Cultural Roots of Sustainable Management: Practical Wisdom and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Journal of Business Research. As a way of achieving this aim we have come up with several initiatives: we iestablished an international network consisting of professors, young academics, and students on the one side and of supporters from companies and the public sector on the other. Based on this network we planned a variety of activities, for example joint seminars in different business schools, where we shall learn from and inspire each other; a spring school designed to bring together the research results and to offer a platform for exchanging the experiences we have each made within the context of the project; intercultural excursions where both students and professors learn more about their respective business and social context, special events dedicated to topics like Islamic Finance, sustainable management, diversity etc.

Please click here to see our last annual report. After two successful and most inspiring years we would like to express our most sincere thanks to all our cooperation partners, supporters, participants, and friends without whom this wonderful project would not have been possible. We are very much looking forward to future ways of commonly empowering Practical Wisdom from religious traditions!

Corporate Social Responsibility Across Europe is the first volume of its kind to bring together twenty-three national perspectives on this issue. Thirty-seven European researchers worked on the book, which provides a comprehensive and Dabei bedeutet CSR nicht die Abkehr von der sehr e- seitig ausgerichteten The progressive convergence of global economic and social structures calls for a rethinking of management practices as they relate to cultural diversity and moral values.

A key element for coping with this transformational phenomenon is the Aristotelian concept of Practical Wisdom, which helps us to do the right thing, in the right way, at the The progressive convergence of global economic and social structures calls for a rethinking of Toggle navigation. admin