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He is sent back to jail for three to six months for violation of his parole. When he is released, Tess and Rusty are waiting for him, and they drive off into the sunset, closely followed by two of Benedict's lackeys. Some three years after Ocean's Eleven , Danny is celebrating his third anniversary for the second time with Tess in Ocean's Twelve. He is buying her flowers and jewelry after checking a bank for a possible robbery. Meanwhile, Tess, who is at their new home, receives an unexpected guest to their house, Mr.

He tells Tess that they must return his money. He does the same with the other ten, giving them two weeks to pay back the money or they will be executed by Benedict. It's revealed that after hearing another man brag that Ocean's previous job was the best, Francois "The Night Fox" Toulour is angered by the possibility of a better thief than him and reveals the location of the Eleven to Benedict. Danny is short on funds as are the rest, except Reuben and Livingston, as most of the millions have been deeply invested.

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They go to Europe to get the money. However, Toulour interferes with their plans and reveals his own. Toulour offers to pay the debt of the Eleven if they can prove themselves better thieves. Through consultation with Toulour's mentor, LeMarque, the group comes out ahead with the object of the theft, a golden egg originally stolen by LeMarque but put back after his wife made him return it. Toulour explains to Danny how he stole what he believed to be the egg.

When Danny reveals in reality it was a replica that the Eleven switched for the real egg earlier, Toulour concedes and pays off the debt. The shock of the swindle gives Reuben a heart attack.

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Danny calls in the rest of the Eleven to get revenge. However, he leaves Tess behind, saying "it's not her fight. When Bank refuses, the group prepares to rob him, setting up a series of events where they can infiltrate the casino and plant various rigged games throughout the casino, allowing them to trigger slot machines or rig roulette wheels, their primary goal being to ensure that the casino loses rather than simply ensure their own victory. With the help of Roman Nagel the engineer who created the holographic egg in Ocean's Twelve and a seemingly placated Benedict, the group manages to plant a magnetron on Bank, so that when he enters the security sector of his casino, it locks down from the magnetron's interference.

As the security comes back online, the group simulates an earthquake and gets the entire casino to evacuate before the patrons can start losing again. Danny then faces off against Bank. After Bank threatens Danny with all the friends he knows who'll hurt him, Danny is calm and confident, claiming every guy Bank knows likes Danny better.

Afterward, Danny and the group, including the recovered Reuben, celebrate their victory. As they leave, in the airport, Rusty tells him to lose weight and Danny tells him to settle down and have a couple of kids. A running joke in the movie is that there is a code between people who "shook Sinatra's hand. In the spin-off film focusing upon Danny Ocean's sister Debbie, who is attempting to pull off a major heist at New York City's star-studded Met Gala , Danny is revealed to have died at some point in , although she and other characters note their suspicion that he may have faked his death.

At the film's conclusion, she visits his grave and makes one of his trademark olive martinis, claiming he would have loved the heist.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character in Ocean's This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Frank Sinatra originating the role of Danny Ocean in the original Ocean's Depending on the age of the pipes in your home and water heater, it could be coming from inside your house.

However, you can follow a few clues that point to the source.

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  5. Rust particles are oxidized iron. One exception would be those with hemochromatosis. This is a rare disorder that allows the body to accumulate excessive iron levels. So where is the rust coming from? First, you have to determine if the rusty water is originating within your home system or in the public supply.

    To investigate, go to the fixtures where you first noticed the rusty water and fill a glass with cold water only. Check it for any odors or coloring. Let the cold-water flow for several seconds before checking another sample. Once that is done, run the hot water for several seconds and sample that.

    If the rust is only present in the hot water, or if it goes away after several seconds of running water, those are strong indications that the rust source is in your home. However, If you have continuous rusty water in both taps, you should call your local water authority to report the problem. This test should help you further narrow down the source if you find it is within your home. If rusty water came from the cold-water tap, that indicates a corroding pipe or pipes in your plumbing system. If it is only coming from the hot water tap, this means your water heater is likely rusting out.

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    Rusty water. Mineral problems. By Brian Renadette. Rusty Water, Where is it Coming From? Mar 22,

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