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Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, History of American Electronic Laboratories, Inc. The historians are, Patrice Carre, Harm G. James The Correspondence of Michael Faraday The letters in this volume, of which nearly three quarters are published for the first time, reflect both change and continuity in Faraday's life from to , that is between the ages of 49 and James The Correspondence of Michael Faraday The letters in this volume, of which nearly two thirds are published for the first time, deal with many of the far reaching changes that occurried in Faraday's life during the first half of the s, that is between ages of Philadelphia: Franklin Institute, Catalog of exhibit.

Collinson of London, F. Facsimile publisher: Ecco Print Edition. Oersted: A Man of Two Cultures. Orsted, a man of the two cultures: experimenta, circa effectum, conflictus electrici in acum, magneticam Biography of Danish physicist, Hans Christian Orsted. Stransbergs Forlag Birkerod, Denmark H. The scope of this second edition has chan Radio Communication Receivers PW Fred Osterman Shortwave receivers past and present:communications receivers This book is designed to provide the radio hobbyist or receiver collector with concise information on the value, features, specifications and performance of current and former shortwave communications receivers.

It provides an historical account of the rise of new technologies. Applications of Digital Computers Taken from a series of lectures at Brown University on the developments in high-speed information processing done by computers. Geshichte der Naturwissenschaften und der technik.

Die Tonenden Funken: Feschichte eines fruhen drahtlosen Kommunikationssystems Emerging Infrastructure: The Growth of Railroads. Alternating Currents. Nationalized Power in France, W and F. Taylor and Bertha W. Oskar von Miller, , Eine Biographie. Munich: C. Beck Verlag, American Telegrapher: A Social History, This book is not a mere translation into English.. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, Inc. Sourcebook, Inc. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, One Hundred Years of Submarine Cables 59 pages, index.

Trent, Italy: Casa Editrice Publilux, Originally funded in , the BPA has been crucial in driving down the price of electricity for the region. Industrial Research Biography of Willis Whitney, the founding director of the General Electrci Research Laboratory, one of the pioneers of industrial research in the United States. Many considered it the best research laboratory in the world.

Why did so many transformative ideas come from Bell Labs? Ince The life and letters of Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti Biography of Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti , who was an electrical engineer and inventor. He was most known for his work in AC current in England at the turn of the 20th century. New York: Vantage Press, Mechanization takes command is an examination of mechanization and its effects on everyday life. It identifies the main technological elements that entered significantly into medieval European history, their known or probably sources, and their principal impacts.

Stuttgart: Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik, Anne Ginzton Cottrell and Leonard Cottrell, eds. New York: Cambridge Univeristy Press, Modjeski, a Polish-American civil engineer, had an office in New York CIty and during his career he built over miles of bridges. Philo T. Farnsworth — , who has been called the forgotten father of television. Farnsworth drew his first television schematic for his high school teacher in Rigby, Idaho. His inventions included the film projector capable of showing a motion picture on a large screen, television, and broadcast television.

History of Russian Underwater Acoustics. Van Dyck et. Radio Telephony Technical details of radio telephony wireless telephone, radio. Research, development and uses of radio telephony. Future development of radio telephony. The Wireless Press, Inc. Facets: New Perspectives on the History of Semiconductors A series of essays on the history of semiconductors. Buchalter, Patrick M.

Collection of news articles related to Space Shuttle. The Francis Press, Washington, D. The Francis Press Washington D. Schenectady, NY: Hall of History, New York: Theodore Audel and Co. Theodore Audel and Co. Audels New Electric Library Vol. The Ghost of the Executed Engineer: Technology and the Fall of the Soviet Union Brief biography of Peter Palchinsky, engineer trained in tsarist Russia, whose life, work, and fate reflect not only the nature of Soviet engineering and industry during his lifetime, but also its patterns of dysfunction to the end of the USSR in The Ghost of the Executed Engineer: Technology and the Fall of the Soviet Union In , Joseph Stalin ordered the executation of Peter Palchinsky, an engineer, for treason, because he spoke out about the technological problems, inefficiencies, corruption, and future collapse of the Soviet industry.

Historian, Loren R. The Thin Red Lines. London: Standard Art Book Co. New York, Prometheus Books, A biography of Charles Herrold and his work in radio broadcasting. The authors claim The world's first radio station still broadcasting today [] was invented by Charles Herrold in in San Jose, California. Focus on family life, recreation, technology, medicine, health, etc. Dear Doctor Franklin: E-mails to a Founding Father about Science, Medicine, and Technology A review of the history and progress in science, medicine, and technology written in the form of e-mails to Benjamin Franklin from the author.

American Science in the Age of Jefferson A history of the scientific achievements accomplished during the age of Jefferson. Downey Technology and Communication in American History This booklet is centered around four overlapping communication infrastrucutures: print communication and transportation, networked interpersonal communication, broadcast mass communication, and computer mediated communication. Engineers of Distinction Biographical dictionary, roughly equivalent to a volume of Who's Who in Engineering, though perhaps a bit more selective. It is also a history of Biograph Studio, D.

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Griffith, the motion picture industry and business, and motion picture technology. It is a tale of American economic growth with information about natural resources, inventions, and culture. American Heritage Publishing Co. Harry N. Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Devices The s was the decade in which semiconductor devices rose to prominence and attained greater industrial significance.

Most of the research and engineering work was directed to germanium.

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The s can be considered as the decade in which silicon semic John Wiley and Sons, Inc. New York Intel A. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. Milwaukee, Wis. Byrne, eds. The authors penned a biography of the machine and its place in history as well as the history of computing. This is a commissioned corporate history. The complete three-volume history was published in Finnish in Interscience Publishers, Inc. Joseph Henry Washington D. Computers History Univac PW Halpern, Orit Beautiful Data: A History of Vision and Reason since Beautiful Data is both a history of big data and interactivity, and a sophisticated meditation on ideas about vision and cognition in the second half of the twentieth century.

These lessons have been taken from The Diagonal, a monthly magazine which Mr. Richard W.

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Lippincott Company, Bryan Taylor, Molly Prickett, J. II: Reinventing the Airplane. Bryan Taylor, Jeremy Kinney, and J. Foreward by Sergei Khrushchev. Francis and Dressel D. Washington, DC: Smithsonain Institution, Candid Science, vol. London: Imperial College Press, Candid Science: Conversation with Famous Chemists. Higgins, Vincent C. Rideout, and James J. Madison, Wisconsin: University Publications, This book profiles 70 of America's leading inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators, some better known than others.

Franklin Watts, Inc. Goldman et. Radio Phone Receiving D. This set went through many printings. This incomplete Theo. C and F. New York: William Morrow Company, Hawkins' Electrical Dictionary Hawkins, N. Hydroelectric Development in the United States, Volumes 1 and 2. New York: Ballantine Books, When Information Came of Age: Technologies of Knowledge in the Age of Reason and Revolution, Survey of developments in gathering, storing, transforming, displaying and communicating information between and , drawing connections to leading technologies of today.

Beam: The Race to Make the Laser. Laser Pioneer Interviews. Electronics in the Evolution of Flight. Van Nostrand Company Inc. Lawson, Fusion Research in the UK, London: HMSO, Guerlac Radar in World War II The main purpose of this volume is to record, as thoroughly as space permits, the program of research and development in the field of radar conducted between and under the National Defense Research Committee.

The concept of error is central to the design process. These avoid Innovation Innovators Engineering Engineers Mechanical engineering PW Henry Petroski An Engineer's Alphabet: Gleamings from the softer side of a profession This abecedarium is one engineer's Henry Petroski selection of thoughts, quotations, anecdotes, facts, trivia, and arcana relating to the practice, history, culture, and traditions of his profession. The entries reflect decades of reading, writing, tal Innovation Innovators Engineers Engineering PW Henry Petroski Success through Failure: the Paradox of Design Success through Failure demonstrates that making something better--by carefully anticipating and thus averting failure--is what invention and design are all about.

The author explores the nature of invention and the character of the inventor through an Innovation Innovators Engineering Engineers Theory PW Henry Petroski Engineers of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America The author reveals the science and engineering--not to mention the politics, egotism, and sheer magic--behind America's great bridges, particularly those constructed during the great bridge-building era starting in the s and continuing through the 19 Mechanical engineering Innovation Innovators Engineering Engineers Environment PW Heppenheimer, T.

E and W. Stennis Space Center. T Dover Publications, Inc. Leipzig: AVG, ? Colossus: Hoover Dam and the making of the American century A history of the construction of the Hoover Dam, a gargantuan engineering feat. H and Stripp, Alan eds. The Wired Northwest: The History of Electric Power, ss History of development of hydroelectric power in Pacific Northwestern US, highlighting conflicts among federal, native American, and local governements and salmon and power industries over shape and nature of region's society U.

Quebec: un siecle d'electricite. James, eds. London: Mansell, History of Technology. Rapport nr. Hampshire UK: Variorum, Wireless: From Marconi's black-box to the Audion. Novato CA: historyofscience.

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Boys and Their Toys? Masculinity, Class, and Technology in America. From the American System to Mass Production, The Development of Manufacturing Technology in the United States Hounshell explores the American genius for mass production and traces its origins in the nineteenth-century American system of manufacture. Segal Technology and Utopia The word utopia means the alleged perfect society. But the definition of what constitutes perfection obviously varies from one person to another and from one society to another. Office of Naval History Washington D.

Titanic April Bodleian Library in ass'n with Bernard Quaritch Ltd. Networks of Power: Electrification in Western Society, - American Genesis: A Century of Invention and Technological Enthusiams A book about the era of technological innovation in America from Global Communications Since Geopolitics and Technology. The essays address the cultural impace of new media. Canton, MA: Watson Publishing, Space, Science and me. Noordwijk, Netherlands: European Space Agency, The Maxwellians Hunt, Bruce J.

A History of Industrial Power in the United States, , Volume 2, Steam Power Second volume of a three volume overview of the evolution of power systems in the United States from to The series addresses the technological, economic, and social elements of this transformation. Technologies chosen by a listed panel of experts. The Worldwide History of Telecommunications. Hydro-Quebec, 15 Mai But he also made Biography Innovation Innovators Computer Science Computers History PW Ian Inkster Technology and Industrialisation The essays in the present volume are collected together in the belief that it is possible to demonstrate that the present picture of world development was first sketched in procecesses of technogical change and transfer which took place over a considerab Economics Innovation Innovators Information Age PW IBM IBM: Journal of Research and Development: 25th Anniversary Issue September Contains a series of articles on the history of a variety of areas of IBM resaearch and development.

Includes shots of exhibit cases and of individual objects. International Conference on Years of Radio. Conference Publication This is the last print edition. Subject and Author. Author, Subject, and Numerical Indexes. The John Fritz Medal, Volume 3. The John Fritz Medal, Volume 2. Includes news of the IEEE and feature articles.

Successor publication to the Proceedings of the IRE. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. In 2 volumes. Military Electronics Institute of Radio Engineers.

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Institute of Radio Engineers. Includes list of conference proceedings and periodicals. In Thai. Volume 6, no 1- Vol 11 no 12, Volume 13, no 1- Vol 14 no 12, Missing: —March, April, May, July. Electricity, the Magic Medium - L'electricite, cette prodigieuse energie. Bilingual, English and French. Report of the Survey of the Wheeler Gift. New York: Springer, Boston, MA: Focal Press, Science and Technology in History.

Lectures by Preece telegraphy , Bramwell telephones , Siemens power , Hopkinson lighting and explosives Abel and measurement Thomson. M Clowes and Sons Ltd. In two parts, Jan-June and July-Dec. Francis Reintjes Numerical Control: Making a New Technology This remarkable account describes the development of numerical control, the principal method used in the automatic control of machine tools. The technique, was pioneered and perfected at MIT during two decades of exciting work, from to Mort The anatomy of Xerography: Its Invention and Evolution In the fiftyyears since the first xerographic copy, was made by Chester Carlson and his assistant, Otto Kornei, xerography has established itself as one of the major technological innovations in the history of man.

Poulter An early history of electricity supply: The story of the electric light in victorian leeds An history of electricity power and lighting in 19th century Leeds, England. Bennett, Rosemary Broomham, P. Murton, T. Pearcey, R. Rutledge Computing in Australia: The Development of a profession This book provides interesting insights into how the computing profession developed in Australia, with the rare opportunity of reading first-hand accounts from the pioneers of the profession.

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City Lights: illuminating the American Night. Secrest Electric Industries Association: the first fifty years Celebration of the 50 aniversary of the Electronic Industries Association in The Electronic Industries Association was one of the oldest industry organizations in the United States. Mackechnie, Papers on the History of Electrical Engineering. Orbit offers unprecedented access to spectacular NASA space photography.

It contains natural color photos shot by astronaut Jay Apt and fellow ast Space Space Programs Space Shuttle Images Environment PW Jeff Hecht Laser Pioneers: revised edition This work presents the intriguing story of laser technology development through interviews with the scientists who made history with their groundbreaking research.

Pacing the Heart. Jackson, eds. The Travel Letters of H. Oersted Unabridged, complete set of Orsted's letters during 8 travels in Europe and England.

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The Chemist's Balance. Frankfurt: Gellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, Monographs in Aerospace History, Number Nasa History Series. X Extending the Frontiers of Flight. Bentley, Herbert F. Ziegler, and Heather E. The sources of Invention Jewkes, John, et. New York: Norton, Prague, Indianapolis, IN: Bell Laboratories, The first was written in Radar: A Reluctant Miracle, and cited as an unpublished manuscript in several magazines. Telecommunications Telephones PW John Cohen Human Robots in Myth and Science This book, delves into myth, legend and history, traces the idea of the robot from antiquity until the present day, and sketches the lines of its likely development in the future.

Pierce and A. The history begins with telegraphy in the late 19th century. Continues through present day with an examination of NASA's beaming of signals to Voyager and other modern telecommunication techniques. Stevens Pioneers of Electric Railroading: Their Story in Words and Pictures This work has been produced to flesh out the story of the pioneers and their achievements as a tribute to the electric railway pioneers in the centennial year of the completion of the Richmond Union Passenger Railway.

New York: Basic Books, Together with the Minutes of Evidence Extensive report, with testimony of multiple witnesses appearing before this committee of the British Parliament, and several hundred pages of appendices. London: Peter Peregrinus Ltd,. Routes of Power: Energy and Modern America History of fossil fuel and energy production and consumption. For amateurs and Experimenters. Published in by the Pacific Radio Publishig Co. Reckoning with Matter: Calculating Machines, Innovation, and Thinking about Thinking from Pascal to Babbage Jones offers a shorp new argument about the sources of creativity in science and technology.

This history of early-modern calculating engines Seduced by the sleek designs and smart capabilities of the newest gadgets, we end up stumped by their complicated set-up instructions and exasperating error messages. The book gives particular attention to the Waterside generating station, and the use of direct current and electrification, power generation, illumination, alternating current, direct current, Brooklyn, lighting, Manhattan electric light company PW Josephson, Matthew Edison: A Biography Josephson, Matthew, Edison: A Biography.

Belgrade: Nikola Tesla Museum, Chaplin The First Scientific American: Benjamin Franklin and the pursuit of Genius The First Scientific American shows how Benjamin Franklin became a statesman because of his science and offers a fresh perspective on one of America's founding fathers in a brilliant analysis of the seesaw between science and politics two centuries ago Bioelectricity Biography Franklin Institute Innovation Innovators History Biography PW Judson, Isabella, ed. Cyrus W. Field: His Life and Work.

Dissertation, University of Houston, Documents of American Broadcasting A history of important regulation, acts, and laws that affected broadcasting in the US. The author contends Jobs was a fascinating bundle of contradictions. Universities Press India Ltd. L and L. The Silicon Boys and Their Valley of Dreams A look into the life, culture, and history of the rich in Silican Valley and how they made their fortunes. This volume begins in the midth century with Siemen's work on transcontinental telegraphy.

Linkoping, Sweden: Institute of Tema Research, Institute of Tema Research Linkoping, Sweden History Telecommunications Communication PW Katharine Davis Fishman The Computer Establishment Ten years in preparation, this authoritative, comprehensive study breathes life into the world of computer technology - the superindustry that constitutes the greatest business triumph of they twentieth century.

Supercomputing and the Transformation of Science Supercomputing and the transformation of science. Braams and Peter E. Stott Nuclear Fusion: Half a century of magnetic confinement fusion research This book is a scholarly account of the course of fusion energy research over the past fifty years. The authors outline the different paths followed by fusion research from initial ignorance to present understanding. Ritchie and Seth H. New York: Palisades Press, The Physicists: The History of a Scientific Community in Modern America Covering a range of developments in the science community in America, from scientists and physicists' contributions to the field and country to political changes that impacted science.

Random Essays on Mathematics, Education, and Computers A series of essays on how mathematics, education and computers have influenced our culture and civilization Prentice-Hall Inc. Neil Armstrong used a Collins' radio to communicate his historic message from the moon. Tokyo: The Simul Press Inc. The Simul Press, Inc.

Tokyo Electronics Japan PW Kim, Mi Gyung The Imagined Empire: Balloon Enlightenments in Revolutionary Europe The author explores how the hot-air balloon, a material artifact and flying machine, expanded the public for science and spectacle and inspired utopian dreams of a republican monarchy that would obliterate social boundaries.

Dusseldorf: VDI-Verlag, The author explains the fundamental concepts involved in wireless communication and the ramifications of cellular technology on the economy, U. Steinmetz: Engineer and Socialist. The Cybernetics Moment: or why we call our age the information age An examination of the intellectual and cultural history of cybernetics and information theory, who language of information, feedback, and control transformed the idiom of the sciences, hastened the development of information technologies, and laid Johns Hopkins University Press Baltimore Information Theory Cybernetics - social aspects PW Kloeffler, Royce Gerald Industrial Electronics and Control A guide to industrial electronics and control.

Klose examines the principle of the container and its effect on the way people live and think. A textbook intended to be of assistance to the physicist or engineer concerned with designing and building electron devices such as high-vacuum transmitter - or amplifer tubes, gas - or vapor-filled recti Springer-Verlag Berlin, Germany Textbooks Electron devices Transistor Rectifier as in Diode X-Ray Tubes, Electron Tubes, Vacuum Amplifier PW Knowlton, Archer E. Materials and Techniques for Electron Tubes.

Moscow: Nauka Publishers, English Translation of Russian original of Stage to Studio: Musicians and the Sound Revolution. Volume II. Technology in the Twentieth Century. Pursell, Jr. Volume I. The Essential Tension: Selected Studies in Scientific Tradition and Change A history of significant revolutions and changes in the scientific tradition of physics.

Kohler, editors Science in the Field. It also examines papermaking, printing, and associated technologies. Dixon ed. Smith Unpublished festschrift. Contains colleague recollection, autobiographical essay, selected papers by Smith, photographs, commentary, discussion celebrating his career at Bell Labs in laser and lightwaves research and development. From Grunts to Gigabytes: Communications and Society.

Paris: AHEF, Putman's Sons. Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World Why clocks and time have revolutionized the modern world. Transistor Radios: A Collector's Encyclopedia and Price Guide An encyclopedia and price guide to more than 2, transistor radios. The Electric Telegraph Lardner, Dr. James Walton London Telegraphs Electric Devices PW Larin, Frank Radiation Effects in Semiconductor Devices This book presents information to electronic circuit designers to enable them to design reliable electronics for operaton in a nuclear radiation environment.

Radiaton causes changes in the physical properties of semiconductors, e. Great Britain: Sutton Publishing Limited, Hoffman, Ronald A. Apollo: A Retrospective Analysis. L, and L. Nicholson, eds. The Telcon Story, Lawford, G. The Telcon Story, Part of the Slate gift ed. Machlett Cathode Press: Memorial Issue. Machlett Laboratories, Inc. History of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, - Boss Kettering: Wizard of General Motors. New York: Columbia University Press, New York: J. New York: Harper Collins, Local environmentalists opposed these plans and organized against th University Press of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pa.

Environmentalism Storm King Mountain, N. Makers of the Telegraph: Samuel Morse, Ezra Cornell and Joseph Henry The single-wire telegraph revolutionized long distance communications but it was not the effort of one inventor, Samuel Morse. His colleagues and employees, specifically Ezra Cornell and Joseph Henry, made crucial contributions. Inventors Telegraph Samuel F. Industrial Electric Control An introduction into industrial electrical control. New York: Dover Publications, Civil Space Program Logsdon, John ed.

Garber, Roger D. Launius, Ray A. Manchester: Manchester University Press, Silicon Dreams: Information, Man, and Machine Information technology and the information age as it relates to the systems and processes being produced and created in Silicon Valley. Stockholm: Stockholm School of Economics, The St. Martin's Handbook Handbook and style guide for writing and research.

Addresses many issues from argument to research to writing. New York: Icare Press, It includes information about the association and its work concerning electricity, standards, electrical equipment, and electrical engineering in Austria. New Afterword by Lynes. A histor Dover Publications, Inc. The service has , personnel on active duty and , in the Navy Reserve.

It has deployable combat vessels and more than 3, aircraft in active service as of February STi provided engineering and technical services in support of system engineering, logistics, supply chain, inventory, reliability, safety and quality assurance of IT systems, combat systems and aircraft for the following programs.

In addition, we provided the Navy with program management, financial management, budget and cost analysis, and administrative support. Marine Corps is one of the four armed service branches in the U. STi supported Marine Aviation, and oversee and coordinate the operational aspects of ongoing projects and serve as liaison between Executive management, the project-team and the customer.

We performed preventive maintenance services on pertinent equipment as required by Government safety requirements and to ensure continued operational readiness of the facilities. We also provided support to plan, organize, design and direct, maintenance, repair, modifications, and oversee quality control throughout its life cycle as required. STi provided engineering recommendation and improvements as well as engineering evaluations necessary to establish guidance, policy and LEED certification for the Marine facilities management and planning.

STi provided instruction and recommendations for improvement, to include tests and test materials, lesson plans, and trainee guides under the guidelines of current directives. The center provides war-winning expeditionary capabilities to the warfighter through world-class depot maintenance, supply chain management and installation support. We provide aircraft mechanics and workers for aircraft flight line operations, modernization, conversion, in-service repair, disassembly, and other aspects of Organizational Level O-level , Intermediate Level I-level , and Depot Level D-level maintenance.

We perform modification, maintenance, inspection and repair of active systems in the US Government inventory, such as aircraft; vehicles; aerospace equipment; missile systems; subsystems such as engines, communications and cryptologic equipment; and ground support equipment. It is the most recent branch of the U. Battlespace Flight Services BFS provides a high level of organizational maintenance support for MQ-1 aircraft and systems to sustain the combat and training capability at tasked locations worldwide. The Department is the largest employer in the world, with nearly 1.

As the largest and senior branch of the U. Army has its roots in the Continental Army, which was formed 14 June to fight the American Revolutionary War — —before the U. The United States Army considers itself descended from the Continental Army, and dates its institutional inception from the origin of that armed force in STi supported the Army in a few engineering assessment and analysis services contracts with a full range of system engineering solutions, including:.

Our workforce includes government civilians, military service members, and contractor personnel in multiple locations across the United States. We are focused on retaining and recruiting a dedicated workforce interested in supporting our national security. Pacific Command, Northern Command, etc. We work with the combatant commanders to ensure that we develop a robust BMDS technology and development program to address the challenges of an evolving threat. We are also steadily increasing our international cooperation by supporting mutual security interests in missile defense. The MDA is committed to maximizing the mission assurance and cost effectiveness of our management and operations through continuous process improvement.

According to a press release , CUTLASS is equipped with tools and sensors necessary for remotely performing a full range of operations required for bomb disposal. The robot can allegedly carry out operations on both hard and soft terrain, in any type of weather condition. Air Force has been actively using the Global Hawk since According to Northrop Grumman, the Global Hawk can be airborne for more than 30 hours.

The video below shows the capabilities of the Global Hawk. The ability of the Global Hawk to autonomously fly long distances, remain aloft for extended periods of time and carry large payloads brings a new capability to the science community for measuring, monitoring and observing remote locations of Earth not feasible or practical with piloted aircraft, most other robotic or remotely operated aircraft, or space satellites.

Northrop Grumman developed the automated Cygnus spacecraft to provide cargo delivery services crew supplies, spare equipment and scientific experiments under a NASA Space Act Agreement. According to Northrop Grumman, Cygnus is conducting 11 space missions delivering over 66, pounds of cargo to the space station, the first of which was completed in early Northrop Grumman Corporation recently announced the completion of its 10th cargo supply mission to the ISS.

According to the announcement, Cygnus delivered approximately 7, pounds of cargo, supplies and scientific experiments to the ISS and removed more than 5, pounds of disposal cargo. The mission began on Nov. The next and final Cygnus launch under the initial contract is scheduled for April Following this, Northrop Grumman is set to carry out at least 6 missions carrying over 44, pounds of cargo to the ISS. Blue WASP is an intelligent software developed by Northrop Grumman that warns US Navy vessels of a swarming boat attack using machine learning and behavioral algorithms.

It is also operational on both standalone and radar-integrated systems on the surface of a waterbody, ashore, and on the air. These anomalies are essentially deviations from the regular or typical patterns that a moving target might exhibit. Northrop Grumman states that Blue WASP performs the above-mentioned activities while minimizing false alarms, using a vast real-time traffic database.

This activity has supposedly been tested in both live and simulated environments. Blue WASP, according to Northrop Grumman, is operational across multiple command levels, including shipboard watch stations, airborne command and control, and fleet intelligence centers. These pods contain infrared sensors that transmit infrared images of a target to the aircrew. The article further hints that AI is used to process multiple inputs and low-resolution images obtained from these sensors. However, whether Northrop Grumman currently employs these AI systems is not clear. This article seems to target recruitment for AI talent, which gives way for the assumption that the company was, as of , in an experimental phase with AI.

A press release mentions a direct quote from Jim Mocarski , former vice president, Airborne Tactical Sensors business unit, Northrop Grumman. These numbers are corroborated in the previously mentioned press release. Latest numbers are not available. A Northrop Grumman news release said:. The U. According to this information, SAdIE performs a variety of functions, including:.

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