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Seamus tells us that this is exactly as his father used to play it on the pipes.

Pat Reilly

He has described it as dating back to the days of the famine, when any bit of property at all was enough to tempt a man to jilt his true love in favour of the "lassie with the land". Roscommon sing it. Other versions of the song appear in Child's Collection No.

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From these it is apparent that the song is based on the story of Jesus at the Well. Tom Munnelly tells us that many older singers refuse to sing the song because of its sinister, incestuous overtones. It is presumed to have been composed by the blind harper Carolan. The best way to understand this song would be to learn Irish, the next best thing is a translation. This one is not altogether literal, but follows the meaning fairly closely.

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Swift the Thames runs to the sea, Flow. Bearing ships and part of me, Sweet Thames. Mais acessadas de Planxty.

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Sweet Thames Flow Softly Planxty. Lighthouse Reach I gave her there, Flow.

As a ribbon for her hair, Sweet Thames. But now alas the tide has changed My love she has gone from me And winter's frost has touched my heart And put a blight upon me Creeping fog is on the river, Flow.

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