Ivor Hortons Beginning Visual C++ 2005 (Programmer to Programmer)

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Source Code. Free online Books. Dot Net Section. About Myself. Server-side programmers will discover ATL's full COM server and object services, and its extensive support for high-throughput, high-concurrency web applications, and services.

Link taken From www. The book closes with an investigation of using ATL as a windowing framework and wraps up with the development of a full-blown animated ActiveX control using ATL. If you have tried to learn COM and found its complexity to be totally unbelievable, or if you have ever tried to work with COM code and felt like you needed a Ph. PassWord : www.

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This book provides an excellent guide to ATL programming while introducing all its features, both for client- and server-side development. Whether you want to build more robust components or take advantage of enterprise-level features, like transactions or asynchronous processing, this title can help put leading-edge techniques into your programming arsenal.

Each chapter builds on the knowledge from the previous chapter. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of COM. Chapter five, however, explains the COM programming model, and should be read before looking into any other COM chapter. NET to accomplish real-world, professional tasks.

Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2005. Isbn 0-7645-7197-4,

Each project focuses on a specific concept and is based on a real-world situation. You will be able to use the skills that you develop throughout the book to modify the projects to fit your professional needs. NET 2. This new edition has been extensively updated This guide shows Java software developers and software engineers how to build complex web applications in an enterprise environment. You'll begin with an introduction to the Java Enterprise Edition and the basic web application, then set Java is a popular and powerful language that is a virtual requirement for businesses making use of IT in their daily operations.

For Java programmers, this reality offers Beginning ASP. NET 4. NET and key insights for those not yet familiar with the important updates in the 4.

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Beginning Visual C++ () [eng]

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