Resolving Conflict (Communicators)

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Also, avoid attacking the other person or making accusations, which will only lead to distrust and defensiveness.

Strong verbal and nonverbal communication involves making appropriate eye contact, not using threatening physical actions, and verbally expressing how the situation makes you feel, instead of attacking or accusing the other person. One of the primary challenges of effective communication is preventing conflict escalation. There are many benefits that come from learning to resolve conflicts through effective communication.

One notable benefit of using effective communication to resolve conflict is a reduction in anxiety, whether within a family or in the workplace. Learning effective communication skills can help you to avoid the ongoing stress and discomfort that often results from unresolved conflict. Learning effective communication skills is only part of successfully resolving conflict. To navigate conflict, prioritize and strengthen your relationship with a family member, friend or coworker.

As long as you focus first on the relationship, you will better be able to walk through the conflict in constructive ways. Another thing you can do is make sure that you clear up unknowns, because the unknown is often treated as a threat. Going back again to our example of the Alison versus James hiring decision, you might ask the supporters of each to talk about what benefits their non-preferred candidate would bring to the team, and what areas for development they'd need to work on.

There are times when you can't resolve a situation in a meeting: this is particularly the case where problems involve sensitive personal issues, which shouldn't be discussed "in public. In this case, you'll need to acknowledge the disagreement, and arrange a specific meeting to address the issue later on. Finally, remember that sometimes it simply isn't possible for everyone to be happy with an outcome.

If you've given everyone a fair chance to express their opinions, and you've gone through a fair decision-making process where appropriate , don't take it personally when people are unhappy.

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This also applies to you — if you're the one who's unhappy with a decision. The best way to avoid conflicts in your meetings is to prepare properly, taking all factors into consideration.

The Conflict Expert

It's particularly important to make sure your expectations match what the group is capable of handling. Know yourself, and your team, well enough so that you're aware of tensions that may exist between people — and have strategies in place to deal with them. If anger and conflict arise, move back to your agenda by questioning people to determine the immediate cause of the conflict. Develop questions to get people to clearly state their problems and issues.

By doing this, you'll guide people back to rational thinking, focus group energy, and encourage learning and problem-solving. The next time you're in a meeting, closely watch the body language of participants. If you're chairing the meeting, consider a brief questioning session to reduce tension in anyone who shows signs of anger or frustration. This may not only help prevent a conflict, but it should also bring useful clarity to the situation.

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Conflict Resolution Skills

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Effective Communication Is Key To Resolving Conflicts

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No matter who did what, everyone involved bears responsibility in making sure the conflict is resolved maturely. Avoid placing blame and the conflict will get resolved that much more quickly. Just as healthy fighting is crucial to a great romantic relationship, understanding how to manage conflict in the workplace instead of stifling it is key to fostering a healthy work environment for employees.

When venting your frustration, focus your irritation towards the problem, not the person. Conflict occurs because there is a flaw in the system or a breakdown in communication. Addressing the issues behind any given conflict is essential to ensuring that your business flows smoothly and everyone communicates effectively. Avoid conflict for the sake of conflict and choose your battles wisely. The conflicts that arise after that will facilitate positive professional growth.