a learning plan to address them. They will design a customized curriculum for you, based on your learning goals and interests. This ensures that whatever they teach will be very meaningful to you.

While a good chunk of your time is spent having conversations, your teacher will introduce exercises that cover all language skills, including pronunciation, reading, writing, and listening. Cons Just like language exchange partners, it can take some trial and error to find the right teacher. You can waste hours scrolling through teacher profiles which all seem to have 5-star ratings , only to be disappointed with the one you chose. This stage is for absolute beginners. If you already have some knowledge of Spanish or are used to hearing it, then you can skip to the next stage.

Objective: The idea is to get a brief introduction to Spanish, with the goal of familiarizing yourself with: What spoken Spanish sounds like How it feels to pronounce Spanish words A few basic phrases This helps you acclimatize to learning a new language, and gets you used to listening and speaking right away. How to do it: Start with a free audio course or one of the popular apps. Tip for this Stage: Focus on pronunciation Try to get your pronunciation right from the very beginning.

Confront the most obvious. She made a humorous face then laughed.

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Encharts are the most important sentence-building platforms that mix phrases and words of their logical order to speak advanced rules. Encharts are in response to a collection of common communique wishes. This, in reality, is the one factor that separates a brand new speaker from a local speaker — this one key event of loving your language. The good judgment and inner discussion platforms imagine they're working the express yet, in fact, they just make up the end of the iceberg.

Your skill to learn this article rests upon an enormous pool of intuitive institutions that you've got equipped up through the years. Your inner discussion doesn't converse within the new language. Then stream these worth principles into particular own info. Visualize a few particular contexts the place you could have enjoyable conversing your new language — what you've enjoyable doing: traveling, mountain climbing, taking part in tennis, boating, going to eating places, procuring, hearing neighborhood tune and assembly humans.

Visualize the conversations you've got whereas doing those enjoyable issues. Download PDF sample. Is there's a speedy and simple approach to research a brand new Language? Break the Language Barrier! Rated 4.