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That result still leaves some wiggle room for the no-hair theorem to be proved wrong. The researchers also calculated the mass and spin of the black hole, using only waves from the ringdown period. But just as a mostly bald man may sport a few strands, black holes could reveal some hair on closer inspection. Not a subscriber?

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For more information on how we use cookies on our websites, visit our Cookie Policy. By Emily Conover September 16, at am. Physics CO 2 from champagne bottles can form shock waves like those seen in rocket exhaust By Maria Temming September 20, Firstly, the transition would not be abrupt, and secondly, it would most likely lead to the production of PBHs with a mass similar to that of the sun, rather than masses 10 or more times larger.


The explanation he proposed is based on a longstanding theoretical construct suggesting that if there are three or more light quarks, the transition from the hot quark-gluon plasma to nuclear particles could, in fact, be abrupt. The current standard physics theory that has been extensively tested, however, states that in this scenario, only two quarks are sufficiently light; thus, the transition would not be abrupt i.

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Davoudiasl essentially wanted to show that under certain conditions corresponding to new physical ingredients, three or more light quarks could, in fact, have been present in the early universe while the transition to nuclear matter was taking place. In addition, it could shed light on why their masses are larger than what might be expected based on current physics theories. Interestingly, the hypothetical "light field" considered in Davoudiasl's theory might have the right properties to be the dark matter of the universe that countless researchers have been investigating and seeking.

Abbott et al. DOI: More from Other Physics Topics. Please sign in to add a comment.

Theory proposes that LIGO/Virgo black holes originate from a first order phase transition

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    Graphic showing the observed population of black holes of mass a few tens of solar masses. Explore further.

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