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My Yoga Mat and Me: The Journey to Inward

Whether it be a local festival, flea market or concert I am there. So when I signed up for my hour yoga instructor training during the summer of , I was ecstatic for the adventures that my yoga mat and I would take over the course of the next 6 months. However, there was one adventure that I was not fully prepared to embark on; the journey of self-discovery.

I just wanted to finish the course so that I could help others use yoga as a way to cope with their everyday life and to feel good about themselves. During the first few months of the course, my yoga mat and I had so much fun traveling through the world of yoga. It finally clicked that in order to help my future students navigate their own journey on their yoga mat that I had to experience all of the bright, dark and dreary exits on my own journey. Now, we would be here forever if I went into all of the intricate parts of the beginning of my own self-discovery journey, but, here it is short and sweet.

It has been the most authentic, rewarding and terrifying experience of my life.


There are many people who believe that your journey through life should only be full of happiness, smiles and roses. It was as if the itinerary was written for me. It was the perfect combination of enjoying the beautiful and peaceful countryside of Italy, exploring Medieval hilltop towns, learning about and savoring the food and wine of the region, and visiting historical and religious sites. And what a treat to be able to do this all while staying safely gluten free!

Janice herself is gluten free for medical reasons , so she works with the tour operators to ensure anyone who is gluten free on her tour will be safe. We had so many amazing choices at the restaurants where we dined…and never felt we were missing out.

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We even had pasta and dessert options, including one restaurant that prepared a special gluten free chocolate cake especially for us. It was fascinating to discover wine varietals unique to the region — and tour vineyards and winemaking operations. We even got to tour an olive oil mill just as the harvest was complete and the pressing had begun.

Janice includes so many of these intimate experiences in her tours.

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You are able to mingle with the locals and experience the beautiful pride they have in their country and their culture. It is a much more authentic way to experience Italy. We also had the opportunity to partake in the preparation of two gluten free meals, one at the agriturismo where we stayed and one at a wonderful restaurant.

I feel so blessed to have been able to see this side of Italy. I was thrilled to have had this opportunity for travel to Umbria put in front of me. Every region of Italy is so special, and the Italians are such warm and generous hosts. I had the very fortunate experience of joining Janice on a fantastic yoga and cultural journey to the Umbria region of Italy.

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She has successfully partnered with a wonderful tour company, Bluone, pairing the spiritual experience of yoga with one of the best tour experiences of Italy. Each day began with a grounding yoga lesson, then a full itinerary that granted the seeing, tasting, and feeling of sites special and unique to Umbria.

Every stop on our tour introduced both the history and current customs of the cities and people.

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  • Everyone we met displayed warmth, hospitality, and a touching sense of pride in sharing their lives with us. The entire week was personally enriching. I came out of the experience having met my goals and intentions, but also having set new goals and intentions for ongoing personal and spiritual development. From the activities, to the sites, to the culinary experience, it was well worth the travel, time, and investment! I am grateful for having been a part of the event and look forward to joining another tour with Janice in the future!

    Meet at Foligno train station.

    Private transfer to your charming agriturismo in the countryside of Bevagna. If arriving early, we will walk in the historic center of the little, charming town of Bevagna and enjoy a wine aperitif in the beautiful medieval piazza. Welcome dinner is at an amazing trattoria in the countryside where we will be introduced to traditional, local, cuisine.

    2. Don’t be afraid to seek out that road. You never know what you may find.

    After our morning yoga class, we will visit the famous Arnaldo Caprai Winery and taste their Sagrantino wine, considered one of the best red wines of Italy. We will visit a family-owned mill with a year tradition of olive oil making and taste their award-winning Umbrian DOP extra-virgin oil. Artisans use a blend of local, hand-harvested olives to create a vibrant, emerald-green oil that combines a delicate fruity flavor with a fresh, peppery finish.

    Olives are crushed and pressed within a few hours of harvesting. Dinner will be at a family owned restaurant with a warmhearted atmosphere.

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    After Yoga we will journey to the mountains via a panoramic route to visit an Italian farming family at their home. Admire the glorious valley and mountain views and feel on top of the world- an unforgettable experience! Hike the hills on a truffle hunting adventure with the truffle hunter and his truffle scent dog. Partake in a truly memorable lunch with this gregarious family at their farm. Visit a truffle and mushroom producer shop that showcases products made with fresh truffles suitable for international travel.

    Back to the agriturismo. Dinner in Bevagna at a very cozy osteria with great food. Early morning departure and pictorial drive through the Umbrian countryside to Civita di Bagnoregio, a charming medieval town built on volcanic tufa that is slowly crumbling away and is only reachable by foot across a long bridge. Next we will visit nearby Orvieto, another beautiful Umbrian town. Lunch on your own, choosing from several lovely little places in the town center with ample time to explore the Duomo. It is considered a masterpiece of Gothic architecture for its extraordinary beauty.

    Free time to visit several artisan shops, for ceramic, fabrics, leather goods, paintings… we will return to our agriturismo where you will be treated to a Healing Gong Meditation. Enjoy a dinner prepared by a local cook at the agriturismo. Yoga class. Expand your knowledge with a private tour by a local, English speaking guide inside the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi. Admire the frescoes by the famous Italian painter Giotto. Enjoy a surprise and a light lunch at a beautiful winery in the countryside of Assisi.


    Stopping at Santa Maria degli Angeli to experience St. Back to the agriturismo for a cooking class and dinner. Perugia is an enchanting hilltop city with a compact historic center that is a rambling maze of medieval streets. Learn about the Etruscan and Roman monuments, various architectural styles, and historical lore from an English-speaking guide. Free time to shop and to have a light lunch on your own at one of the many little bars, osterias, or cafes.