Approximation Theory - Tampa: Proceedings of a Seminar Held in Tampa, Florida, 1985-1986

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Algebraic cycles, sheaves, shtukas, and moduli. Pragacz, Piotr. Algebraic function fields and codes : Impanga lecture notes. Stichtenoth, Henning. Algebraic geometry and geometric modeling. Algebraic geometry and number theory : in honor of Vladimir Drinfeld's 50th birthday. Ginzburg, Victor. Algebraic geometry : an introduction. Perrin, Daniel. Algebraic geometry Bucharest : proceedings of the international conference held in Bucharest, Romania, August , Badescu, Lucian ; Popescu, Dorin ed. Algebraic geometry I. Algebraic Geometry : open problems : proceedings of the conference held in Ravello, May 31 - June 5, Algebraic geometry : proceedings of the international conference held in L'Aquila, Italy, May June 4, Algebraic geometry : proceedings of the Japan-France conference held at Tokyo and Kyoto, October , Raynaud, Michel ; Shioda, Tetsuji.

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Algoritmi : lo spirito dell'informatica. All of nonparametric statistics. Almost-Bieberbach groups : affine and polynomial structures. Dekimpe, Karel. Almost periodic oscillations and waves. A lost mathematician, Takeo Nakasawa. Nishimura, Hirokazu ; Kuroda, Susumu. Alternative pseudodifferential analysis. Amarts and set function processes. Gut, Allan ; Schmidt, Klaus D. A missing link in cybernetics. Andrew, Alex M. A modern approach to regression with R. Sheather, Simon. A modern introduction to probability and statistics. A modern perspective on type theory : from its origins until today.

A modern theory of factorial design. Mukerjee, Rahul ; Wu, C. Ample subvarieties of algebraic varieties : notes written in collaboration with C. An algebraic approach to association schemes. Zieschang, Paul-Hermann. Analisi matematica I 3a edizione. Canuto , Claudio ; Tabacco, Anita. Analisi matematica II. Analisi matematica I : teoria ed esercizi con complementi in rete 2a edizione.

Analyse asymptotique et couche limite. Cousteix, Jean ; Mauss, Jacques. Coifman, Ronald R. Analysing seasonal health data. Analysis and design of discrete part production lines. Papadopoulos, Chrissoleon T. Analysis and design of univariate subdivision schemes. Sabin, Malcolm. Analysis and mathematical physics. Analysis and numerics for conservation laws. Analysis and probability. Jorgensen, Palle E. Analysis and simulation of fluid dynamics. Analysis and synthesis of logics : how to cut and paste reasoning systems.

Analysis and synthesis of networked control systems. Analysis I. Amann, Herbert ; Escher, Joachim. Analysis II. Analysis II : differential and integral calculus, Fourier series, holomorphic functions. Godement, Roger. Analysis III. Analysis, modeling and simulation of multiscale problems. Analysis of integrated and cointegrated time series with R. Analysis of phylogenetics and evolution with R.

Analysis of Toeplitz operators. Analysis of variance for random models, volume 2 : unbalanced data theory, methods, applications, and data analysis. Ojeda, Mario M. Analytically uniform spaces and their applications to convolution equations. Berenstein, Carlos A. Analytical methods in anisotropic elasticity : with symbolic computational tools. Rand, Omri , Rovenski, Vladimir. Analytical methods in probability theory : proceedings of the conference held at Oberwolfach, Germany, June , Analytic and algebraic dependence of meromorphic functions. Andreotti, Aldo ; Stoll, Wilhelm. Analytic and plurisubharmonic functions : in finite and infinite dimensional spaces course given at the University of Maryland, spring Analytic arithmetic in algebraic number fields.

Page 124: bruar 1935.

Analytic capacity and measure. Analytic capacity and rational approximation. Analytic functions Blazejewko : proceedings of a conference held in Blazejewko, Poland, August , Lawrynowicz, Julian ed. Analytic functions Kozubnik : proceedings of a conference held in Kozubnik, Poland, April , Analytic functions smooth up to the boundary. Analytic number theory. Perelli, Alberto ; Viola, Carlo.

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Analytic theory of the Harish-Chandra C-function. An approach to the Selberg trace formula via the Selberg zeta-function. A natural introduction to probability theory. Meester, Ronald. An intermediate course in probability. An introduction to analysis on Wiener space. An introduction to Bayesian analysis : theory and methods. Ghosh, Jayanta K. An introduction to continuous-time stochastic processes : theory, models, and applications to finance, biology, and medicine. Capasso, Vincenzo ; Bakstein, David. An introduction to copulas. Nelsen, Roger B.

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An introduction to difference equations. Elaydi, Saber. An Introduction to echo analysis : scattering theory and wave propagation. An introduction to fronts in random media. Xin, Jack. An introduction to homological algebra. An introduction to infinite-dimensional analysis. Giuseppe, Da Prato. An introduction to manifolds. Tu, Loring W. An Introduction to manifolds 2nd ed. An introduction to Markov processes. An introduction to mathematical cryptography. Silverman, J. An introduction to mathematics of emerging biomedical imaging.

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An introduction to Navier-Stokes equation and oceanography. An introduction to number theory. Everest, Graham ; Ward, Thomas. An introduction to operators on the Hardy-Hilbert space. An introduction to ordinary differential equations. An introduction to queueing theory and matrix-analytic methods.

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Biagioni, Hebe de Azevedo. An operator perspective on signals and systems. A posteriori error analysis via duality theory. Han, Weimin. Germain, Paul ; Nayroles, Bernard eds. Applications of sheaves : proceedings of the research symposium on applications of sheaf theory to logic, algebra, and analysis, Durham, July , Applications of supply chain management and e-commerce research. Applications of symmetry methods to partial differential equations. Applicazioni ed esercizi di modellistica numerica per problemi differenziali. Applied delay differential equations.

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Applied probability and statistics. Lefebvre, Mario. Applied proof theory : proof interpretations and their use in mathematics. Applied pseudoanalytic function theory. Applied quantitative finance. Applied semi-Markov processes. Janssen, Jacques ; Manca, Raimondo. Applied stochastic control of jump diffusions.

Applied stochastic control of jump diffusions 2nd edition. Applied stochastic processes. Applied wave mathematics : selected topics in solids, fluids, and mathematical methods. Approval voting. Brams, Steven J. Approximate commutative algebra. Robbiano, Lorenzo ; Abbott, John eds. Approximate identities and factorization in Banach modules. Doran, Robert S. Approximation and computation.

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Approximation theory in tensor product spaces. Approximation theory : proceedings of an international colloquium held at Bonn, Germany, June , Schaback, Robert ; Scherer, Karl eds. Approximation theory, Tampa : proceedings of a seminar held in Tampa, Florida, Saff, Edward B. A primer on scientific programming with Python. Langtangen, Hans Petter. A problem book in real analysis. Aksoy, Asuman G. A real variable method for the Cauchy transform, and analytic capacity.

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Arithmetic and geometry around quantization. Arithmetic geometry. Arithmetic groups. Arithmetic of complex manifolds : proceedings of a conference held in Erlangen, FRG, May , Barth, Wolf-P. Arithmetic of p-adic modular forms. Arithmetic of quadratic Forms. Shimura, Goro. Arithmetic on elliptic curves with complex multiplication. Aritmetica, crittografia e codici. Aritmetica : un approccio computazionale. Barozzi, Giulio Cesare. Arnold's problems. Arnold, Vladimir I. Around classification theory of models. Around the research of Vladimir Maz'ya I : function spaces. Around the research of Vladimir Maz'ya II : partial differential equations.

Arrangements, local systems and singularities. Zein, Fouad ; Suciu, Alexandru I. Muhammed ; Yuzvinsky, Sergey. Artinian modules over group rings. Kurdachenko, Leonid A. Art of random walks. Perrett, Jamis J. A short course on operator semigroups. Engel, Klaus-Jochen ; Nagel, Rainer. A singular introduction to commutative algebra. Greuel, Gert-Martin ; Pfister, Gerhard. Aspects of Brownian motion. Aspects of constructibility. Devlin, Keith J.

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Sethi, Suresh P. Averaging methods in nonlinear dynamical systems. Sanders, Jan A. Axiom of choice.

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Herrlich, Horst. BAIL - Boundary and interior layers : proceedings of the international conference on Boundary and interior Layers - computational and asymptotic methods, Limerick, July Banach spaces and descriptive set theory: selected topics. Banach spaces, harmonic analysis, and probability theory : proceedings of the special year in analysis, held at the university of Connecticut Blei, Ron C.

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Basic real analysis : along with a companion volume advanced real analysis. Basics of applied stochastic processes. Basics of fluid mechanics and introduction to computational fluid dynamics. Bayesian computation with R. Bayesian computation with R second edition. Bayesian core : a practical approach to computational Bayesian statistics. Bayesian evaluation of informative hypotheses. Bayesian item response modeling. Bayesian networks and influence diagrams : a guide to construction and analysis. Bayesian reliability. Hamada, Michael S. Shane et al. Benchmarking, temporal distribution, and reconciliation methods for time series.

Bertram Kostant collected papers : volume I Besov spaces and applications to difference methods for initial value problems. Bessel polynomials. Grosswald, Emil. Between theory and observations : Tobias Mayer's explorations of lunar motion, Huck, H. Beyond partial differential equations. Beyer, Horst Reinhard. Beyond the quartic equation. Bardos, C. Bifurcation of extremals in optimal control.

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Tits, Jacques. Buildings : theory and applications. Abramenko, Peter ; Brown, Kenneth S. Bundles of topological vector spaces and their duality. Burnside groups : proceedings of a workshop held at the university of Bielefeld, Germany, June-July Business statistics for competitive advantage with Excel : basics, model building, and cases. Kechris, Alexander S. Quarteroni, Alfio ; Saleri, Fausto. Calcolo stocastico per la finanza. Pascucci, Andrea.

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Approximation Theory: Proceedings Of A Seminar Held In Tampa, Florida, pdf document

Classical Diophantine equations. Classical finite transformation semigroups : an introduction. Ganyushkin, Olexandr ; Mazorchuk, Volodymyr. Classical Fourier analysis. Classical geometries in modern contexts : geometry of real Inner product spaces. Classical geometries in modern contexts : geometry of real Inner product spaces second edition. Classical mechanics. Classification algorithms for codes and designs. Classification as a tool for research. Locarek-Junge, Hermann ; Weihs, Claus. Cartier, Pierre. Classification of algebraic varieties and compact complex manifolds. Classification of irregular varieties : minimal models and Abelian varieties.

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K-theory and Homological Algebra. Analytic Theory of Continued Fractions. Song Kaifu Number theory problems studies.