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Classic and Historical Papers In GFD and Atmospheric and Oceanic Dynamics This page contains a number of papers of historical interest concerning large-scale dynamics and the general circulation of the atmosphere and ocean. I dug many of them up while researching a book on atmospheric and oceanic dynamics.

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In addition to this, the lack of transparency constitutes a methodological concern, since Google Scholar does not to declare in detail how the product has been developed. Thank you for your patience.

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Classic papers: using Google Scholar to detect the highly-cited documents Authors. Submitted on. Last edited.

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Supplemental Materials. Version: 2. The list of classic papers includes articles that presented new research.

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It specifically excludes review articles, introductory articles, editorials, guidelines, commentaries, etc. It also excludes articles with fewer than 20 citations and, for now, is limited to articles written in English. Posted by: Sean Henderson, Software Engineer.