Infinite You: A Journey to Your Greater Self and Beyond

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The most potent change you can make is a shift in awareness. There is a greater self within you that always has access to unlimited resources. Come with me into Uncharted and take a symbolic journey, reveal the map of your soul, and abundance, confidence, and courage will be yours. The storms can leave you laughing in the wind as you sail forth on an adventure of self-evolution. And your self-evolution is necessary—for all our sakes—because what you have to offer is extraordinary.

Your light matters! I will show you how to own and develop your co-creative powers as you discover the metaphorical map of your soul and explore five interconnected realms. Then you will feel your power surge and your heart open wide as you travel through:. Sail into the uncharted waters.

Trust that whatever you desire, you are worthy of it. A must-read for any soul on the self-evolving journey back home. Now is the time to follow the holy plan for your life.

"Infinite You: A Journey to Your Greater Self and Beyond" author Pamala Oslie

Be sure to take this brilliant new book with you for travel reading. Thank you, Colette, for your loving and delightful soul guidance.

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Let Colette expertly support you, with her signature style of exercises and inquiry, to excavate your own unknown territories and realms so the best and brilliant you can emerge. Not only is she brilliant, wise, and wholeheartedly connected to magic, but she knows, like few others, that spirituality is meant to be fun. Who else would call the bigger thing Quantum Fred, a title I delight in every time she playfully mentions it? Colette is privy to the fact that taking ourselves less seriously and playing around in the infinite field of possibility is the only real way to experience Truth.

In this remarkable new book, she joins forces with Fred to deliver brand-new revelations. In her fun and inimitable style, Colette Baron-Reid offers practical yet life-changing techniques in the perfect combination of the light-hearted and the profound. This book can help you tap your most powerful source of all solutions, the Realm of Spirit—not just a new-age concept here, but a very real presence of support.

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Fantastic book! She is a popular keynote speaker, music recording artist, and entrepreneur. Voted into the prestigious Watkins list as one of the top most spiritually influential people in and , Baron-Reid delivers her message of perspective and hope with her trademarked compassionate candor and hilarious personality.

Originally from Toronto, she splits her time between the USA and Canada with her husband and 3 pomeranians. Order the book today and receive amazing bonus gifts. Copy your receipt and head back to this page. The Uncharted Meditation Package. Value: Priceless. Where are you going?

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NOOK Book. A profound shift is occurring in human consciousness. We are evolving into a more highly developed species, one with enhanced abilities and a greater level of awareness, and it is expanding our understanding of reality.

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There is evidence of this shift. More of us have been demonstrating unusual and advanced abilities that go beyond what most people believe are possible. Pamala Oslie says these skills are not only possible, they are real and natural, and she shows you how to develop them so you can enrich your life. It's time to live your greater potential here and now. Discover what is truly possible, understand why these skills are important, explore the science behind them, and learn techniques that can open you to new experiences in life.

She has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows, been a featured speaker at the TEDx Talks, and presented to Fortune companies and at different conferences on science and consciousness.

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Since , Pamala has spoken about the emerging human potential, psychic abilities, auras, quantum physics, and the power of our beliefs to create our reality. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.

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