Meister Eckhart: Philosopher of Christianity

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16.08.07, Flasch, Meister Eckhart

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His Teachings

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Meister Eckhart Philosopher Of Christianity

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View Preview. Learn more Check out. Abstract Meister Eckhart is known for having developed a sophisticated form of inclusivist Christian universalism in the late Middle Ages.

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Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Returning user. Request Username Can't sign in? However, it is in sermon 1 that he focuses on the ways in which we must change for this birth to take place in us. That it should happen in me is what matters. We shall therefore speak of this birth, of how it may take place in us and be consummated in the virtuous soul, whenever God the Father speaks His eternal word in the perfect soul.

He emphasises that an indispensable condition for this birth is that we should be living a very good Christian life.

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  • His Teachings?
  • What he does stress is that before anything else we must be utterly passive. Passivity, as we commonly understand the term, is the very contrary to all that is most admired in our present culture. In fact, Eckhart is not saying that we should be weak and negative and torpid he was none of those things himself. As Bernard McGinn , p. It is of the very nature of the Divine Word to be hidden in its revelation and revealed in its hiddeness.

    He says elsewhere that it is rare for anybody untrained to reach the stage at which they are proof against disturbance. This needs hard work, and demands especially two things. He stresses that to still the mind one must still the body too. And in another sermon McGinn, , p. Total letting go is the way to gain all things in the God who is the real being of all Walshe, , sermon 6.

    Meister Eckhart's Ethical Universalism, Confucianism, and the Future of Christianity

    So stand still and do not waver from your emptiness. To quote Bernard McGinn , p. Detaching and birthing are not successive stages in a mystical path but two sides of the same coin. But how are we to know that the Divine Word has been born in us? Clearly it is not something that we know we have in the way we know we have the flu. But we know what has happened mainly from what we are aware has happened to us.

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    • Must We have a Leisurely Life? In other words, that it is unlikely that the Divine Word will be born in us if a lot of our time is absorbed in a busy life in the world? To put it another away: was the mystical tradition of the nine centuries after St Augustine and, for that matter, the predominant mystical tradition of the seven most recent centuries, right in seeing the active life as something basically to be endured and to be escaped from whenever possible?

      Meister Eckhart's Ethical Universalism, Confucianism, and the Future of Christianity

      Sermon 55 is almost certainly in fact a talk given by Eckhart to his fellow Dominicans one evening. In it he is telling them what it means to live the life of detachment from the self and pure attachment to God alone. It is clearly quite a different kind of life from what most people think. If you pray for anything else, you will get nothing. In God there is nothing but one, and one is indivisible. If you seek or expect anything more, that is not God but a fraction. You should seek nothing at all, neither knowledge nor understanding nor inwardness nor piety nor repose [yes, not even repose!

      And you need only lead an ordinary Christian life without considering doing anything special.