Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon

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Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon (8x8 with stickers) H. A. Rey

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Now, Bill explains that there are birds to see in the air, so when Mrs. Renkins invites Curious George to ride away, the Man with the Yellow Hat asks how far they'll go and for how long, so Mrs.

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Renkins answers, "As long as tether holds up. Renkins to return the fan into the barn, Bill explains that a tether is a rope on a reel to secure the balloon to the ground, but the tether rope breaks, carrying away Bill and Curious George up and away in the runaway balloon! Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat accompanies Mrs. Renkins in her truck to attempt to capture the hot air balloon, but Mrs. Renkins' truck gets caught on the pier, so the Man with the Yellow Hat jumps into Mr.

Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon

Quint's rowboat, as Mr. Quint rows it in pursuit of the runaway hot air balloon. Then, Curious George turns the gage knob, before Bill explains that the gage makes the hot air balloon soar higher, so Curious George considers that sandbags anchor the balloon, and Curious George drops them into Lake Wannasink Lake, causing Mr.

Quint and the Man with the Yellow Hat to crash the rowboat into the banks! And then, Sheriff Wint Quint writes a ticket for Mr. Quint and his rowboat's illegal parking, before Sheriff Wint Quint transports the Man with the Yellow Hat on his motorcycle, for the Man with the Yellow Hat to catch the tether rope, which carries the Man with the Yellow Hat across the Country, to crash into a haystack at Renkins' Farm! But Bill and Curious George soar away as the runaway hot air balloon soars above the ocean!

Curious George & the Hot Air Balloon

Curious George nonchalantly feeds birds, as Bill panics. Bill explains for Curious George to pull a lever, to allow trapped birds to escape above, but the lever also causes the hot air balloon to lower into the ocean! Now, as Curious George bathes, the Man with the Yellow Hat explains that if the dark cat has a stripe, comes out at night, and sprays putrid odor, then it must be a skunk instead of a cat. Then Curious George creates an anti-skunk drum to ward off the skunk, who returns to spray poor Curious George again, causing Curious George to bathe again, as the Man with the Yellow Hat explains that the drum must have frightened the skunk, which is the reason why it sprayed.

And then, the next night, Curious George brings a flashlight and tools to spot the skunk, when he encounters Bill the Country Neighbor Boy, who explains that the skunk has been hiding beneath the Country house, before the skunk returns to spray both Curious George and Bill, who explains that a bath in tomato juice may help. While bathing yet again, the Man with the Yellow Hat says that its a good thing that they're returning to the City tomorrow because they're out of tomato juice.

Well, the next morning, skunk looks for a place to sleep all day as the Man with the Yellow Hat looks for the picnic basket, before transporting it and Curious George to the City, where, upon their arrival to the City, the Man with the Yellow Hat explains to the Doorman that Curious George got skunked three times, so the Doorman explains that tomato juice may help, adding that Curious George can relax now because there are not skunks in the City.

But when Curious George enters the elevator with the basket which he opens, he discovers that the skunk has stowed away inside the basket! And, when Curious George rushes into the apartment to tell the Man with the Yellow Hat, he realizes that he forgot something on the elevator, which of course, would be the basket with the skunk's hiding inside. Well, a female tenant places the basket atop the counter, causing the Doorman to ask other tenants not to use the elevator alone, while the Doorman, Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund, the Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George attempt to capture the skunk, who runs upstairs, where the Man with the Yellow Hat attempts to capture the skunk with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich box trap, but the skunk cleverly escapes to run down the stairs, and back into the picnic basket.

So, as the skunk samples Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund's food, Curious George lures Hundley away with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while the Doorman and the Man with the Yellow Hat organize a tenant gathering in the elevator, when Mr. Zoobel enters carrying Geoffrey, Mr.

Zoobel's pet Skunk, but when everyone meets the wild skunk, who also slips into the elevator before Curious George picks up "The Overture" on the radio, does this increase the chances that many others may also find themselves "Skunked? Start your free trial.