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Oliver fights with Noah Claypole, another of the undertaker's boys, after Noah mocks Oliver's dead mother. After being unjustly beaten for this offense, Oliver escapes the undertaker's and runs away to London. On the outskirts on the city Oliver, tired and hungry, meets Jack Dawkins who offers a place to stay in London. Thus Oliver is thrown together with the band of thieves run by the sinister Fagin. Oliver innocently goes "to work" with Dawkins, also known as the Artful Dodger, and Charlie Bates, another of Fagin's boys, and witnesses the real business when Dawkins picks the pocket of a gentleman.

When the gentleman, Mr. Brownlow, discovers the robbery in progress Oliver is mistaken for the culprit and, after a chase, is captured and taken to the police. Oliver, injured in the chase, is cleared by a witness to the crime and is taken by the kindly Brownlow to his home to recuperate. Oliver is kindly treated at the Brownlow home and, after a period of recuperation, is sent on an errand by Mr Brownlow to pay a local merchant 5 pounds and to return some books. On carrying out this charge Oliver is captured by Nancy and Bill Sikes and returned to Fagin's den of thieves.

Mr Brownlow, thinking that Oliver has run away with his money concludes that Oliver was a thief all along. This assumption is further strengthened when Bumble the beadle, answering an ad in the paper, placed by Brownlow, for information concerning Oliver, gives a disparaging opinion of Oliver. Oliver is forced by Fagin to accompany Sikes in an attempted robbery, needing a small boy to enter a window and open the door for the housebreakers. The robbery is foiled when the house is alarmed and, in the ensuing confusion, Oliver is shot. Oliver is nursed back to health at the home of the Maylies, the house Sikes was attempting to burglarize.

Oliver imparts his story to the Maylies and Doctor Losberne. The mysterious Monks, revealed to be Oliver's half brother, teams up with Fagin in an attempt to recapture Oliver and lead him into a life of crime thereby negating the unknowing Oliver's claim to his rightful inheritance which would then go to Monks. Sike's woman, Nancy, having compassion for Oliver, overhears Fagin and Monk's plan and tells Rose Maylie in the hope of thwarting the plan. Rose recruits Mr. Brownlow, Dr. Losberne, and others.

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Bumble the beadle has married the matron of the workhouse, Mrs. The former Mrs. Corney, attending the death of Old Sally, has taken the locket and ring that Sally had taken from Oliver's mother on her deathbed.

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Monks buys this locket and ring from the Bumbles hoping that in destroying it that Oliver's true identity will remain hidden. Fagin has had Nancy followed and, enraged, tells Sikes that Nancy has betrayed them. Sikes brutally murders Nancy and flees to the country. Monks is taken by Mr. Fagin is captured and sentenced to be hung.

Sikes, with a mob on his tail, accidentally hangs himself trying to escape. The Bumbles are relieved of their position at the workhouse, become paupers, and are now inmates at the same workhouse they once managed. Oliver is revealed to be the illegitimate son of Edwin Leeford and Agnes Fleming. Leeford has fathered the evil Edward Monks through a failed former marriage. After seducing Agnes, Edwin dies, leaving a will which states that the unborn child will inherit his estate if "in his minority he should never have stained his name with any public act of dishonor, meanness, cowardice, or wrong" in the event of which all would go to Edward Monks , hence Monk's attempt to corrupt Oliver via Fagin.

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Monks is given half of Oliver's inheritance by Mr. Brownlow, who had been a friend of Edwin Leeford, in the hope that he will start a new life. Monks flees to America where he quickly squanders his portion and dies in prison. Rose Maylie is revealed to be the sister of Agnes Fleming who is adopted by the Maylies after her parents die, therefore Rose is Oliver's aunt.

Oliver collects his inheritance and is adopted by Mr. Rose marries longtime beau, Harry Maylie. Before only the bodies of murderers could legally be used for dissection by medical students. This caused a brisk business for body-snatchers to supply the demand. With the passage of the Anatomy Act unclaimed bodies from prisons and workhouses would be donated for this cause.

We strive to keep that sense of nostalgia in everything we do as our family roots run deep here, and we will be writing these stories for years to come.

Oliver Twist

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Colditz Edit Cast Series cast summary: William Miller Oliver Twist 5 episodes, Adam Arnold Pearly 5 episodes, Morven Christie Rose Maylie 5 episodes, Edward Fox Brownlow 5 episodes, Tom Hardy Bill Sikes 5 episodes, Sarah Lancashire Corney 5 episodes, Sophie Okonedo Nancy 5 episodes, Julian Rhind-Tutt Fagin 5 episodes, Nicola Walker Sally 3 episodes, Rob Brydon Fang 2 episodes, Paul Chahidi The Quack 2 episodes, Alfie Childs Mouthy 2 episodes, Reece Dos-Santos Stick 2 episodes, Vincent Franklin Limbkins 2 episodes, Mariah Gale Agnes 2 episodes, Adam Gillen Noah Claypole 2 episodes, Michelle Gomez Sowerberry 2 episodes, Jordan Grehs Ginge 2 episodes, Callum Higgins Spike 2 episodes, Peter Kirkham Oakum Boy 2 episodes, Jordan Long Geezer 2 episodes, Helena Lymbery Molly 2 episodes, Keenan Munn-Francis Scrappy Boy 2 episodes, Oliver Murray Muzzer 2 episodes, Jake Nightingale Head Peeler 2 episodes, Niall O'Mara Handles 2 episodes, Anton Saunders Chancer 2 episodes, John Sessions Sowerberry 2 episodes, Edward Tudor-Pole Slipsby 2 episodes, Callum Yeoman Genres: Drama.

Language: English.

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Runtime: min 5 parts. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Goofs Rose sings and plays the hymn "Abide With Me". The words were not written until , and the tune wasn't published until , in the classic "Hymns Ancient and Modern". This song did not exist at the time Oliver Twist takes place.

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