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On Friday Aug.

The panel spoke here at a meeting of the American Psychological Association. Anyone with a college degree and some scientific experience can apply to be an astronaut.

These 10 Books Will Transform The Way You Think About Mental Health

More than 6, people applied in , but only eight individuals were selected. It takes almost two years from the time the job is advertised to the final selection of astronaut candidates , and in some cases, 10 years can go by before a newly selected astronaut makes his or her first spaceflight, Slack said. Also, the job the astronauts are selected for is probably not going to be the job they have by the time they fly.

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The psychological selection process consists of two parts. The first round involves an initial set of interviews.

In the second round, the applicants are assessed based on their suitability for the job, and interviews are conducted with a psychiatrist to determine any grounds for disqualification. The applicants also participate in field exercises at the Johnson Space Center to simulate some of the challenges of being in space.

Slack said she couldn't describe the specific exercises, for security reasons.

Basic Test Reference Books.

The qualities NASA looks for in prospective astronauts are "pretty much what you'd expect from any individuals whose job it is to work very closely in very risky environments, and isolated environments," said Jamie Barrett, another psychologist at Wyle on the astronaut selection panel. This means a person who would make a "good neighbor" — someone who's easygoing and has good social skills , Barrett told Live Science.

A good candidate is also very resilient, she added. The panel will disqualify astronaut applicants for a variety of psychological reasons. They include survivors of torture, terrorism, genocide attempts, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami, and other manmade or natural disasters.

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This set of books is the most comprehensive available resource explaining the practices and principles that have been employed, and are being employed, to heal them. The stories in these pages will prove instructive and inspirational to all concerned with promoting the psychological welfare of people who have endured horrific events triggered by the violence and upheaval of mankind or nature at their worst. This timely handbook has a surprising focus, especially in the first volume.

Mental Health Services Data Set

Rather than serving as a clinical work, this multivolume set emphasizes program design and evaluation, coordination of humanitarian organizations, rapid response, assessment of needs, and cultural sensitivity to groups. Contributors write about the aftermath of disaster as a public health problem requiring psychosocial programming.

Additionally, they discuss key issues such as the ethics of doing research at a disaster site, or the blurring of military and humanitarian operations and subsequent mortal threats to relief workers. They describe from personal experience how to implement programs for survivors volume 2 , how to assist refugees volume 3 , and how to help people with special needs, such as child soldiers, sexually abused women, and victims of torture volume 4.

Mental Health Services Data Set - NHS Digital

A refrain throughout is that psychological distress after disaster is a normal response to abnormal events, and that suffering may be experienced collectively rather than individually Beyond psychology, this handbook is appropriate for human rights, public health, disaster preparedness, public policy, and social work collections Highly recommended. Advanced undergraduates and beyond.

In this four-volume set, Reyes and Jacobs have solicited contributions from authors involved in developing programs and projects.