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When writing down your Hindi vocabulary in your notebook or flashcards, you should try and include it so you can recognise the words better when you see them printed in a sentence. Often, the vowels between these consonants are suppressed, so that only the consonants appear in the ligature. A list of some of the most common ligatures in the Devanagari script.

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Hindi at a glance

This article shows some of the most common ligatures. Hindi writes its numbers much the way we do, with single numerals from one to nine , and then the decimal in the first position and the numeral in second. The Devanagari numbers from one to nine plus zero! Photo credit: HaveIgotastory4u on Visual hunt.

Remember when you first had to learn the Latin alphabet? Fortunately, your coordination will have improved since then!

Let’s Learn Hindi! Get Started with These 31 Beginner Lessons

Still, your brain will need to get used to forming these new characters , but it will take a little while before each letter is perfect. Wikipedia Commons has a wonderful series of gifs to teach you the stroke order for making Hindi letters as a little animation. To practice writing Devanagari, why not take a page out of your early school days?

Get a lined notebook of the kind used by children to practise the alphabet, or for learning calligraphy. Then repeat each letter for several lines — first al o ne, and then with its diacritic marks. Lined paper for practising calligraphy is also good for practising your Devanagari letters! Photo credit: pixelfrenzy on Visualhunt. If you want to write Hindi on your electronic devices, you will need to install a Hindi font. Unfortunately, none of the available fonts supports all the common ligatures , which is unfortunate when trying to learn and apply the finer points of the Hindi writing system.

Many computer Devanagari fonts try to imitate Hindi calligraphy and can be rather beautiful. This site offers a list of Hindi fonts grouped into several categories including professional, handwriting and decorative. Pick one you like and download away! Most smartphone operating systems come with some form of Hindi keyboard some even support other Indian alphabets.

Go to your system settings and simply change the keyboard setting.


However, this is only practical if you only want to type in Hindi. As soon as you will be switching between Hindi and English regularly, it gets annoying. This is why many Hindi prefer to write in transliteration when writing on social media such as WhatsApp and Twitter. To write the Devanagari script , you can simply change the keyboard options on your computer and type with your normal keyboard.

An InScript keyboard for writing Hindi. Sonia is an Egyptologist turned writer and translator.

She speaks 3 and a half languages, can translate hieroglyphs and enjoys yoga, singing, embroidery and travelling through all of time and space. Most world languages have modified their alphabets and use most modern alphabet in writings. Vedic Sanskrit alphabet have been modified to Devanagari and to simplest Gujanagari Gujarati script and yet Hindi is taught in a very printing ink wasting non cursive complex script to millions of children in India.

Why not adopt a simple script at national level?


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  • It is suitable for beginners but also those who already know something of the spoken language and wish to add an ability to read and write. It is packed with examples of real-life signs, notices and advertisements and provides a practical introduction to everyday Hindi. Leading the readers through the basics step-by-step, this text involves numerous exercises and self testing activities with many examples taken from real situations, such as Hindi signs, notices and menus.

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