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I also found the sonar ideas Gina came up with very intriguing. Mar 11, Wendy Hughes rated it did not like it. I was unable to detect any reason to continue reading this book I quit reading it. Apr 25, Cayla rated it liked it. I enjoyed this for the most part. I had already resigned myself to the fact that the story would probably be boring and not too exciting, gaging from her other similar releases, but I found this to be comforting.

Was it too long? Did I really need to know all about submarines? Probably not. But I knew that going in and settled in for a comforting read, and this delivered. I liked Gina for the most part; I did think Mark was little too much at times, but sometimes having a man know what I enjoyed this for the most part. I liked Gina for the most part; I did think Mark was little too much at times, but sometimes having a man know what he wants is refreshing. The last pages were my favorite, since I feel like we finally got to see more of Mark and Gina's characters fleshed out and they were great together.

Overall, if you've read Henderson's other books along this line Full Disclosure, Unspoken, Taken , it's much of the same, but sometimes that's exactly what is needed. Aug 03, Rebekah rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. I loved reading this book! The fascinating life of a navy commander, a sweet love story, and the intrigue of everything happening The one thing I didn't care for, was the laid back dating relationships and a some-what careless approach to male and female relationships.

That is the biggest thing I didn't like. I did get lost in all the Navy and scientific terms but I still for the gist of everything happening! Oh, and I love how Mark pursued Gina Jun 09, Katrina Epperson rated it it was amazing. Dee Henderson brings us a wonderful romance that centers around the Navy, in particular the submariners. The story was slow for me at first because of all the background give about submarines, but as the story progresses you quickly see the necessity. I learned many things about submarines that I never imagined.

This story also shows us that at all times we need to trust in the Lord and seek his guidance in all things. We are introduced to two incredibly strong, well developed characters. Command Dee Henderson brings us a wonderful romance that centers around the Navy, in particular the submariners.

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Commander Mark Bishop commands the USS Nevada, a ballistic missile submarine, which goes out on 90 day submerged patrols. There were two constants in his life, the Navy and God. Mark is a widower and after many years now yearns for someone to come home to. Looking for a wife was easy, but finding one to fit into the navy culture would be the difficult part.

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To say Gina Gray is an exceptional woman would be an understatement to say the least. She is one scary smart lady, but has always had difficulty fitting in socially. She has always dreamed of finding a normal life. She started college at the age of 14 and a normal life always seemed to be just out of her grasp. She has always had an interest in ocean science research and while in college developed the cross sonar technique for submarines. Recently she has been working on sea bed mapping using satellite data, but after an unexpected breakup with her boyfriend of 2 years she feels a change in environment is necessary.

She leaves Colorado for the Bangor area in the northwest part of Washington State. While there waiting for Jeff to return from his 90 day patrol she borrowed a lab so she can work on some ideas. Mark exhibits characteristics anyone can appreciate and love. He is always trying to do the right thing, protective, honest to a fault and his faith is unshakeable.

Gina on the other hand appears very insecure about many things, but as you get to know this character her gentle strength comes to light. The plot of this story is very intriguing. It has some mild suspense, but is mostly about the gradual build of a relationship between two people. The imagery the author uses brings the ocean alive to the reader. Her true to life dialogue will pull the reader in. One scene of the story pulled at me more than any others.

Gina is telling Mark she doesn't understand military life and how with his faith he could on command from the president release nuclear weapons knowing he would be killing so many people. His explanation was long and involved, but he tells her God didn't make evil, but He allowed for the possibility. To me that passage says a lot and answers the questions of why God allows evil to happen in the world.

I would recommend this book to anyone, because not only is it an enjoyable read, but it will also spiritually touch the reader. This book was given to me by Bethany House for a honest and unbiased review without any outside prejudice Jun 12, Tamara Tilley rated it really liked it Shelves: own , dee-henderson. Gina Gray is a genius.

A gift she has struggled with her entire life. Socially awkward, Gina has a tendency to put too much pressure on herself, causing her to freeze up in stressful situations. A submariner for the US navy, Jeff is all the family Gina has, and seems to be the only person who understands her. That is, except for Commander Mark Bishop. Gina feels like she can be real with Mark, and trusts him with her sonar discovery that has the potential of changing submarine warfare. Commander Mark Bishop loves his job. As commander of a ballistic submarine, he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

But he wears the mantle with calm, humility, and a deep-seeded respect for the responsibility given to him. Both Gina and Mark are at a crossroads in life. When Jeff suggests Mark date his sister, Mark balks. All too soon Mark realizes his feelings for Gina have changed. At times the story is bogged down with complicated scientific explanations. But watching the comfortable relationship develop between Gina and Mark makes the sometimes over-the-top details worth it. Very deep. Very genuine. The politeness and willingness to step aside for each other seemed a bit over the top.

Instead, they always seemed to encourage Gina to spend time with their competition. Other than these two negatives, I loved the characters. Henderson took time to develop characters that were inherently strong on the outside but tremendously vulnerable on the inside. A great combination. Nov 21, Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , review-copies. Mark Bishop is a commander in the Navy. He typically down plays his actual job, which is the commander of a submarine that is armed with nuclear weapons.

Having been married for several years before he lost his wife, he longs to have someone to come home to at the end of his deployments. When he finds himself drawn to the attractive younger sister of one of his best friends, Mark knows he must go slowly. Her discoveries have provided the Navy with advanced technology that Mark Bishop is a commander in the Navy. Her discoveries have provided the Navy with advanced technology that ensures the US is one step ahead of both allies and enemies in submarine warfare. When she asks a question in theory of locating a silent sub in the midst of a noisy ocean, she soon finds herself changing submarine warfare yet again.

Yet that's not the end of her discoveries. When two men, both submariners, begin to pay a romantic interest in her, she spends more time in her work because she's afraid.

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Which man will be the victor of Gina's heart. And will Gina's discoveries forever change the way that Mark and Gina's brother command their vessels forever? I've loved Dee Henderson's books for years. My favorite are her O'Malley series. I have to say though, that this one seemed very similar to both the Uncommon Heroes and the O'Malleys in tone of writing. I didn't find myself bogged down in page after page of tedious detail. It was fast paced and very much a page turner. I loved Gina's mind. Her intelligence and her questions. I also loved how she would question God about things and that her relationship with Him was very real and personal.

Mark was great. He reminded me in so many ways of Joe from True Devotion. I loved how Mark would make sure that his crew was safe and knew their jobs inside and out. I also loved how he tried to let Gina be who she was and not expect things from her. While it's classified as romantic suspense, it's really not. I mean it is, but not in the ways that Henderson fans have come to expect. For me it seemed a more of a return to the books that highlighted her earlier career. I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Four really solid stars. May 12, Julie Graves rated it really liked it Shelves: christian , reads. Feeling that it is time to re-marry after the passing of his wife, Mark is ready to jump back into the dating world to find a wife. Wounded from a recent break-up Gina Gray decides to visit her brother Jeff while he is out to sea. Gina too wants to get married and once her brother returns asks him to introduce her to some of his friends. Jeff would like Mark to date Gina, but Mark decides that she is too young for him only to turn around and regret that decision the more he works with Gina on the sub ping project and the more he gets to know her.

Can he win her heart before it is won by another man? Can I say it grew on me as I read? I liked the characters. I think they were well developed. I was hoping that Mark would win Gina's heart since I am kind of partial to older men my husband is 8 years older than I am.

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I liked the way he was with Gina, but I found that sometimes he sounded a bit too desperate. I am not a fan of the love triangle so that part of the story kind of irritated and I thought it was resolved a little too quickly. I also thought that the two men vying for Gina's heart were a little too accommodating to each other.

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But you can read the book and see what you think ; I found that the book drug in places and I was also waiting for something exciting to happen. The rest of the time I felt like I was sitting in a class on submarines and sonar and solar blasts and had no clue what was being said. I continued on with the story and found myself entertained for a while. If you are interested in submarines and technical jargon with a little bit of romance woven through then this book may hold your interest. Jul 10, Robin rated it it was ok. For me, the title and cover of Dee Henderson's book "Undetected" are misleading.

I was expecting a suspense-filled, action-packed novel, and this book did not meet my expectations. Actually, the book almost seems like two separate books that are merged into one. One part of the book reads like a guidebook to life on a submarine, filled with technological jargon and Navy terminology. The other half is a romance. Suspense and mystery really don't play a role in this book.

The book is well-written a For me, the title and cover of Dee Henderson's book "Undetected" are misleading. The book is well-written and well-researched. The main character, Gina, is a genius, and her discoveries seemed realistic to me. In fact, I wondered if the Navy really has access to the technology that was described.

If you are interested in submarines and Navy life, this book is very educational. On the other hand, I found the characters actions to be a bit unbelievable. Two remarkable Christian men vie for Gina's hand in marriage and totally cooperate with each other in trying to win her. I've never known men to be so non-competitive. Gina, who seems emotionally crippled to me, doesn't appear to be overly bothered by the fact that the men treat her as "up for grabs" by the lucky winner. It's like the men give her "permission" to decide between them.

The relationship side of the story just seemed weird to me. Mark, who ultimately wins Gina, is much older than she is and could almost be her pastor, as he instructs her spiritually several times throughout the book. He tries to guard and protect her almost like a father would his daughter. I wondered why she needed him to explain so much to her if she is a genius. Also, I don't know how many earth-shattering scientific discoveries a genius can make in a year, but she made at least three. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about the military.

May 28, Holly rated it really liked it. This book is no exception, however, unlike the previous one that focused a great deal on coin collections this one looks at topics that a broader audience would enjoy. I loved Gina Gray as the brilliant expert on sonar technology. She has a sweet almost innocent personality but she also had a sassy side as she interacted with Mark Bishop. Throughout most of the story I really liked his character, although there was a section about halfway through the book I felt like he was a little aggressive in his relationship with Gina.

Even with that overall he was a great character. I enjoyed the storyline with the different technologies discussed in regards to the submarines and war tactics. I would love to know how much of the science described in the story is feasible. Each of the characters grew in their faith and a deeper understanding of what it means to trust God.

Disclaimer: Bethany House provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review. He made her feel special. I kept thinking Yes, I know that! But fortunately it didn't seem to distract to much as I was drawn into the story. I think if I had been reading it rather than listening to it I would have struggled more. I hate it when that happens! For that 1st 3rd of the audiobook in particular, I was interested in the story but it wasn't gripping me. I found it easy to walk away from. I did enjoy finding out about submarine life.

May 11, Donna More Than a Review rated it it was amazing. Undetected by Dee Henderson is a fresh and fascinating tale of life as a submariner for Mark Bishop and life as a genius for Gina. If the name Bishop sounds familiar is it. These details may overwhelm some readers. Mark beautifully tries to woo Gina with letters and conversation. My favori Undetected by Dee Henderson is a fresh and fascinating tale of life as a submariner for Mark Bishop and life as a genius for Gina. My favorite part of the story! I found the book hard to put down and read it in three nights. I was enthralled with the stories of Mark and Gina and how it would all work out.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Christian Fiction. About Dee Henderson. Dee Henderson. Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Her books have won or been nominated for Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Books by Dee Henderson. Trivia About Undetected. No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Undetected. What you explore and find, God did create. It already exists.

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