Mechanical Estimating Manual: Sheet Metal, Piping & Plumbing

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It is very easy to use, very acurate and very fast. So, now I am proud to say "look out guys, the game is afoot!

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Quincy from Namron Incorporated. This software only needed a day of training, it gives fast results and accurate numbers it wont let you make mistakes. I could not find any cons for this software at first I was confused with the quantity and length options. Company Size: 1,, employees. Time Used: Less than 6 months. As I spend more time with the software I find more things that it can and cannot do.

If you find a limitation you can call rep and they can help either find a way to get it done or can make changes to help expand the system for you. The developers that created this estimating system are still working and supporting the software. As new plumbing, piping, and duct materials come available it is expandable to integrate these new systems into the software. The windows 64 version of the Wenpipe Software is still in a Beta testing mode at this point and there seems to be some bugs to work out. They will eventually get this worked out.

Zaya from Shiba Mechanical Inc. This software is incredible for pricing mechanical jobs. It is easy to use and the Wendes Systems team is amazing with their full support. I learned how to use this program quickly with the help of the support team that's always on the line. The programmers have done an amazing job with all the new updates that come out. This program gives your company the opportunity at a guaranteed success. I have never had any problems with this program and I have been using it for almost 1 year! Gary from Riverbend Air Conditioning, Inc.

We are a small organization in the industrial and commercial air conditioning business. My problem in the past was that I could not land any small commercial jobs because of people working out of their trucks. I learned that I had to stay away from them and go after larger jobs, which in turn called for zero mistakes. The larger companies were using software and their bidding was very competitive.

5 Ways to Improve Your Bidding Process with Fastest Estimating Software – Sheet Metal Journal

That's where I needed to be. I hooked up with Gene and never looked back. I am still learning the WenDuct and WenPipe programs but when I turn in my bids I am definitely more comfortable about the project. When we land one and I turn it over to a supervisor we are confident in the data. Wendes has helped set us up for success. In today's market everybody is just trying to survive and one mistake will harm your company. You may wonder about the cost of software, like I did, but it was worth every penny. Alejandro from Aguirre Plumbing Systems, Inc.

Industry: Mechanical or Industrial Engineering. Gene Kaplan helped us set up and walked us through a full project. We are in the top 3 for selection. The benefits we get from using this software are that we are placing more bids and our bids are more accurate and competitive for our generals and clients.

It is helping us bid future jobs more accurately. We are frequently contacted by general contractors stating we are top bidders. This is great! Nothing so far. We do not have any cons to talk about the program.

You do have to have Microsoft Office access for the reports, but that is not a Wendes issue. John from J. We are a small Plumbing and Heating contracting company that was using a 3rd party estimating company. I was told about the Wenpipe program by Gene Kaplan, a consultant with the company. He set up a webinar and showed me how easy and user-friendly the system is. After our webinar I was convinced about how well the program is put together and how user-friendly it is. I have been using the program for about 4 months now and I have been extremely happy with the program and the results.

Gene has also helped me out with questions on the system and has personally walked me through certain areas that I didn't know or understand.

Mechanical Estimating Manual Sheet Metal, Piping & Plumbing

Customer support has been terrific. I would highly recommend this program to any company, big or small. Levi from Air Bender Sheet Metal. I have been using the program for 3 months or so, and its been nothing but a pleasure. I am very confident in bidding small residential jobs to large industrial. Very helpful support staff is always available and very informative. Been on the program for 3 months and haven't found anything worth noting. Justin from Triple Crown Metals Ltd.

The best part of this program was the customer support. Gene Kaplan and the tech support staff were very helpful with the training and helped tailor the program the specific needs of my business. Overall, we have already been able to save countless hours in our estimating process in only a few short weeks of consistent usage.

No complaints to date. All my questions and concerns have been answered in a timely and friendly manor. I had some previous experience with Wendes at a previous employer. We had always received excellent support with the five licenses we had. A few years ago, we upgraded to the on-screen version of the software because of all the paper costs we were incurring.

Wendes has been great helping us adapt and implement their software into our hardware and various other requests and requirements.

WenDuct and WenPipe Estimating Software

I would highly recommend their software to anybody who wants and needs to get through projects quickly and profitably. Terrence from Multiwide Mechanical Contractor Ltd. Have been in this construction industry for a while.

The expertise you need – every step of the way.

The shop also contains power breaks, roll and lock forming equipment, automated duct lining equipment for applying insulation glue and pinning. Our sheet metal fabrication capacity is well over 3,, of duct per year a typical 4-story office building that has a roof top VAV system would use , pounds, a story high rise condo would have about a , pounds of metal.

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Our sheet metal fabrication CAM is supported and scheduled through a shared database with our estimating system and CAD. This database holds our current material prices and productivity rate. When a project is drawn in our CAD system it can be automatically downloaded to our fabrication equipment while at the same time produce a labor and material budget. From our CAD drawings we are able to produce spool drawings for restroom groups and other plumbing assemblies.

The spool drawings provide a complete list of material and parts needed. Fully certified weld program with qualified welders. New construction, Remodels, demolition, no job to small or to large. We are fully bonded and insured. Contact Us Today. Call us at to hire our expert technicians. Get FREE consultations on all our plumbing and heating services. Find out more about our mechanical services including mechanical insulation , asbestos abatement services , and material handling work. We are also material handling specialists. Phone: Fax: